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Job Opening: Elementary and Secondary Principals, San Jose Unified

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  • ChristinaG
    San Jose Unified School District has several inspiring elementary and secondary principal openings available for the upcoming 2013-14 academic year. SJUSD s
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      San Jose Unified School District has several inspiring elementary and secondary principal openings available for the upcoming 2013-14 academic year. SJUSD's mission is to eliminate the opportunity gap and provide every student with the finest 21st century education. Having recently unveiled their innovative five-year strategic plan, OPPORTUNITY 21, the district is in a unique position to hire effective instructional leaders to step in and ensure that all students are inspired and prepared to succeed in a global society.

      The ideal candidate for any SJUSD principalship is a collaborative instructional leader who can engage their community, align the school's vision and actions with the district's strategic priorities, and provide opportunities for every student to excel, attaining the college and career path of their choice.

      Job Goal: To serve as the educational leader and chief executive of the school; to manage the instructional program, the school plant, staff and student activities, and community relations.

      Performance Responsibilities:

      1. Organize time and resources to ensure the completion of multiple assignments in a timely manner.
      2. Assume responsibility for facility and safety management.
      3. Develop and monitor multiple budgets and resources, including grants, fundraising and student body accounts.
      4. Analyze problems and make appropriate decisions.
      5. Establish, implement, and evaluate school policies and procedures that are consistent with District, State and Federal requirements.
      6. Recruit, screen, interview, hire and train certificated and classified personnel.
      7. Supervise and evaluate certificated and classified personnel at the school site by providing regular and timely feedback.
      8. Schedule, train and monitor part-time classified and volunteer personnel.
      9. Establish and maintain effective communication and public relations with District, school site personnel, students, parents, businesses and community.
      10. As the instructional leader ensure an instructional program sensitive to the needs of all students.
      11. Actively participate in program of personal professional growth.
      12. Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the instructional program that meets the diverse needs of all students and is consistent with District, State and Federal policies and procedures.
      13. Establish and maintain a positive learning climate, including an effective discipline plan.
      14. Plan, coordinate, and evaluate the total program of student services including guidance, special education, counseling, SST's and community agencies.
      15. Manage student placement and student activities, including supervision, assemblies, service clubs, after school activities and special events.
      16. Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent or designee.


      1. Appropriate California Administrative Credential.
      2. Master's Degree.
      3. Five years of successful teaching experience at appropriate level(s).
      4. Demonstrated leadership skills and organizational skills.
      5. Demonstrated written and oral communication skills.
      6. Ability to relate well to students, staff and parents.
      7. Physical and emotional stamina.

      Reports to: Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services

      Supervises: School Site Certificated Staff; School Site Classified Staff

      TO APPLY:

      Go to Edjoin to view all open SJUSD principal positions. Apply through individual school posting:

      Simonds Elementary
      Almaden Elementary
      Empire Gardens Elementary
      Gardner Elementary
      Graystone Elementary
      Reed Elementary
      Terell Elementary
      Williams Elementary
      Broadway High School

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