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Job Opening: Operations Analyst-Aspire Public Schools

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  • siena.vanheusen
    Aspire Public Schools is a nonprofit organization that currently operates 34 public charter schools serving over 12,000 students in underserved communities
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      <b>Aspire Public Schools is a nonprofit organization that currently operates 34 public charter schools serving over 12,000 students in underserved communities across California. As one of the highest-performing public school systems in California, we deliver a rigorous "College for Certain" education to students in grades K-12. Aspire offers a high-quality education in six cities throughout California: Los Angeles, Oakland, Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto and East Palo Alto. Aspire wants to expand and broaden its impact by delivering a "College for Certain" education to underserved communities beyond California. Aspire has begun its expansion efforts in Memphis, Tennessee. Visit Aspire Public Schools at www.aspirepublicschools.org and click Memphis.</b><br>
      <b>GENERAL SUMMARY:</b><br>
      The Operations Analyst will be responsible for leading projects that increase organizational efficiency and efficacy through improved operational processes. The Operations Analyst will also assist the Operations Manager in providing exceptional service and support to Aspire's schools, regional offices, and home office departments to ensure their operational success. The emphasis of this role is to work effectively with home office team mates, teachers, office managers, principals and other team members to understand, support, and (when necessary) reengineer current practices and tools.<br>
      Success in this position requires an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving, a strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skill set, penchant for rooting out inefficiencies, and the empathy to understand the challenges faced by educators at Aspire. The ideal candidate will have K-12 experience, strong customer service skills, data analysis skills, and project management skills.<br>
      <b>ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:</b><br><ul><b>1)Special Projects</b>
      <li> Manage projects to achieve organizational goals and objectives
      <li> Responsible for all activities needed to deliver a range of projects aimed at critical needs that may include development, evaluation, and coordination of new school openings
      <li> Organize cross-functional activities to ensure effective outcomes and efficient use of people's time
      <li> Support a variety of meetings and other activities to align staff across functions and locations<br>
      <b>2)Operational Tool Support</b>
      <li> Provide support and training on operational tools
      <li> Maintain (and improve, when necessary) operational tools as well as the processes that support their use<br>
      <b>3)Data Analysis and Reporting</b>
      <li> Use Aspire's growing data infrastructure to provide effective data analysis for decision-making support to school, regional, and home office staff
      <li> Become an authority on Aspire's mission-critical data systems and education technology to use that expertise to support Aspire teammates<br>
      <b>4)Other duties as assigned</ul> </b><br>


      <br><b>1) Required knowledge, skills & abilities:</b><br><ul>

      <li>Demonstrated skills in identifying issues, formulating and implementing solutions
      <li>Ability to research complex problems and develop cost effective solutions
      <li>Love of data! Driven to discover issues and insights that help drive to a decision. Detail oriented with laser focus on connecting data to deliverables.
      <li>Excellent organization, time management, follow-up skills; high sense of urgency; ability to successfully handle multiple projects concurrently; ability to work independently.
      <li>Highly proactive, gets things done and constructively resolves conflicts
      <li>Track record of establishing effective relationships with people in various roles
      <li>Exceptional written and verbal communication skills; active listening skills a must
      <li>Demonstrated ability to quickly learn new areas of knowledge and technology
      <li>Effective documentation of projects and deliverables
      <li>Working knowledge of MS Office<br>

      <b>2) Minimum educational level: </b><br>
      <li>Bachelor's degree in business, education or other related field<br>

      <b>3) Experience required: </b><br>
      <li>2-4 years experience in operational support, data analysis, and/or process improvement
      <li>Experience or strong interest in K-12 public education
      <li>Experience working in dynamic, high-performing environments</ul>

      <b><u>How To Apply :</b></u><br>
      To learn more about our schools and this specific opening, please go to <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://careers.aspirepublicschools.org">Aspire Public Schools</a>, where you can submit an online application.
      Thank you!
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