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Several positions available

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  • Courtney Schroeder
    Please see below (and attached) for several positions open in the area. * Operational Leadership Associate, KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) *
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      Please see below (and attached) for several positions open in the area.


      Ø      Operational Leadership Associate, KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program)

      Ø      Coaches, InsideTrack

      Ø      Student Support Manager, Edison McNair and Brentwood Academies (attached)





      Operational Leadership  Associate


      The Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) is a non-profit organization that was created to replicate the success of KIPP Schools.  Every KIPP School is dedicated to providing educationally underserved students with the knowledge, skills and character needed to succeed in top-quality high schools, colleges and the competitive world beyond.  We are recruiting and selecting individuals to enter the Fisher Fellowship (Fellows), who will be trained to become School Leaders and start schools across the country based on the KIPP Schools’ Five Pillars.

      KIPP’s Five Pillars:


      1.       High Expectations.  KIPP Schools have clearly defined and measurable high expectations for academic achievement and conduct for all students.

      2.       Choice and Commitment.  Students, their parents and the faculty of each KIPP School choose to participate in the program.

      3.       More Time.  KIPP Schools have an extended school day, week and year in order to prepare students for competitive high schools and colleges.

      4.       Power to Lead.  KIPP School Leaders have control over their budget and personnel for maximum effectiveness in helping students learn.

      5.       Focus on Results.  Students are expected to achieve a level of academic performance that will enable them to succeed at the nation’s best high schools and colleges.


      An Associate within the Operational Leadership Department of the KIPP School Leadership Program (KSLP) is primarily responsible for the regional direct, regional training and support of Fellows and existing School Leaders in the areas of  financial planning and management, budgeting, accounting, financial roles and responsibilities, project management, supplies and material procurement of supplies and services, insurance, technology, development and implementation of systems and business processes,, and facilities management.  The Associate will assist the Operational Leadership team in developing and implementing a training program that provides each Fellow and School Leader with the highest quality training in all areas of school operations in order to ensure the creation of a highly effective, efficient and sustainable school. 


      The position will be based in San Francisco.


      Successful candidates will possess significant experience providing hands-on consultation to clients with diverse backgrounds and needs in most, if not all, areas of Operations Management.  Managers will consider customer service and client satisfaction a core value and demonstrate a particular interest in underserved students and public education, consistent with the KIPP mission and strategy.


      Roles and Responsibilities:  

      ·        Assist in the development and implementation of a formal Operational Leadership training program covering all areas of school operations.

      ·        Deliver regional hands-on training to Fellows and School Leaders in order to ensure the successful development of the individual School Leader and, as a result, a KIPP school.

      ·        Provide ongoing, regional support in all areas of Operational Leadership to Fellows and School Leaders in order to ensure the successful development of the individual Fellow or School Leader and, as a result, a KIPP school.  Define support strategies and practices in cooperation with the other KSLP departments and with KIPP School Development representatives.

      ·        Understand and develop an expertise in regional education and charter laws, contract issues, and reporting requirements as well as develop relationship’s with regional vendors, service providers, community organizations, and other regional-specific entities who will work with Fellows and School Leaders.

      ·        Manage and complete ad hoc projects at National or departmental level as necessary.

      ·        Participate in the evaluation of Fellow and School Leader development and performance throughout the three-year training program within respective region.

      ·        Manage the transition of information, relationships and contacts from the KIPP School Development group to the Fellows and School Leaders at appropriate transition points.

      ·        Participate in recruitment and selection of Fellows as required.Assist in the development of KIPP Leaders case studies;

      ·        Continually strive to improve departmental and organization-wide communications and coordination on issues impacting Fellows and School Leaders.

      ·        Develop and manage a portfolio of vendor relationships for fellow procurement opportunities.

      ·        Document and store operations team templates, information, and knowledge for future use.


      Desired Experience & Qualities:

      ·        Experience and demonstrated excellence in high-performing business

      ·        Two years of operations experience preferred;

      ·        Experience with school-based operations needs preferred;

      ·        Familiarity with budgets and cashflow statements preferred;

      ·        Superior verbal and written communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills

      ·        Problem-solver with the ability to pioneer new ideas and demonstrate leadership

      ·        Ability to present ideas and lessons in a clear, concise manner;

      ·        Strong organizational and project management skills;  good customer service skills

      ·        Computer proficiency and ability to function in a virtual workplace environment;

      ·        Ability to travel up to 60%;


      If you are interested, please send your resume to jobs@...



      InsideTrack Learning Job Opportunity


      The Company


      InsideTrack is a fast growing business created by the founders of SCORE! Educational Centers (now a division of the Washington Post Company).  Colleges contract with InsideTrack to provide a pro-active coaching and management service to students.  By working directly with students on campus, InsideTrack helps students achieve academic success and get the most out of their college years.


      While InsideTrack works with students to improve overall success, we are especially focused on increasing graduation rates.  When graduation rates rise, colleges benefit from increased enrollment and student satisfaction, improved academic standing and a number of significant economic gains.


      We are currently hiring coaches for the Bay Area.


      Coach Responsibilities

      • Meet individually and build trusting relationships with a diverse group of students
      • Assess roadblocks to student success and respond appropriately to remove them
      • Develop study skills and overall effectiveness of students
      • Build student commitment to graduation
      • Build strong, positive relationships with campus staff
      • Contribute to InsideTrack concept development and culture
      • Participate pro-actively in your own training and development


      Necessary Qualifications, Skills and Attributes

      • Bachelors degree or higher, demonstrating strong academic performance
      • Outstanding communication and problem solving skills
      • Ability to motivate, inspire and develop people
      • Strong management and leadership skills
      • Excellent organization and time management
      • Ability to work effectively in teams
      • Passion for helping others
      • Commitment to your own development


      Preferred Experience

      We recognize that our work is relatively unique and that candidates from many disciplines may possess the required skills.  Specific experience which may be especially relevant includes:

      • People management
      • Delivery of a one-to-one service focused on learning or skills development (e.g. coaching, tutoring, teaching, mentoring)
      • Management of multiple ongoing projects
      • Experience in higher education
      • Experience working with young adults or students



      • Salary commensurate with experience
      • Full health care benefits
      • Optional dental, vision and flex-care options
      • Generous holiday and vacation package
      • 401(k)


      This is a full time, on site position.  If you are interested in applying, please send a cover letter and resume (Word attachments are OK, but no zip files please) stating where you heard about this opportunity and describing your interest and qualifications to Joe Boswell at jobs@....  You are also encouraged to visit our website at www.insidetrack.com.




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