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Job opening: Special Assistant, NewSchools Venture Fund (Boston office)

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    Job opening at NewSchools Venture Fund TITLE: Special Assistant LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts (organization is headquartered in San Francisco, California)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2004
      Job opening at NewSchools Venture Fund

      TITLE: Special Assistant
      LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts (organization is headquartered in
      San Francisco, California)

      Interested candidates should submit a resume and one-page cover
      letter via e-mail to Christine Marra at cmarra@... no
      later than Monday, August 9, 2004. No phone calls please.

      NewSchools Venture Fund™ is a national venture philanthropy fund
      working to transform public education for underserved children by
      supporting education entrepreneurs who create high-quality education
      ventures, and by providing thought leadership across traditional
      education boundaries to ensure that results-oriented, systemic
      change is accomplished. Founded in 1998, NewSchools has invested
      $20M to date in ten nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and has
      $40M in new funds under development. Our investments focus on
      accelerating the growth of nonprofit charter school systems through
      our Charter Accelerator Fund (including investments in Aspire Public
      Schools and Leadership Public Schools), and on enhancing the
      capacity of school districts to produce high levels of student
      achievement through our Performance Accelerator Fund (including
      investments in New Leaders for New Schools, Teachscape, and Teach
      for America).

      NewSchools has also created the NewSchools Network, a bi-partisan
      community of education, nonprofit, policy, and business leaders who
      work together to accelerate the process of education reform. Through
      the Network, we: 1) strengthen NewSchools' portfolio ventures and
      strategic partners, accelerating their impact; 2) inform and educate
      key thought leaders, facilitating the broad and open exchange of
      ideas; and 3) mobilize communities to take action, encouraging
      talent and funds to flow into education. Please visit
      www.newschools.org to learn more about the NewSchools Venture Fund.

      NewSchools is seeking a highly qualified individual to join our team
      as a Special Assistant in our East Coast Office, located in Boston.
      The Special Assistant serves in a variety of capacities as an
      integral member of the team, working with our Network, Venture, and
      Operations teams. Primary responsibilities of the position are of a
      project management nature, and the role will include a mix of
      writing, research, and analysis. Because of the small size of the
      East Coast office, the Special Assistant will play a role that not
      only supports our Venture and Network activities, but also takes on
      general administrative and management duties for the office.

      The Special Assistant will report directly to a senior member of the
      East Coast team.

      Key responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the
      following activities:

      Network initiatives and activities
      • Coordinate Network projects and initiatives, especially those
      related to the East Coast
      • Assist with planning, coordination, and execution of NewSchools
      • Assist with fundraising and donor relationship management
      • Establish and cultivate relationships with appropriate

      Venture and investment support
      • Provide support to venture-specific and portfolio-wide projects
      • Conduct market research related to prospective investments
      • Contribute to venture analysis in due diligence and management
      • Participate in quarterly venture reporting process

      Administrative and operations duties
      • Assist with East Coast office management and internal processes
      • Coordinate scheduling and travel for the East Coast team
      • Work closely with executive assistants in the West Coast office
      to coordinate scheduling and provide project support
      • Perform general administrative duties (faxing, phones, copying,
      filing, mailing, etc.)

      Success in the position will require, but not be limited to, the
      following competencies:
      • Strong written and oral communication skills
      • Solid research experience; ability to quickly and clearly
      synthesize information
      • Quantitative and qualitative analytical skills in evaluating
      markets, organizations, and opportunities
      • Proficiency in working with financial statements and models
      • Proficiency in using: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and
      database management
      • Ability to execute on a number of diverse projects
      simultaneously; comfort with taking initiative and making progress
      amidst competing priorities
      • Effective project management skills, attention to detail, and
      tendency to drive toward completion
      • Willingness to take on administrative tasks as integral part of
      • Ability to work as a team player; consistently takes pride in
      own work and respects the work of others; comfort and success in
      working and thinking within close-knit teams
      • Comfortable in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced environment, and
      small office
      • Ability to learn quickly and continuously
      • Demonstrated passion for and broad understanding of public

      • A bachelor's degree
      • 1-3 years of relevant work and leadership experience preferred

      A competitive compensation package including base salary,
      performance bonus, and complete benefits is available.

      NewSchools Venture Fund is an equal opportunity employer. People of
      color are encouraged to apply.
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