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Job Opening: Lead Edupreneur Residency - Minneapolis, MN

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  • gill0137
    You re an innovative master educator and leader. Welcome Home. Introducing the Venture Lead Edupreneur Residency Are you eager to radically transform
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      You're an innovative master educator and leader.

      Welcome Home.

      Introducing the Venture Lead Edupreneur Residency

      Are you eager to radically transform education? Do you believe that learning should be driven by the unique passions and needs of individual young people? Ever dreamed of leading your own school without losing the day-to-day joy of helping young learners reach their full potential? Do you seek personalized, hands-on coaching and support not found in most school leadership programs? Ready for a pioneering journey with trusted colleagues who share your vision? We thought so—and we like the way you think.

      Introducing the Venture Lead Edupreneur Residency

      The Venture Lead Edupreneur Residency is designed for innovative, entrepreneurial master educators whose joyful lifework is the cultivation of young people into purposeful, self-directed learners and leaders. Lead Edupreneurs will co-found Venture Academy, a public charter middle-high school opening in Minneapolis this August at 6th grade. They will co-create Venture's learning model and serve as its master educators while they receive coaching and support to open and lead their own school. Venture's mission is to ignite the passion of young people to become innovators and entrepreneurial leaders who will change the world. Venture is a winner of the national Next Generation Learning Challenges Wave IIIa competition to support breakthrough learning models, funded by the Gates and Hewlett foundations.

      Beginning this June, the Lead Edupreneur Residency will prepare three Lead Edupreneurs to open and lead a new school of their own. The Residency emphasizes learning by doing. Each Lead Edupreneur will provide full-time, personalized, cross-disciplinary teacher-coaching to a "family" cohort of Venture learners, while receiving daily coaching and real-time feedback from Venture's Chief Learning Officer/Head of School, a master edupreneur with ten years of personalized teaching and leadership experience. Each Lead Edupreneur will coach and co-teach with a talented Edupreneur. Lead Edupreneurs will also serve as members of Venture's leadership team. The Residency will include in-depth visits to innovative schools and discussions with national thought partners on the cutting edge of learning transformation. Each Edupreneur will receive a competitive salary with full benefits.

      Personalized Leadership Development and Coaching

      Lead Edupreneurs will receive personalized leadership development and coaching in the domains of:

      • Innovative and entrepreneurial leadership
      • Emotional intelligence and effective, authentic communication
      • School start-up, operations and policy
      • School culture and learner engagement
      • Coaching and observation
      • Curriculum, assessment and personalized learning

      To Apply: Lead Edupreneur Residency applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until March 1, 2013. Please see the next page and www.ventureacademies.org for more information.
      The Venture Lead Edupreneur Residency

      Opening in August 2013, Venture Academy is a new public charter school in Minneapolis with the mission to ignite the passion of every young person to become an innovator and entrepreneurial leader who will change the world. A 21st century one-room schoolhouse, Venture will engage a diverse cross-section of Minneapolis young people, including English language learners and learners with special needs. Venture aims to ignite self-propelled, purposeful learners and leaders ready for college and meaningful life missions by age 16 through a learner-driven and try-measure-learn-iterate learning design that blends rigorous personalized, digital and experiential learning and personal development.

      Venture Academy seeks educational leaders who are proven learning innovators. Competitive candidates will demonstrate a commitment to personal and intellectual excellence, unprecedented learning growth, constant improvement, authentic communication, and cultivating learner ownership and entrepreneurial leadership through a personalized and learner-directed learning model. Edupreneurs will become part of Venture Academy's founding team, on track to become a future head of school.

      Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

      • Design instruction using evidenced-based strategies with an awareness of current research on teaching and learning
      • Implement cross-curricular instructional activities to enable high levels of learner engagement and understanding
      • Develop personalized learning plans, curriculum and extensions using principles of backwards design
      • Instruct small, targeted groups and serve as an advisor and coach to help learners achieve individual learning goals
      • Work creatively, transparently and collaboratively to ensure continuous improvement in teaching and learning
      • Maintain a coherent, purposeful and mission-driven school culture of intellectual and personal excellence
      • Ensure that the learning needs of all learners are met by all team members
      • Determine specific learning needs by analyzing performance data and facilitating weekly data team meetings
      • Create and continuously improve real-time, formative, progress monitoring and summative common assessments
      • Constantly seek to improve both personal and team teaching practice and results
      • Conduct original learning research, publish articles and blogs, and present findings to colleagues and others


      • Mission: past leadership provides clear evidence of demonstrated belief in Venture's mission
      • Experience in at least two of the following: language arts, math, science, English language learning, special education
      • Unquestioned character, work ethic, passion for excellence and professionalism
      • Relentless commitment to exceptional learning; unwavering belief that every young person can learn at high levels
      • At least 4 years of prior secondary teaching experience, evidencing continuous improvement and high learner results
      • Experience and success setting clear and consistent expectations for learner behavior and accountability
      • Enthusiasm: demonstrates visionary leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, passion, positivity and excitement
      • Solutions-oriented: proven ability to quickly identify and creatively solve problems and iterate new approaches
      • Teamwork: exceptional ability to work well in and help lead a team using authentic interpersonal communication
      • Versatility: strengths and passions across multiple learning disciplines and talent arenas
      • Creativity: thinks innovatively and imaginatively about how to optimize the learning of every young person
      • Supervise, coach and work collaboratively with Venture's Edupreneurs, other team members, mentors and guides

      Lead Edupreneur Residency Application Process

      Applicants for the Lead Edupreneur Residency will be asked to 1) describe an innovation they have personally created and implemented that has demonstrably and significantly improved the learning of middle and/or high school age learners; 2) submit a video or video link, website or digital portfolio evidencing the innovation; 3) describe a learning design for their dream middle-high school, including a detailed description of how their design ignites learner ownership, innovation and entrepreneurial leadership. Applications will be reviewed by a distinguished panel of edupreneurs. Please visit www.ventureacademies.org or e-mail opportunities@... for more information.

      Know an edupreneur? Venture will offer a $1,000 award to anyone referring us to a Lead Edupreneur.
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