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Job Opening: Founding Chief Technology Officer for One Degree, San Francisco-based tech nonprofit

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  • Rey Faustino
    At One Degree, we see a world that is rid of poverty because every person has access to high quality nonprofit and social services. We are an award-winning
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2013
      At One Degree, we see a world that is rid of poverty because every
      person has access to high quality nonprofit and social services. We
      are an award-winning organization, recognized by SXSW, the Huffington
      Post, and Echoing Green (a premiere seed-funder of non-profit
      startups). We ardently envision a world where people can get relevant,
      timely and useful information about nonprofit services so their needs
      are met effectively. By giving users of services a voice, we introduce
      market forces into the nonprofit sector, and quality of programming
      increases. Visit www.1deg.org for more information and
      www.1deg.org/sf/about/work-with-us to download this job description.

      We are scouring the country for an intelligent, client focused,
      entrepreneurial Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who, in addition to not
      taking themselves too seriously, is passionate about empowering all
      low-income families. The CTO’s main responsibility will be to create
      the vision that makes our Yelp for nonprofits a reality by using their
      skills in product development and engineering. Join us and create
      powerful tools for those who need them most. We are passionate about
      efficient code and care deeply about beautiful design.

      • set the vision for our technology
      • revolutionize the social sector with a game-changing product
      • partner with and guide the CEO to prepare the organization for rapid growth
      • lead platform selection and technical design of our website
      • see and articulate the big picture (in graphic detail)
      • lead a team of contract software engineers, designers and other
      software developers
      • have a blast while changing the way all people interact with
      poverty-fighting resources

      • favor simplicity in the things you create
      • demonstrate a taste for good design, the resourcefulness to work
      with designers to get it, and the ability to implement it
      • are proficient across several overlapping but distinct programming
      disciplines, including:
      • Frontend web development (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript)
      • Backend web development (possibly with Ruby, Python, or Java)
      • Domain modeling and data persistence (possibly with MySQL,
      PostgreSQL, or MongoDB)
      • Server administration
      • have created products that leave room for enhancement in the future

      • have enthusiasm for using technology to be a lever for equity and justice
      • are ready to take your talents and skills out of the for-profit
      arena and use them to change the way social services are measured,
      funded, and ultimately delivered
      • understand the technical side of things, but your real passion is in
      product development and design
      • have strong project management and communication skills
      • are a self-starter that can work quickly and efficiently
      • love the thought of connecting low-income families to resources and
      putting them in the driver’s seat of change

      To apply, send your resume, code samples, & relevant links to
      karla@...; use "Let's fight poverty!" as the subject line.
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