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Job Opening: High School Principal, Boston Preparatory Charter Public School

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    High School Principal, Boston Preparatory Charter Public School Industry:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2013
      <p class="p1"><p class="p1">High School Principal, Boston Preparatory
      Charter Public School</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p
      class="p1">Industry:<span class="Apple-tab-span"
      style="white-space:pre;"> </span> Education</p><p
      class="p1">Function:<span class="Apple-tab-span"
      style="white-space:pre;"> </span> Instructional Leadership /
      Teaching</p><p class="p1">City:<span class="Apple-tab-span"
      style="white-space:pre;"> </span> Boston</p><p class="p1">State:<span
      class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre;"> </span> MA</p><p
      class="p1">Date Listed:<span class="Apple-tab-span"
      style="white-space:pre;"> </span> 2013-02-07</p><p class="p1">ABOUT THE
      ORGANIZATION:</p><p class="p1">Boston Preparatory Charter Public School
      utilizes rigorous curriculum, extended academic time, and a range of
      supports for children and families to prepare 6th-12th grade students to
      succeed in college and beyond. Boston Preparatory's school
      environment is structured around scholarship and personal growth and
      cultivates students' virtues of courage, compassion, integrity,
      perseverance, and respect.</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p class="p1">Boston
      Preparatory Charter Public School opened to its founding class in the
      fall of 2004 and currently serves 365 6th -12th graders from
      historically underserved neighborhoods, including Dorchester (23%), Hyde
      Park (28%), Mattapan (16%), and Roxbury (10%). Currently, 73% of its
      students receive free or reduced-price lunch and 21% of students receive
      special education services. The student body is 50% male and 50% female.
      Currently, 71% of its students identify as African-American, 24% as
      Latino, and 5% as Caucasian.</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p class="p1">In a
      short time, Boston Preparatory Charter Public School has succeeded in
      replicating systems from other high-performing schools which have led to
      remarkable student achievement. Currently in its ninth year, Boston
      Preparatory Charter Public School has proven itself as one of the
      leading public schools in the nation. Boston Preparatory Charter Public
      School students have made a tradition out of outperforming their peers
      across the city and state, on a variety of assessments. The school
      continues to make extraordinary gains in its work with students and
      alumni.</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p class="p1">On both the 10th grade
      Math and 10th grade ELA exams, 98% of students scored in the Advanced or
      Proficient Categories.</p><p class="p1">Boston Preparatory Charter
      Public School sent 100% of graduating seniors from its first two cohorts
      of students to college, and 100% of all graduates have been accepted
      into four-year colleges.</p><p class="p1">Currently, 91% of Boston
      Preparatory Charter Public School alumni are persisting in
      college.</p><p class="p1">In 2009, the Effective Practice Incentive
      Community (EPIC), an initiative of New Leaders for New Schools,
      announced that Boston Preparatory Charter Public School is one of the
      five highest performing schools in the country. In its study, EPIC
      performed a cross-state analysis of charter school achievement. Using a
      value-added model to analyze performance data from nearly 150 high-need
      charter schools across the country, EPIC identified schools that made
      the most dramatic gains in student achievement. Lessons from Boston
      Preparatory Charter Public School —captured in the EPIC
      study—are currently being disseminated to schools around the
      world.</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p class="p1">ABOUT THE POSITION:</p><p
      class="p1">Boston Preparatory Charter Public School is seeking an
      exceptional instructional leader to serve as Principal of its high
      school. The Principal will lead the school community in achieving its
      academic and organizational goals, build and maintain a strong presence
      for the school within the community, and develop and cultivate enduring
      relationships with students, teachers, parents, and community members.
      Reporting directly to the Executive Director, the Principal will manage
      a team of talented teachers, department heads and other support
      staff.</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p class="p1">Boston Preparatory Charter
      Public School is at an exciting moment in time – able to learn from
      its nine years of practice, its graduates' experiences at college
      and developments in the broader field. Leveraging its past and looking
      toward the future, this is an ideal opportunity for a visionary
      instructional leader to take a best-in-class charter school to new
      heights. Specifically, this leader will be charged with enhancing Boston
      Prep's academic model by combining rigorous academics, ethics
      education and the skills required for persistence at a four year
      college. Primary responsibilities include:</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p
      class="p1">Instructional Leadership</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p
      class="p1">Create a model for rapid improvement of student outcomes by
      developing and executing a short and long term strategy to reach student
      achievement goals, utilizing data, professional development and other
      tools to empower teachers and promote high levels of academic
      achievement for all students _ Direct the implementation of effective
      research-based curriculum, instruction and assessment practices aligned
      with Common Core State Standards</p><p class="p1">Conduct regular formal
      and informal classroom walk-throughs</p><p class="p1">Work with teachers
      to establish specific, targeted student performance goals; create
      data-driven plans in areas such as curriculum and assessment, teaching
      and learning, and professional development</p><p class="p1">Identify and
      implement strategies that motivate and engage students in the
      academically rigorous work</p><p class="p1">Coach teachers to use
      differentiation tactics, with the goal of personalizing learning for
      students and enabling them to self-pace and push toward college-ready
      levels of mastery</p><p class="p1">Create a culture of high expectations
      and a relentless focus on student achievement, operational efficiency,
      ethical reflection, and self-improvement</p><p class="p1">Leadership and
      Management</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p class="p1">Serve as a thought
      partner to the Executive Director and as an active member of the
      school's Leadership Team</p><p class="p1">Develop a world class
      program to recruit, retain and motivate exceptional teachers and school
      office staff</p><p class="p1">Support instructional excellence by
      ensuring that teachers receive appropriate coaching to implement
      successful classroom management and teaching strategies</p><p
      class="p1">Collaborate with Leadership Team members on the annual
      performance review process for teachers and staff, ensuring that they
      are meeting or exceeding goals and providing documentation/evidence of
      progress</p><p class="p1">Systems-Building and Operations</p><p
      class="p1"><br></p><p class="p1">Partner with the ED and Operations Team
      to design hiring approach, operational systems, and structures that
      support effective instruction and culture-building (e.g., recruiting,
      master schedule design, annual budgeting)</p><p class="p1">Working with
      the Director of Finance and Operations, oversee the school's
      operations, finances, and compliance functions</p><p
      class="p1">CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS:</p><p class="p1">The ideal candidate
      will possess the following qualifications:</p><p class="p1"><br></p><p
      class="p1">Bachelor's degree, with advanced degree strongly
      preferred</p><p class="p1">Proven track record of elevating student
      achievement in an urban classroom for at least five years, with a strong
      understanding of pedagogy that drives results or exceptional leadership
      experience working directly with young people in urban communities</p><p
      class="p1">Significant prior administrative experience, preferably at
      the high school level, along with substantial teaching experience at the
      high school level And the following skills, traits and beliefs:</p><p
      class="p1">Relentless commitment to preparing every student for
      college</p><p class="p1">Ability to be a bold, tireless, and engaging
      change agent and culture-creator</p><p class="p1">Commitment to
      improving the minds and lives of students from underserved communities
      and a dedication to doing whatever it takes to help all the school's
      students achieve academic success</p><p class="p1">Passion for academic
      learning and insistence on academic excellence and rigor at all
      times</p><p class="p1">Exceptional self-motivation, entrepreneurial
      spirit and team orientation</p><p class="p1">Problem-solving skills,
      with a combination of confidence and humility</p><p class="p1">Effective
      and clear communication skills, both oral and written</p><p
      class="p1">Collaborative decision-making style, with a proven track
      record of working with individuals at all levels to drive
      decision-making and results</p><p class="p1">COMPENSATION AND
      BENEFITS:</p><p class="p1">Competitive compensation, commensurate with
      experience</p> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="t1">
      <tbody> <tr> <td valign="top" class="td1"> <p class="p1"><b>QUALIFIED
      INDIVIDUALS, PLEASE APPLY: </b></p> </td> <td valign="top" class="td1">
      <p class="p2">http://www.on-ramps.com/jobs/814 </p> </td> </tr> </tbody>
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