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Job Openings: English and Math Teachers - OUSD Continuation High School (Dewey Academy)

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    *Current Opportunities at Dewey Academy:* • Math (Algebra/Geometry) http://edjoin.org/viewPosting.aspx?postingID=423726&countyID=1 • English (Levels
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2012
      Current Opportunities at Dewey Academy:
      •    Math (Algebra/Geometry) http://edjoin.org/viewPosting.aspx?postingID=423726&countyID=1
      •    English (Levels 3 and 4) http://edjoin.org/viewPosting.aspx?postingID=423727&countyID=1

      To Apply:
      Follow the links above and submit an application.

      Who we are and what we do:
      Dewey Academy is a small high school serving students in grades 10th through 12th. Founded in 1964, Dewey is working hard to give students vulnerable of leaving high school without a diploma a second chance. As a small school, we strive to give students an educational experience where they are not only well known and cared for, but also given the opportunity to recover credits in an academic program designed to address their academic, emotional, and social challenges while accelerating their achievement.

      Our mission is to provide all students with a safe and nurturing environment which offers meaningful social, cultural, and academic learning experiences so that they may successfully demonstrate their collective learning in a real world context of either higher education or in the world of work.

      Who we’re looking for:

      •    Teachers who exhibit exceptional compassion and who understand that Dewey students need extra support in recovering credits
      •    As teachers working with students in this “second chance” environment, teachers must be able to provide flexible learning opportunities, user friendly instruction, and must be willing to provide students with one-to-one development opportunities
      •    We expect teachers to collaborate, scaffold and differentiate to enable students to succeed in the classroom

      As a teacher at Dewey Academy, you can expect:
      •    An academic learning environment where the talents of students and staff are celebrated and nurtured
      •    A collaborative environment to help you develop a reality-based, engaging, powerful, and positive learning community that is safe and respectful
      •    Support from our community partners – organizations geared toward further developing students’ academic, vocational, and personal goals.

      •    Commitment to students in an alternative setting
      •    Proven results in high-need environments
      •    Strong content/subject area knowledge
      •    Appropriate CA credential required for subject(s)

      Compensation Details:
      $3,945.62 - $7,093.39 Monthly (according to salary scale)
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