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Job opening at Healthy Living Academy for Academic Director

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    Position: Academic Director Healthy Living Academy Located near Fresno, CA and Yosemite National Park, Healthy Living Academy is the first therapeutic boarding
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
      Position: Academic Director
      Healthy Living Academy

      Located near Fresno, CA and Yosemite National Park, Healthy Living
      Academy is the first therapeutic boarding school for obese and
      overweight adolescents ages 13-18. Healthy Living Academy's diet
      and activity management programs focus on immediate and dramatic
      weight loss, while the educational and therapeutic programs promote
      long-term behavioral change so that the weight stays off for good.
      These critical changes improve mood and self-esteem and resolve
      health issues stemming from excess weight, allowing students to
      accelerate their academic progress and achieve their potential. With
      respect to the academic program, Healthy Living Academy is a college
      preparatory middle and high school with high standards. The
      curriculum is rigorous but individualized. The objective is to
      accelerate academic progress so students can return to their former
      school after several semesters, ahead of where they otherwise would
      have been.

      It is anticipated that course options will include Mathematics,
      English, Science, History, Psychology, Social Studies and Health and
      Nutrition, as well as a number of electives like Gardening and
      Cooking. All courses explore the central theme of the Academy:
      health and healthy living. Small class sizes ensure individual
      attention and appropriate mapping to each student's background
      and academic goals. Healthy Living Academy is a recognized as a
      Private School by the State of California Department of Education.

      Academic Director - Position Summary

      Establishes curriculum, hires teachers, assists and guides students
      in all areas of the school's program, assigns students to classes
      when enrolling, prepares academic reports, provides updates on new
      students, tracks student progress, responsible for teacher training,
      monitors independent studies and oversees students with specific
      learning needs. Provides classroom instruction in various subjects.

      Essential Duties/Responsibilities
      - Sets direction for academic program.
      - Establishes curriculum.
      - Hires teachers.
      - Tutors students on learning needs/adaptation methods/self-
      advocacy/learning styles.
      - Monitors student's progress, receiving regular input from Teachers.
      - Reviews student's grades and maintains an updated student academic
      - Provides updated educational information to Teachers, Admissions
      Department, and other program staff on a regular basis.
      - Attends and chairs faculty meetings. Meets with faculty on regular
      basis to update process and discuss individual student needs.
      - Prepares teachers' performance evaluations and other related
      - Maintains accurate records/transcripts, compiles grades, enters
      data, prints report cards, makes grade charts and maintains student
      - Schedules new students in classes appropriate for their
      educational plan. Provides updates and relevant information on new
      - Prepares academic master schedule with input from Executive and
      Program Director.
      - Recommends budget of the Academic Department and manages to
      approved budget.
      - Supervises and directs faculty in their capacity as classroom
      teachers. Arranges class coverage for teacher absences and notifies
      staff of substitute.
      - Oversees the scheduling of classes, and the purchasing of
      necessary materials. Adapts curriculum design for special needs
      - Oversees all students' academic records and regular reviews
      transcripts with students, parents and referring professionals.
      - Follows through with teachers and other staff to maintain an
      effective system for tracking each student's academic progress.
      - Coordinates with students and parents on academic probation along
      with other appropriate faculty.
      - Responsible for teacher training.
      - Serves as a liaison between Admissions and Academics. Liaisons
      with parent and consultant contact as needed.
      - Monitors all aspects of independent study including student
      requests, evaluation of transcripts and graduation requirements,
      liaison for teachers and tutors of independents study, and
      consistently monitors students participating in an independent study.
      - Provides classroom instruction in various subjects, and at various

      Level of Supervision
      - Given: Supervises the work of academic staff with management over
      site for hiring, performance management, professional development
      and training, and recommending and approving personnel actions such
      as salary increases and promotions.
      - Received - Works under minimal supervision and relies on
      experience and judgment to plan and accomplish assigned goals and
      consults with superior or higher levels of management on the more
      difficult and complex phases of work. Reports to Executive Director
      of Healthy Living Academy.

      Business Contacts
      - Internal: Interacts with staff, students, and professionals.
      - External: Interacts with parents, consultants and academic
      professional at other schools.

      Education/Licensing Requirements
      - Education: Bachelor's Degree required, Teaching Certificate and
      Masters degree in education, psychology, social work or related
      field preferred.
      - Experience: Should have experience working with and around
      adolescents. Previous teaching and supervising experience required,
      preferably various subjects at various levels. Should have
      experience working with special education students and assigning
      students to the correct level. Exemplifies a strong overall work
      ethic in all areas of responsibility, develops, and maintains
      positive, healthy relationships with students. Intermediate level of
      PC skills required.

      Certificates, Licenses: Valid Drivers License and good driving
      record, CPR, First Aid, Teaching Certificate preferred.

      Physical Requirements: Ability to perform First Aid and CPR.
      Inclination to physical fitness and healthy living is preferred.

      Decision Making Responsibilities: Will be responsible for homework,
      classroom behavior, and attendance. Will confer with Program
      Director and others for major decisions affecting students (grades,
      graduation, and ability to succeed in classes). Makes daily
      operations decisions regarding best course of action for academic
      staff to enhance student learning.

      To apply, please contact:
      Ryan Craig
      Healthy Living Academies
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