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Job Opening: CEO Search for Democracy Prep in NYC!

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  • Monisha Lozier
    Bellwether Education Partners is excited to be supporting Democracy Prep Public Schools, New York City s highest performing CMO, in its search for a Chief
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2012
      Bellwether Education Partners is excited to be supporting Democracy Prep Public Schools, New York City's highest performing CMO, in its search for a Chief Executive Officer.

      Built on the best practices of high-performing, "no excuses" charter networks, the Democracy Prep model is enhanced by the addition of three additional unique program elements:

      • Authentic Civic Engagement: Democracy Prep places an explicit focus on preparing scholars to become active citizens and leaders in our democracy through civic initiatives, community engagement, mandatory applied civic skills like speech and debate, as well as authentic student and family advocacy to help create even more excellent schools.
      • Educating All Students, in All Subject, at All Grade Levels: Democracy Prep actively recruits students who are the least well served by traditional public and other high-performing charter schools, and welcomes new scholars at all grade levels at the beginning of each year.
      • Running Schools on Public Funds: Democracy Prep funds its schools with public dollars received from the city, state and federal government.

      Not only has Democracy Prep Public Schools been a straight "A" network for six years in a row, with all of its schools earning an "A" grade on the New York City Department of Education's Chancellor's Progress Report, but it is one of only two charter management organizations to receive, in recognition of its strength and impact, a $9.1 million dollar expansion grant from the US Department of Education to open and turnaround fifteen new schools over the next five years.

      At the end of this school year, DPPS founder Seth Andrew will "graduate" with Democracy Prep's first class of seniors and go on to leverage the success of DPPS from outside of the network. With its history of highly effective, and inspirational leadership, a strong management team dedicated to the continued success of the network, a deeply committed and cohesive Board of Directors, the confidence and financial backing of the federal government, strong local political standing and enormous community good will, DPPS is primed for a new leader to capitalize on its momentum and lead and shape the organization through its next phase of growth.

      The search is underway. We'd be grateful for any ideas about people who could be a good fit for this role and are happy to field any questions. Details and responsibilities about the role and a full position description can be found by visiting Bellwether's job board here:

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