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Job Opening: Math Teacher positions at Summit Public Schools

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  • acmgrimshaw
    To become a teacher at Summit Public Schools is to join a pioneering organization that is innovative, fast-moving and highly successful with students. Teaching
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      To become a teacher at Summit Public Schools is to join a pioneering organization that is innovative, fast-moving and highly successful with students. Teaching at Summit Public Schools is not just about subject matter and curriculum, although these are critically important, but also about developing new methods of delivery and radical learning experiences. Each day, in activities across the learning spectrum, SPS teachers support students who will reach deep and substantial understandings in a highly differentiated and personalized environment.

      Faculty at Summit Public Schools have more varied experiences than faculty at many schools do. While they have areas of specialization, all members of the faculty are responsible for developing a community of learners. This means that faculty members do a great deal more than running a single classroom. It means faculty teach with each other, teach alone and coach students individually. And it means that they build learning experiences, with technological and academic support from experts within Summit Public Schools.

      We are currently looking for math teachers in Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Placement Calculus, and Advanced Placement Statistics, to work in our Daly City area, Redwood City, and San Jose schools. Successful candidates will discuss the specific math courses at Summit Public Schools for which they are most suitable, as they progress through the interview process. However, all Summit math teachers are expected to collaborate widely with their colleagues in other courses, in creating the innovative math products and experiences that are vital for Summit students to internalize advanced numeracy and processing skills.

      Every Summit Public Schools teacher is expected to act as a classroom teacher, a mentor and a leader. Daily work with students is combined with responsibilities to counsel students towards college and to play an active role in running the school site.

      Every teacher's responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
      Teach four sections
      Act as a personal mentor to 16-24 students
      Observe peers and participate in professional practice dialogues
      Participate in training, planning and teaching during the summer
      Assist with development & implementation of interdisciplinary curriculum
      Assist with development & implementation of school policies
      Participate in grade level & school leadership meetings each week

      Applicants must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree and a teaching credential in the subject for which they are applying. (A Master's Degree in Education is preferred but not required.)
      The successful candidate will demonstrate:
      Teaching experience in their field
      A California Teaching Credential (or a commitment to obtain one)
      Ability to work successfully with heterogeneous groups of students
      Ability to work closely with an ethnically & economically diverse student body
      Ability to work independently as a self-starter in a dynamic organization
      Ability to excel as a member of a team

      Most importantly, applicants must possess flexibility, curiosity, perseverance, a sense of humor and a burning passion to see students succeed.

      How to Apply: Our formal hiring process begins with our on-line application system. Please go to www.summitps.org and click on the 'Join our Team' tab on the top tool bar, in order to apply.
      You will be asked to fill out a very brief form, then post a covering letter (recommended length 1 page) and a resume (recommended length 2 pages).
      If you would like any information before then or are contemplating a visit to our schools before you apply, we would be very happy to speak with you. Please email us at dgrimshaw@... .
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