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Start-Up Charter School Seeks Director

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  • cmmireles
    OASIS, which plans to open in fall 2004 in downtown Oakland, will provide a rigorous educational alternative to young people who have dropped out of Oakland s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2004
      OASIS, which plans to open in fall 2004 in downtown Oakland, will
      provide a rigorous educational alternative to young people who have
      dropped out of Oakland's traditional public high schools. OASIS
      has received a $450,000 grant to open its school, and has just
      submitted its charter petition to the Oakland Unified School

      OASIS seeks an educational leader who brings teaching and
      administrative experience in urban high schools. Energy and
      enthusiasm are a must, as working with traditionally underserved high
      school students in an environment that provides the opportunities and
      challenges of a start-up will be both exciting and challenging.
      Ideally, the Director will be on board by spring 2004 to lead
      operational start-up.

      The School Director should have 7-10 years of experience in an urban
      school or education environment working with adolescents. The
      Director will also have a proven track record of management and/or
      leadership experience in educational programs enrolling adolescents
      who have not succeeded in traditional settings. The position
      requires a person who has an interest and expertise in curriculum and
      instruction and who can bring entrepreneurial thinking and strategic
      vision to an academic setting. Believing that all students can
      achieve at high levels is essential. The School Director should be
      able to facilitate and articulate a shared vision of academic
      excellence for a school community and create and maintain the support
      structures necessary to achieve the vision. The School Director may
      have some teaching and/or advising responsibilities. A teaching or
      administrative credential is preferred.

      The School Director will be responsible for the academic program and
      oversee the operation of the school. The School Director will:
      • provide proactive, comprehensive, facilitative leadership in
      planning and implementing the school's curriculum and
      • manage instructional staff
      • oversee student assessment, professional development and
      evaluation of teachers
      • have responsibility for student and teacher recruitment
      • establish and maintain partnerships with colleges and
      community organizations to provide educational and enrichment
      services for students and staff
      • monitor safety and security of students, staff, visitors, and
      school facility
      • assist in development of organizational strategic plan

      In collaboration with the part-time Executive Director, who will be
      responsible for resource development and external and board
      relations, the School Director will have a unique opportunity to
      establish and direct an exciting learning environment to serve youth
      from its Oakland campus.

      We are strongly committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff
      and offer competitive salaries and benefits.

      For more information or to send a cover letter and resume, please
      contact Martha Diepenbrock, Executive Director, at martha@...,
      (510) 644-1076, ext. 18; or Christina Mireles at christina@...,
      (510) 644-1076, ext. 21. COVER LETTERS AND RESUMES DUE MARCH 8, 2004.
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