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Job Opening: Network Executive Director at Jefferson Parish Public Schools

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  • pccook1980
    Network Executive Director Our Vision for Transformation: All children in Jefferson Parish deserve a world-class education. In order to achieve this vision,
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      Network Executive Director

      Our Vision for Transformation:

      All children in Jefferson Parish deserve a world-class education. In order to achieve this vision, Jefferson Parish Public Schools is launching a bold transformation of its district management andsupport system toward a network model that will most effectively serve the needs of schools, educators, and most importantly, students.


      Position Description:

      The Network Executive Director (NED) is responsible for helping school leaders in his or her network set specific,ambitious student achievement targets and build school-level capacity to drive school improvement. The NED oversees a Network Support Team and helps coordinate central office supports to ensure that each school in the NED's network receives targeted resources and services. This position offers the successful candidate the opportunity to have a profound impact on the performance and direction of the Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS). 

      Scope of Responsibility:

      • Works closely with the Chief Networks Officer to drive the mission, vision, and a set of measurable objectives for schools in the NED's network.
      • Holds the Network Support Team accountable for meeting their objectives and conducts formal performance evaluations in accordance with JPPSS' evaluation schedule for central office employees.
      • Presents progress reports on the network to the Chief Networks Officer.
      • Ensures the Network Support Team is in compliance with federal statutes and regulations, state laws, BESE rules andregulations, JPPSS policies and procedures, and relevant contractual obligations.

      • Assists principals in identifying, recruiting and promoting excellent teachers and other school leaders.
      • Works with principals to establish specific, targeted student performance goals; creates plans in areas such as curriculum and assessment, teaching and learning, and professional development; helps principals create a culture of high expectations and systems for operational excellence in each of their schools.
      • Works with principals to ensure clear roles and responsibilities on their core leadership team, ensuring their time is free to drive vision and results.
      • Conducts regular formal and informal classroom walk-throughs aligned to student achievement and strategic goals.
      • Attends school-based meetings and events to foster a culture of engagement, understand the school community and ultimately help the school progress towards its goals.
      • Provides feedback to principals about leadership practices, such as management of instructional staff, use of data and establishment of school culture.
      • Helps principals remain focused on student outcomes and teacher quality while balancing intense operation demands.
      • Assists principals in identifying and responding to emerging issues.
      • Manages annual performance review process for school leaders, ensuring that they are meeting or exceeding goals and providing documentation/evidence of progress.
      • Identifies and rewards strong performance and create opportunities for principals' professional growth.
      • Documents progress against goals, flagging and elevating issues as appropriate, ultimately ensuring that schools perform at a high level and meet the needs of JPPSS students.
      • Helps shape, refine and implement initiatives in areas such as special education, enrollment, and teacher evaluation.
      • Creates a collaborative and open communication line between the central office and principals, driving alignment of strategic vision, a shared understanding of challenges at the school level, and identification of opportunities for improved student achievement.
      • Identifies areas where adjusting the central office's approach/focus could lead to better student outcomes.
      • Plans, prepares, and administers the annual budget for the Network Support Team and exercises proper financial controls.
      • Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Networks Officer.

      Skills and Qualifications:

      We seek detail-oriented, independent self-starters who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to raising student achievement and who have a record of high performance in challenging situations. Successful candidates will also demonstrate:

      • 5+ years of professional experience, with an outstanding track record as a school principal (or equivalent) preferred.
      • Significant experience as an instructional leader elevating student achievement in an urban setting.  Experience working in high schools preferred.
      • Deep knowledge of pedagogy and a proven track record using data to drive results.
      • Proven ability to serve as a coach and mentor,helping staff to develop the skills needed at sustainably high levels.
      • Strong communication skills in multiple settings and the ability to be an engaging change agent and culture-creator that can inspire and motivate.

      • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, with an ability to use quantitative and qualitative data to make decisions and recommendations.
      • Collaborative management style, with a proven track record of working with diverse individuals at all levels to drive decision-making and results.
      • High degree of professionalism, with the ability to manage multiple competing priorities, while consistently demonstrating sound judgment and disciplined thinking.
      • Familiarity with district and school-level operations (preferred).
      • Ability to be visionary and strategic is essential.
      • Minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate credit in courses outlined in Bulletin 746.
      • Valid Type A or Level 3 Louisiana Teaching Certificate required (mandated by Bulletin 746).
      • Level 1 or 2 Educational Leadership Certification required (mandated by Bulletin 746).
      • Master's degree required (mandated by Bulletin746).


      JPPSS offers a competitive salary that is commensurate with experience. JPPSS also offers a competitive benefits package.

      To Apply:

      Qualified applicants can apply for this position through JPPSS' online application portal at http://jppssclassified.jppss.k12.la.us/classified/. Please make sure to indicate you are applying for the position of "Transformation Network Executive Director" under"School Networks" at the top of the application.

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