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Job Opening: Dean of Students, Ceiba Public Schools -Watsonville, CA

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    DEAN OF STUDENTS CEIBA COLLEGE PREP HIGH SCHOOL CEIBA PUBLIC SCHOOLS OVERVIEW Ceiba Public Schools is a nonprofit charter management organization committed to
    Message 1 of 5 , May 31, 2013

      Ceiba Public Schools is a nonprofit charter management organization committed to
      closing the college-readiness gap for historically underserved students. We seek
      to build exceptional and sustainable public charter schools that close the
      college completion gap on California's central coast. We believe schools should
      be more engaging, relevant, inspiring and rewarding than they are today.

      Our first school, Ceiba College Prep Middle, is in its fifth year of operation
      and currently serves 265 students in grades 6-8. Ceiba has an Academic
      Performance Index (API) of 845, a 97% parent satisfaction rate, and is ranked #1
      of the 100 most demographically similar schools in California. Ceiba Middle
      School feeds into Ceiba High School, which currently serves 120 students in
      grades 9-10 as it ladders into a 9-12 program. Both schools are located in
      downtown Watsonville, a small city in southern Santa Cruz County.

      At Ceiba, every student is prepared for college success through the cultivation
      of creativity, effort, integrity, benevolence, and assertiveness (C-E-I-B-A).
      Our program is based on explicit and ambitious expectations for student
      achievement, a small school feel offering personalized attention, an extended
      school day and school year, a challenging academic course load, and a positive,
      structured school environment. Ceiba also features after-school activities and
      high levels of academic support in order to achieve exceptional results.

      Ceiba High School's Dean of Students will lead the school's efforts to create a
      positive, consistent, caring, and structured school culture. We recognize the
      path to college for low-income students is not easy, so we strive unwaveringly
      to address the emotional, social and economic challenges first-generation
      families encounter when they transition to college.
      The Dean of Students is responsible for designing, deploying, and maintaining an
      effective school culture that includes the follow-through of student discipline
      policies and plans, extracurricular opportunities and school events.
      Additionally, the Dean of Students will provide coaching and professional
      development to staff in order to strengthen school culture and help teachers
      develop. The Dean of Students works closely with the school's Principal to
      ensure that all students demonstrate dramatic student achievement gains while
      upholding and internalizing the school's values.

      The Dean of Students, with support from the School Leader and Home Office, must
      model and instill a high level of urgency that ensures every student acquires
      the academic skills and cultural acumen necessary to succeed in college and in

      Student Support
      ● Establish a positive, small school feel centered around C-E-I-B-A Values
      (creativity, effort, integrity, benevolence, and assertiveness)
      ● Ensure consistency in the discipline across the school, including
      effective use of a school-wide behavior management systems
      ● Serve as the primary disciplinarian, assigning appropriate and logical
      consequences for students as necessary
      ● Foster an environment that engages students in collaboration,
      exploration and self-reflection
      ● Maintain Ceiba's school-wide behavior accountability system
      ● Ensure effective communication with families regarding student academic
      performance, student conduct, school programs and school performance
      ● Supervise breakfast, lunch, recess, transitions, and study hall
      ● Take charge of extracurricular programing and student activities and
      events, such as student government, gatherings, guest speakers and awards

      Staff Support
      ● Oversee professional development for new teachers
      ● Organize staff-wide summer onboarding and professional development
      during the school year that relates to fostering a positive, disciplined school
      ● Work closely with grade-level teams to ensure that they are fostering a
      culture aligned with Ceiba's vision and mission, and that students consistently
      demonstrate positive behavior
      ● Problem solve with teachers, and develop behavior plans for students in
      order to support student growth
      ● Train, coach, and evaluate members of the teaching team as it relates to
      issues of discipline, relationships with students, classroom management, and
      school culture
      ● Be a regular presence in classrooms, observing and following up with
      teachers in order to improve teacher effectiveness
      ● In conjunction with the Principal, set clear expectations and standards
      for excellent teaching and professionalism

      Parents and Guardians
      ● Coach staff members on how to effectively communicate with parents
      ● Proactively communicate with parents through "check-in" calls, emails
      and parent meetings, and encourage faculty to do the same
      ● Develop a plan for parent involvement, including specific goals and
      ● Organize and participate in parent orientation activities that inspire
      and inform Ceiba's parents regarding their responsibilities and the value of
      their full support and participation
      ● Work hard to proactively engage parents who are not involved, to inspire
      them to support their child and the school


      ● Ensure consistent use of school systems and practices while maintaining
      and improving those routines throughout the year
      ● Serve as the key contact for teachers, students, and parents in the
      effective creation and implementation of individual behavior plans.
      ● Keep and use accurate information/data about students: Behavior, GPA,
      suspensions, behavior modification plans, and communicate such information to
      parents and faculty
      ● Work with the school counselors and special education team to ensure
      consistent student support
      ● Listen and respond to problems/concerns identified by teachers and
      parents and be thoughtful in designing solutions
      ● In conjunction with the Principal and Home Office, recruit, interview,
      hire, and retain top teachers
      ● The Dean of Students is NOT responsible for operations, including the
      physical plant, technology, compliance, college knowledge or Special Education
      beyond participating in student support teams and IEPs.

      ● Relentless drive to improve the minds and lives of students; alignment
      with Ceiba's mission, vision and core beliefs is not negotiable
      ● Demonstrated leadership in the classroom, including outstanding
      classroom management skills and a track record of significant student
      achievement gains with at-risk youth
      ● Strong organization, time management, and follow-through skills
      ● Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and strong
      interpersonal skills with students, parents, colleagues, and community members
      ● Passion for building an exceptional (fun, inspiring, motivational)
      student environment where parents are involved and students take responsibility
      for their education
      ● Bachelor's degree required; Graduate degree and/or prior school
      administrative experience preferred
      ● Bilingual Spanish preferred

      We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package that is commensurate
      with qualifications and experience.

      Ideal candidate to begin onboard process Spring 2013 with full transition of
      responsibilities Summer 2013.

      TO APPLY
      Please visit our website: http://ceibaschools.org

      Ceiba Public Schools is committed to a policy of equal treatment for all
      individuals applying for employment. Ceiba does not discriminate on the basis of
      race, color, gender, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or
      ethnic origin.
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