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Job Opening: Marketing Program Director (OnTrackEDU), School Loop

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    About School Loop School Loop is amission-driven company that develops hosted software services for K-12 schoolsthat put the student at the center of the
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      About School Loop

      School Loop is amission-driven company that develops hosted software services for K-12 schoolsthat put the student at the center of the systems designed to keep them inschool and on track.

      Created by a high schoolteacher in 2004, School Loop now serves nearly 4000 schools in over 30states.  Customers include the schooldistricts for the cities of San Francisco, Long Beach, Los Angeles,Albuquerque, Kansas City, Washington DC and Boston.

      School Loop is based in theUnion Square neighborhood of San Francisco. Many employees work from home, including employees in Texas andGeorgia.  School Loop is privately ownedand funded.  The company reachedcash-flow breakeven in fiscal 2011.

      About School Loop Software Services

      School Loop has threesoftware services including a free website system for K12 schools, astudent-parent-teacher-team communication system called School Loop Plus, and asocial dashboard system called OnTrackEDU.

      School Loop Plus givesstudents the tools and information they need to manage their success in school,and puts them at the center of a team of supportive adults working to supporttheir progress.

      OnTrackEDU is a free socialdashboard system that helps schools address issues that require a whole-childperspective, from dropout prevention to college and career readiness.  The system makes it easy to identify whoneeds support, and for professionals to team up to get them back on track.

      OnTrackEDU launched in Septemberof 2012 in 15 pilot districts.  Theprogram manager is primarily responsible for the success of OnTrackEDU.

      OnTrackEDU Marketing

      OnTrackEDU is a freeservice.  The business model is to sellimplementation-related services and then upgrades.  Services include data integration andtraining.  Upgrades include auto-rostersfor teachers, single sign-on, and the integration of additional data sourcesfor indicators.

      In California, OnTrackEDU isdistributed as OnTrackCA, a public/private partnership between School Loop,school districts and support agencies.

      A second significant programis our relationship with Johns Hopkins University and its school transformationmodel, Diplomas Now.  OnTrackEDU is thesoftware service of these efforts, and the partnership with JHU has led toadoption in Buffalo, Boston and Washington, DC, and the potential to work inmany other large cities.

      The program director isresponsible for both of these programs, and for managing their potentialexpansion into other states and with other partners.

      Marketing Program Director Job Description

      The Marketing Program Manager creates, develops, implements, manages, evaluates and optimizesprograms for OnTrackEDU that

      ·     efficiently generate quality new customer leads

      ·     support the sale of services for OnTrackEDU

      ·     support free-to-paid conversions for OnTrackEDU

      ·     support current customer upgrade and renewal overall

      The skills necessary to create programs include the ability to

       Â·     develop strategies and tactics that support marketing objectives (described above)

      ·     visualize steps necessary to execute

      ·     create project plans including key milestones, assets, timelines, and budgets

      ·     source and manage resources, including vendors/agencies, external partners, and internal teams

      ·     define critical success metrics and data sources for those metrics

      The skills necessary to develop programs include the ability to

       Â·     manage and direct the creative development process

      ·     repurpose content across various media

      ·     determine how to capture, store and process data

      ·     structure experiment to test improvement ideas

      The skills necessary to implement and manage programs include the ability to

      ·     coordinate end-to-end execution of a variety of simultaneous programs

      ·     gather appropriate resources

      ·     track progress

      ·     course correct/remedy problems

      ·     support channel and business partners

      The skills necessary to evaluate and optimize programs include the ability to

      ·     create and analyze reports of outcomes

      ·     apply findings to improve program efficiency and effectiveness

      Education and/or Experience

      ·     Bachelors degree or equivalent required

      ·     MBA preferred

      ·     Minimum of 7 years of successful marketing and project management experience

      ·     3+ years of recent experience marketing B2B SaaS solutions

      ·     Extensive knowledge of lead generation, lead management, and “Freemium” upsell best practices

      ·     Proven success in creating, developing, managing, evaluating, and optimizing marketing programs

      ·     Experience in selecting and managing vendors/agencies to support marketing programs


      About Working at School Loop

      School Loop is a mission-driven, highly entrepreneurial, execution-oriented company.  The company was created based on real experiences in schools, and the company's success is directly related to the way it supports its mission within the working realities of today's schools.  The company is extremely service and support oriented; the majority of staff works in the services group.

      The company is still led by its founding team.  Both leaders have extensive experience in start-ups and large organizations, and have been able to successfully guide School Loop through several stages of growth.

      The company is transitioning from a squad of passionate generalists, bringing in more specialists who share our passion and have the specific skills we need to execute at the next level. 

      To be successful at School Loop, you must be highly independent, creative, responsible and open-minded,and able to work in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.  It helps if you are funny.

      About the job.

      The Marketing Program Director is a full-time position based in San Francisco. While eventually you could work some days out of your home, the nature of this role requires that you are in the office most days.

      The company offers competitive salary, a full suite of benefits including generous healthcare insurance, and vacation commensurate with experience and rank.  Employees are eligible for stock options after six months of employment.

      To apply, please respond with a resume and a cover letter that highlights your relevant skills and experiences, and that discusses why you think School Loop is the right company for you.  If possible, point us to creative executions you led and managed.

      If interested, please respond by email to jobs@....  Include the title of the position in the subject line of the email.

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