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Job Opening: Successor Principal with KIPP Bay Area Schools

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  • Lauren Hamilton
     Hi All, We have two great opportunities to transition into school leadership at two high-performing KIPP schools in the Bay Area: KIPP Heartwood Academy in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2013
      �Hi All,

      We have two great opportunities to transition into school leadership at two high-performing KIPP schools in the Bay Area: KIPP Heartwood Academy in San Jose and KIPP Summit Academy in San Lorenzo. See below for more information on the role and application instructions.

      Successor Leader Job Description
      Reporting to the School Leader, the successor leader is responsible for working with the School Leader to set and be an ambassador of a powerful vision for student achievement based on KIPP’s philosophy and Five Pillars and for motivating others to follow that vision.� S/he must strategically implement the school’s mission through effective leadership and management of the school’s students and staff.� The successor leader’s collaboration with the principal will result in an instructional program and school environment that prepares every student for success in college and in life. �The successor leader will be ready to take full leadership of the school within a school one year.
      The successor leader manages and oversees all functions of the individual school site, including the following duties, in collaboration with the School Leader:

      Prove the Possible
      ·������ Cultivate a positive learning environment on campus that supports student achievement, behavior and character development.
      ·������ Ensure follow through of grade level specific discipline and academic policies that address student needs and maintain high behavioral expectations for all students in order to drive student achievement.
      Drive Results
      ·������ In collaboration with the School Leader, develop organizational goals and objectives consistent with the mission and values of the school and KIPP Bay Area Schools.
      ·������ Foster a school climate that supports both student and staff success and promotes respect and appreciation for all students, staff and parents that is aligned with the mission and values of the school.
      ·������ Monitor progress of self, school, and staff on dashboards and Individual Development Plans
      ·������ Manage student recruitment and enrollment process.
      ·������ Ensure high standards for student behavior, performance, and attendance.
      ·������ Address any disciplinary issues immediately.
      ·������ Lead long term strategic planning and medium term process improvement as needed.
      ·������ Design and facilitate school-wide professional development sessions throughout the school year.

      �Instructional Leadership
      ·������ Manage, evaluate and develop a team of teachers.
      ·������ Ensure use of effective, research-based teaching methodologies and practices, and consistency amongst team of teachers.
      ·������ Monitor progress of all students.
      ·������ Lead data-driven discussions about student performance and ensure data drives instruction.
      ·������ Work with teachers to improve their teaching practice through coaching, professional development, modeling, and collaborative planning.
      ·������ Keep abreast of successful instructional methodologies and practices, with a focus on the Common Core State Standards.
      ·������ Ensure learning environment and classroom instruction maximize student learning.
      Operational Management
      ·������ Under the direction of the School Leader, learn how to manage resources, maintain a budget, and oversee facilities and student records.
      Manage People
      ·������ Communicate the vision that supports the school’s goals and values.
      ·������ Create an effective, collaborative team of people jointly responsible for the attainment of school goals and committed to achieving excellence.
      ·������ Hold direct reports accountable to performance expectations and follow through with school protocols and procedures.
      ·������ With the current School Leader, manage some human resources at school site.
      ·������ In collaboration with School Leader, recruit, select, hire, and manage performance of all staff.
      ·������ Continually monitor progress on all measures of school and staff performance.
      ·������ Adhere to KIPP Bay Area Schools’ HR policies and state/federal employment laws.
      ·������ In the collaboration with the School Leader and Dean of Students, oversee discipline.
      Build Relationships
      ·������ Build effective relationships among teachers, parents, and the community to improve student performance.
      ·������ Develop positive relationships with the local school district, local government, neighboring schools and other stakeholders.
      ·������ Prepare to serve as school’s spokesperson.
      ·������ Exhibit a high degree of professionalism in all elements of this position, while serving as a contributing member of the school team and a dedicated role model for other employees.
      Participate in KIPP Bay Area Schools Community
      ·������ Engage in weekly O3’s with School Leader, with the focus of preparing to transition into role of School Leader.
      ·������ Actively participate in School Leader Community of Practice by attending monthly meetings, engaging in discussion, sharing best practices, and participating in Snap Shot visits.
      ·������ Respond to requests from the Regional Support Office in a timely manner, working with regional staff to ensure compliance of all KIPP Bay Area Schools policies and procedures.
      ·������ Conduct monthly 1:1s with Chief of Schools.
      ·������ With school staff, visit at least one other KIPP Bay Area school annually.
      Perform other duties as required and assigned
      The successor leader must demonstrate knowledge of, and support the KIPP Bay Area Schools mission, vision, value statements, standards, policies and procedures, operating instructions, confidentiality standards, and the code of ethical behavior.

      Skills & Qualifications
      ·������ Bachelor’s Degree (required); Master’s Degree (preferred)
      ·������ A minimum of 3-5 years teaching in a low income school with demonstrated exemplary student results.
      ·������ At least two years of leadership in a low income school with demonstrated exemplary student results.
      ·������ Ability to effectively manage instructional and non-instructional personnel.
      ·������ Ability to evaluate instructional programs and teaching effectiveness.
      ·������ Excellent communication, public relations, and interpersonal skills.
      ·������ Ability to implement effective business systems that ensure proper stewardship of school funds.
      ·������ Ability to exercise excellent judgment in decision‐making.
      ·������ Knowledge in the selection, training, and supervision of personnel.
      ·������ Cursory knowledge of the laws, rules, procedures, and programs specifically related to the operation of charter schools.
      TO APPLY:
      Please submit a cover letter addressed to Kendra Ferguson, Chief of Schools, and a resume via our online application found at http://kippcareers.force.com/jobboard?site=Bay%20Area
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