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Job Opening: Senior Project Director, University of Chicago

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  • Michael Lach
    We want to hire a senior project director to lead the University of Chicago s efforts in support of 100Kin10, a national network of partners focused on the
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      We want to hire a senior project director to lead the University of Chicago's efforts in support of 100Kin10, a national network of partners focused on the President's goal of 100,000 new, excellent STEM teachers in the next 10 years. Below is a brief summary; for more details, and to apply, please visit https://jobopportunities.uchicago.edu/ and search for job requisition number 091204.

      Background and Context
      The University of Chicago Urban Education Institute (UEI) is dedicated to creating knowledge to produce reliably excellent schooling for children growing up in urban America. UEI conducts rigorous research, trains outstanding teachers and leaders for urban schools, creates scalable tools and practices to improve student social and academic outcomes, designs and operates charter schools and supports new schools across Chicago. 

      President Obama has set a goal to prepare 100,000 new, excellent teachers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) over the next 10 years. The purpose: to prepare this country's students to address the most pressing national and global challenges and to ensure that all children have the foundational STEM literacy necessary to be full participants in our economy and our democracy. Inspired by the President's charge to "do what's necessary to give every child a chance to succeed," a cross-sector group called 100Kin10 is taking action to build the movement for 100,000 excellent STEM teachers. 100Kin10 is a network of 118 partners ranging from teacher preparation programs, teacher support groups, professional associations, charter management organizations, school districts, states, and media companies. 

      Since the inception of this effort, the University of Chicago has led the research and learning efforts of 100Kin10. The purpose of the research is both to undergird the network of partners with opportunities to learn from each other and to establish and feed into the field a body of evidence that can uniquely be derived from a growing network of partners committed to evidence-based practice and shared learning. 

      As a result, the learning infrastructure is comprised of short-term research projects that identify leading examples of practice and promising hypotheses to share with the field based on early or already-existing evidence; opportunities to bring partners together to collectively address problems that have eluded easy solutions; and longer-term research projects based on a range of research methodologies including randomized control studies. In order to maximize the impact of this research, the University is committed to leading a responsive and flexible dissemination strategy. 

      In addition, 100Kin10 is in the process of launching an effort to collectively define a set of shared measures that will guide and assess the progress of the effort. These shared measures will include definitions of excellence, retention, and improvement that have remained difficult for the education and teacher preparation and support fields to come to consensus on. Working in close partnership with the consulting firm FSG, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Opportunity Equation, and other 100Kin10 partners, the University of Chicago will be leading this work.  

      Job Summary
      This is a senior level position on a high-paced team working on a complex, multi-faceted project situated in an academic setting. The ideal candidate is a results-oriented, strategic thinker who is intellectually curious, seeking out like models and reaching out across disciplines to bring insights back to this work. While focusing on the details to ensure coherence and effective day-to-day implemen-tation, this person should also think broadly and creatively, collaborating with partners across the net-work to identify opportunities for learning and areas in need of exploration. The ideal candidate should bring a spirit of entrepreneurialism, flexibility, resourcefulness, accountability, and enthusiasm. 

      The Senior Project Director will have day-to-day responsibility for the University's 100Kin10 learning infrastructure efforts, working with a variety of people within the University and with 100Kin10 leader-ship, including foundation staff. The senior project director will manage an administrative assistant and work closely on a team with the assistant director, and will report to the director. The senior project coordinator will also work closely with team members within UEI, CEMSE, and UEL, as well as several consultants. 
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