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Job Opening: Chief Financial Officer at the Achievement School District

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    About the organization: The Tennessee Achievement School District (ASD) is dedicated to transforming the bottom 5% of schools to perform in the top 25% of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2012
      About the organization:

      The Tennessee Achievement School District (ASD) is dedicated to transforming the bottom 5% of schools to perform in the top 25% of the state within 5 years. A new, bi-partisan initiative funded by Race to the Top, ASD is both a charter authorizer and a school operator – recruiting and supporting high-performing charter school organizations from around the country, as well as directly managing schools in our partner communities in Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga – ultimately impacting 85 schools across Tennessee. In our first year of operation, ASD has a $31 million budget and 6 schools, and will grow to 35 schools and ~$150 million within four years. For more information, please see www.AchievementSchoolDistrict.org

      About the role:

      The CFO will develop and manage the financial strategies, systems and staff for this lean, service-oriented, fast-growing, start-up "portfolio" school district. This position – now being promoted from a Director of Finance role – will combine strategic business planning with hands-on, technical management of all financial functions, including financial planning and annual budgeting, accounting and financial operations, public grant program management, reporting to internal and external audiences, and managing several finance team staff members. The CFO will be instrumental in our effort to create an innovative model where all funds truly follow the student, and support functions are provided through an accountable and transparent service menu. This position reports initially to the Chief Officer of Operations but also works closely with the Superintendent and state government finance staff, and has accountability to the school principals we seek to empower. The position may be located in Memphis or Nashville.


      Financial Leadership & Communication
      • Prepare budget training and presentations for ASD's leadership and constituents to understand and create sustainable budgets that align to the schools' mission and goals
      • Participate in strategic planning around resource allocation

      Annual & Long Term Planning
      • Develop and maintain a multi-year financial projection model to inform the ASD's growth and decision-making around expansion
      • Develop annual budgeting tools, linking funding sources to planned expenditures at the school level
      • Develop annual budgets with school leaders and support team, including operating and capital funds
      • Support the strategy of driving funding to the school level and providing transparency and competitive choice around services
      • Establish approved budgets in the accounting system; maintain the integrity of the automated budget system

      Financial Analysis
      • Monitor financial performance indicators, highlighting trends and analyzing variances
      • Meet monthly with school leaders to review budget to actual results and inform mid-year financial decision making

      Accounting, accounts payable, and procurement
      • Working with internal and state finance staff, ensure proper accounting and reporting to appropriate audiences
      • Support directors of school operations with training and tools around the management of school purchasing
      • Oversee the ongoing implementation and improvement of ASD's financial policies and procedures
      • Along with the accounting manager, represent ASD in the annual audit process

      • ASD's banking activity is currently managed through the state of TN. At minimum, coordinate with TN Treasury staff regarding flow of funds and related matters. But also act as lead person for any other banking or lending matters that may develop for ASD.

      Grant / Public Funding Management
      • Work with school leaders and programmatic directors to develop grant budgets
      • Review charter school grant budget and reimbursement submissions
      • Coordinate with programmatic directors on allocation of funds to schools

      Portfolio accountability
      • Review charter school operating budgets and financial statements and provide guidance to portfolio staff regarding charter school financial performance

      Success in this position is defined as:

      • Providing ASD leadership with consistent visibility to its monthly, quarterly and annual financial statement results, as well as to longer-term financial health and viability
      • Developing and implementing a transparent philosophy and process around school funding and service costs, and a service-oriented finance team
      • Effectively engaging Achievement School leaders, charter leaders, and ASD leadership in annual budget development that is aligned to the ASD's mission
      • Effectively engaging with TN state staff related to grant management, budgeting and reporting that assists in keeping the ASD in compliance with applicable state and federal guidelines
      • Effective financial management of relationship with charter school operators, including ensuring timely and accurate payment, as well as financial reporting guidelines
      • Channeling ASD's growth toward financial sustainability

      Qualifications and traits:

      • Relevant advanced degree or professional credential
      • Substantial experience in financial management, budget / planning, accounting and related functions in at least a medium-sized organization
      • Experience in education and/or nonprofit environment preferred but not required; commitment to mastering the details of the nonprofit legal and finance world, including accounting for diverse and restricted revenue
      • Strong leadership skills required, with the ability to effectively communicate and apply financial acumen to the social impact sector
      • Ability to work in a hands-on management capacity
      • Detail oriented
      • Problem solver
      • Entrepreneurial and flexible
      • Unwavering determination to do whatever it takes to help kids succeed


      Initial base salary for the CFO is negotiable but will likely be between $90,000 and $115,000, based on relevant experience and qualifications. TNASD also offers quality benefits.

      To apply:

      Please visit https://achievement.cloud.talentedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=44

      Contact Bob Nardo (bnardo@...) with any questions
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