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Job Opening: Public Grants Manager, Achievement School District

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    About the role The Public Grant Programs Manager supports ASD academic and financial leaders in acquiring and managing special public funding sources for our
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      About the role

      The Public Grant Programs Manager supports ASD academic and financial leaders in acquiring and managing special public funding sources for our strategic needs.  In particular, this role helps to identify needs, write applications, and coordinate compliance reporting for Title programs, IDEA, School Improvement Grants (SIG), USDA Food Service, and similar programs.


      Specific responsibilities of this position include:

      • General
        • Writes, coordinates and facilitates all federal program plans related to school and academic achievement;
        • Assists and advises ASD and its partner schools in the implementation and evaluation of state and federal programs;
        • Coordinates the monitoring of Federal and state programs;
        • Prepare presentations for ASD's leadership staff and constituents;
        • Assists and advises ASD Achievement Schools, Lead Partners and Charter Schools in coordinating the school improvement process and the instructional activities associated with Federal grants.
        • Fiscal
          • Leads administrators in budgeting and managing federal funds to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, in conjunction with the ASD finance department;
          • Support finance staff on allocation of funds to schools and coding of expenses
          • Assists in approval process for personnel in federally funded positions;
          • Assists as necessary with A-133 annual audit of Federal program; and
          • Reviews charter school Federal grant reimbursement requests.
          • Reporting
            • Assists in data gathering, assessments, and evaluation of federally funded intervention;
            • Prepares and submits all federal and state reports related to each program; and
            • Serves as a liaison with the Tennessee Department of Education (TDE) in the area of accountability and the school improvement process.
            • Knowledge Development
              • Attends appropriate area and state meetings related to assigned programs;
              • Remains current on laws and requirements regarding each program, and meets with related staff to interpret and implement regulations;
              • Updates leadership of ASD and partner schools on changes, updates or modifications to any current or anticipated Federal programs; and
              • Perform any other related duties as required or assigned.


      Success in this position is defined as:

      • Developing and implementing creative state and federal program plans with ASD school leaders and charter schools that are aligned the mission and vision developed by ASD's leadership;
      • Effectively engaging with the TDE related to grant applications, budgeting, grant management and reporting to ensure timely reporting and collections;
      • Providing the ASD leadership with consistent visibility to its state and federal program funding
      • Participating with achievement school leaders, charter leaders, and ASD leadership in annual budget development that is aligned to the ASD's mission as it relates to Federal funding
      • Ensuring compliance among all ASD schools (achievement, charter & partner) related to all Federal programs;
      • Ensuring timely collection of all federal dollars from the TDE and timely reimbursement/disbursement to ASD charter schools, in conjunction with ASD's finance department;
      • Working effectively, creatively, and constructively with the ASD leadership and ASD partners to solve programmatic, implementation and/or reporting challenges;
      • Developing and implementing a transparent federal funding process for direct and charter school leaders, in conjunction with ASD's finance department;
      • Developing and implementing transparent and clear Federal reporting guidelines for ASD's charter schools;


      Qualifications and traits:

      • Bachelor degree and preferably a MaEd. with a background in targeted programming
      • 5+ years of experience in working with education program Federal funding, reporting and budgeting
      • Strong leadership skills required, with the ability to effectively communicate and apply strong programmatic acumen to the social impact sector
      • Unwavering determination to do whatever it takes to help kids succeed
      • Entrepreneurial and flexible
      • Strong skills with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
      • Detail oriented
      • Problem solver
      • Ability to work in a hands-on management capacity

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