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Job opening: Founding Principal, Connect Community Charter School

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  • hopkinskathryn
    Location: Redwood City, CA ConnectCommunity Charter School is seeking a creative, hardworking and experiencedinstructional leader to be our FoundingPrincipal.
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      Location:  Redwood City, CA

      ConnectCommunity Charter School is seeking a creative, hardworking and experiencedinstructional leader to be our FoundingPrincipal.  This is a unique career experience tolead staff and students in creating a school that is a nurturing place forchildren to become change-makers, innovators, and lifelong learners.

      ConnectCommunity Charter School
      Connectwas founded by a team of Redwood City residents who are educators, researchers,finance experts, health care professionals, small business owners and parents. Connect will open in August 2013 withapproximately 125 students in grades K-2 and 6th grade.   At its capacity the school will expand to approximately300 students in grades K-8. Connect seeks to be representative of thepopulation served by Redwood City School District which is 72% Latino, 70%low-income, and 45% English Language Learners.  Connect seeks to bring the culture ofinnovation and resources that permeate Silicon Valley to this population thatrarely has access to it.

      Our mission isto prepare students to be self-aware, responsible, life-long learners,motivated to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Connect aims todevelop future leaders by expecting academic excellence, enhancing critical andcreative thinking skills, cultivating curiosity, and fostering social andemotional development.  At Connect webelieve in helping children learn and grow in ways that suit them best. To dothis we use several approaches:

      ·      Inquiry-based learning.  Through inquiry, students have the chance to learn abouttopics in depth, while teachers make sure children demonstrate trueunderstanding

      ·      Integratedsocial-emotional development. Children learn empathy, team-building, problem-solving, and communicationskills. We teach, evaluate and practice social-emotional learning as seriouslyas other core subjects.

      ·      Multiple ways to learn.  Classrooms will include movement, creative arts, play,intentional humor, and other approaches that promote academic mastery.  Our students learn by making and doing.

      ·      Personalization. Teachers will use differentiated instructional practices toensure all students achieve.  Teachers remain with students for two yearsto foster a sense of community and support personalization. 

      ·      Service Learning.  Service learningintegrated into the curriculum that connects students to their communities atthe school, the city, and the wider world.

      Connect has a partnership with Synapse, a private school, that is giftingConnect its inquiry-based and social-emotional curriculum. The foundingeducators at Connect will adapt this curriculum to meet the needs of its population.Connect educators will participate in professional development with Synapseeducators in the initial years of the school.

      Connectis seeking a Founding Principal who as the academic leader of the school modelsthe school’s core values and spearheads the development of the school’scurriculum and culture. Highest priorities for Connect are buildingrelationships with teachers and families, developing systems and structures tosupport the instructional and operational needs of the school, and providingteachers with high quality professional development to ensure that the instructionalprogram meets the needs of all students.


      Instructional Leadershipand Student Support

      ·      Owns, as leader of the school, responsibility for student academicachievement

      ·      Develops and builds a shared  instructional vision of inquiry-based,social-emotional and service oriented instruction

      ·      Promotes a culture of shared accountability

      ·      Supports teacher developed curriculum by providing ampleopportunities for curriculum planning, grade level collaboration, andassessment development

      ·      Facilitates the development and use of a wide array of assessmentsthat, together, reflect the educational philosophy of Connect

      ·      Ensures adequate support for all students to achieve academicsuccess including special education and English language learners

      ·      Provides oversight of the special education services

      ·      Ensures teacher effectiveness by hiring, placing, retaining andsupporting effective staff

      ·      Supports teacher professional development through a differentiatedapproach that includes peer observation, school visits, mentoringrelationships, and administrative support of teachers reflection anddevelopment of practice

      ·      Leads relationships with collaborative partners including SynapseSchool and the d.School at Stanford University

      ·      Promotes and supports leadership team and teacher leadershipopportunities, including developing a system of distributed and sharedleadership


      Communication, Outreach,and Community Building

      ·      Facilitates the development of supportive communities amongstudents, faculty, staff and external stakeholders to ensure that all membersare engaged and valued

      ·      Oversees the development of regular family education workshops,town hall meetings, newsletters and other forms of communication with families,ensuring that all such communication and work with families is accessible andunderstandable to all families

      ·      Maintains positive relationships with Redwood City SchoolDistrict, California Charter School Association and community organizations

      ·      Develops and implements a plan for parent participation  that enables all parents to be fully engagedin the school community

      ·      Maintains communication with Connect Board and Advisory Committees

      ·      Shares learning from Connect’s model with the broader educationalcommunity


      Systemsand Operations

      ·      Organizes school time effectively to support instructional andstaff development priorities

      ·      Oversees the day-to-day management of the school site with acommitment to ensuring the health and safety of students, faculty and staff,including supervision of janitorial/custodial staff and non-teaching supportstaff

      ·      Implements board policies

      ·      Reports to and collaborates with the Board on school budgets,fundraising, charter renewal, outreach, partnerships and other duties asrequired to maintain a balanced budget

      ·      Report on activities, organizational development progress and studentachievement to the Board

      ·      Complies with legal and ethical requirements and follows allapplicable state, federal, and district policies, procedures and guidelines

      ·      Oversees and is responsible for fiscal management and oversight ofBusiness Manager


      Preferred Qualities and Experience


      The ideal candidate will demonstrate many ifnot all of the following qualities and qualifications:

      ·      Inspirational leader, active mentor and effective communicator

      ·      A passion for innovativeeducation and enthusiasm to realize the goal of building a model school for21st century education

      ·      Committed to making surethat children leave the classroom each day, energized and enthused about theirpotential for changing the world

      ·      Committed to creating andsupporting a culture of learning and growth for adults and students at Connect

      ·      Committed to distributedand shared decision making

      ·      Proven leadership experience in an educational setting, includingcoaching and developing staff

      ·      Successful classroom teaching and school leadership experience

      ·      Experience working with and a commitment to inquiry basededucational programs

      ·      Knowledge of social and emotional learning programs

      ·      Experience working with a culturally and linguistically diversestudent body and community

      ·      Knowledge of special education needs and issues and experienceworking with English language learners

      ·      Experience and knowledge of budget preparation and controlprocedures

      ·      Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws applying to publicschools

      ·      Experience working in a charter school

      ·      Experience founding a school

      ·      Strategic planning and project management experience preferred

      ·      Excellent oral and written communication skills

      ·      Spanish fluency

      ·      Bachelor’s degree (Master’s or Doctorate degree preferred)

      ·      Valid California Administrative Credential


      Connectwill offer a salary commensurate with experience (and competitive with localdistrict administrator salaries), and a comprehensive benefits package. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we intend to reflect diversity in ourstaff.

      How to Apply
      Interested candidates should submit thefollowing materials as separate PDF attachments: Use “Connect Founding
      Principal” as the subject line and send to
      hr@....   Allapplications due by January 18, 2013.

      • Cover letter expressing interest in the Connect Community Charter School Founding Principal position and the unique contribution you can make to the school
      • Current résumé
      • Statement of leadership philosophy and practice

      For more information on the school includingour charter proposal, visit our website at www.connectrwc.org

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