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Job Opening: Schoolzilla Client Engagement Manager

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  • ahutgoff
    The Schoolzilla Mission: Liberate Education Data Teachers need lots of data to make good decisions for their students, but most of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2013
      The Schoolzilla Mission: Liberate Education Data
      Teachers need lots of data to make good decisions for their students, but most of them can't get that data.   That's why President Obama has challenged the nation to "liberate" our education data.  Schoolzilla is an Oakland-based team of developers and teachers that have done just that: we've built a cloud-based data warehouse and visualization platform that makes school data easy to find, analyze, and act on.

      We've been incubated at Aspire Public Schools, one of the nation's best charter school networks.  Now we're taking our model and scaling it, fast. Our clients have complex challenges to deal with, but are eager to begin attacking their data. Our goal is to impact more than 1 million kids in the next 18 months, and we need your help to make it happen.

      How You Can Help
      We're looking for a client engagement manager who can lead implementation work with the districts and charter schools Schoolzilla serves.  You will be a critical partner for our clients and an important liaison for Schoolzilla's technical team. At Schoolzilla, we strive for fast and effective implementations, both to deliver value to clients and to enable us to scale our impact quickly.  We depend on our client engagement managers to make those rapid implementations work, and to delight our customers in the process.  Your ability strategically manage client relationships and plan and execute each project will be instrumental to your success in the role.  

      Our ideal candidate is:
      • A leader -- able to manage a diverse team effectively
      • A systems thinker -- analytical, able to identify the critical path to success quickly
      • A planner -- consistent, structured, and detail oriented
      • Empathic, friendly, enjoys meeting and building relationships with new people
      • Knows how to listen and ask questions; tenacious about understanding problems and identifying their root causes
      • Agile, flexible, able to manage a team and a complex project effectively in a rapidly changing work environment
      • Strategic -- considers the 30,000 foot view as well as the ground-level tactics.  Loves to think about and test new ways to help the team work smarter, better, and faster
      • Loves technology -- able to understand technology questions deeply and discuss them lucidly.  Enjoys solving technology problems and tinkering with new tech tools.

      Bonus points if this person has:
      • 2+ years of consulting experience, especially technology consulting
      • K-12 education experience
      • Ninja-level Excel or Tableau skills

      • Wicked smart
      • Data driven
      • Fun to work with, likes to laugh, enjoys arguing about burritos and playing The Wikipedia Game.
      • Cares about schools, teachers, and kids.  A lot.

      Interested candidates should send resumes and an introductory email to jobs@....
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