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Job Opening: Instructional Leader at Houston ISD -Teacher Development Specialist

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    Overview Over the past few months the Houston Independent School District (HISD) has worked on designing a new teacher appraisal and development system. Part
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      Over the past few months the Houston Independent School District (HISD) has worked on designing a new teacher appraisal and development system. Part of this work involves transforming the way the district delivers professional development to teachers in HISD. Professional development focused on one-size-fits-all workshops is becoming a thing of the past; we will focus on providing teachers with training and coaching that is job-embedded, on-going, differentiated, and personalized. One of the primary ways we will deliver this individualized development is through a new role called the Teacher Development Specialist.

      The Teacher Development Specialists will provide individualized support to teachers in specific grades and content areas by:

      • Observing lessons and providing real-time feedback
      • Helping to identify and prioritize development needs
      • Connecting teachers with job-embedded development opportunities based on their specific professional needs
      • Leading relevant group learning opportunities
      • Providing job-embedded coaching and support of teachers' Individualized Professional Development Plans (IPDPs)

      Over the next several weeks, we are looking to hire 130 Teacher Development Specialists. As you'll see in the job description, we are looking for teachers with 3+ years of teaching experience who have expert content knowledge and a track record of success in increasing student achievement. Excellent candidates for the position will be comfortable delivering constructive feedback and be able to develop actionable suggestions for teachers based on what they observe in the classroom.

      This position represents an opportunity not only to help raise student achievement levels in HISD but also for excellent teachers to expand their influence beyond their classroom or campus and onto the district as a whole.

      For more information, visit the info page for this role: http://bit.ly/Apply-for-TDS

      Job Description

      To view the complete job description for this role, visit http://bit.ly/TDS-Job-Description

      The Teacher Development Specialist is accountable for supporting a caseload of teachers by providing individualized feedback, coaching and development to improve teacher performance and increase student achievement.

      • Observe instructional practice and provide a formative assessment of strengths and weaknesses. Provide real-time feedback and access to relevant development opportunities.
      • Provide critical "on the job" coaching to teachers in support of their professional development.
      • Work with teachers and principals to review performance data and development plans, and to identify teachers' strengths and prioritize most pressing development needs to increase student achievement.
      • Help identify and connect teachers to appropriate PD opportunities to meet priority needs.
      • Monitor teachers' efficacy in applying new skill and impact on student learning, adjust approach as necessary to achieve goals for teacher improvement and student achievement.
      • Provide input to the Primary Appraiser as one input into the appraisal process.
      • Partner with Principals and SIOs to ensure focus is aligned to development priorities for individual teachers and across the campus.
      • Collaborate with other Teacher Development Specialists within their team and across teams to think strategically about PD - e.g., review performance data, reflect on themes, determine how to aggregate and prioritize needs, and allocate resources accordingly.
      • Tap into school based resources (e.g., Teacher Leaders, Dept. Heads) to deliver PD support – e.g., mentoring, modeling, facilitation, training, etc.
      • Lead group learning opportunities focused on increasing teacher effectiveness in a specific area.
      • Identify high need training topics, work with PD Central Support to develop high value training, deliver training where appropriate and able.
      • Improve their instructional, content and developmental expertise on an ongoing basis by participating in research-based learning opportunities.
      • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

      How to Apply

      STEP 1: Review the following web site thoroughly: http://bit.ly/Apply-for-TDS
      We recommend that you carefully read and review all information contained on this website and familiarize yourself with the Teacher Development Specialist role before applying.

      STEP 2: Create an account with TeacherTrack2 and begin your application.
      Visit TeacherTrack2 at http://houston.teachertrack2.org/ and click the "Create Account" tab.

      STEP 3: Complete your TeacherTrack2 application
      Our application process is easy and streamlined. An application is deemed complete when it contains all of the following:

      • Completed online application form via HISD Jobs and TeacherTrack2 (you will receive more information about completing your HISD Jobs application once you create your TeacherTrack2 application)
      • Resume
      • Essay questions
      • Completed data project

      You will receive notification of your application status, including whether or not you have been selected for an interview, within two weeks of our receipt of your complete application.

      STEP 4: Attend a Group Interview Day (selected candidates only)
      The most outstanding candidates will be invited to participate in a Group Interview Day. You will receive selection notification within two weeks of our receipt of your complete application. We will provide information regarding the interview dates and times when you receive an invitation to interview.

      STEP 5: Await the decision
      Application decisions are based on the strength of a candidates submitted application materials and performance at the interview. Interviewees will typically be notified within approximately two to three weeks of the Group Interview Day.

      For more information, please email tds.recruiting@....

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