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Job Opening: Mentor Teacher at Breakthrough San Francisco at SF Day School

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    Mentor Teachers (Math, Humanities, and Science) Breakthrough San Francisco at SF Day School Summer Session 2011 Breakthrough Overview Breakthrough San
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      Mentor Teachers

      (Math, Humanities, and Science)

      Breakthrough San Francisco at SF Day School

      Summer Session 2011

      Breakthrough Overview

      Breakthrough San Francisco at SF Day School (formerly Day School Summerbridge) fosters educational equity through an innovative, two-pronged approach. We provide intensive academic enrichment and ongoing support to motivated, under-served students from public schools across San Francisco, ensuring they are academically successful and on the path to college. Simultaneously, we train outstanding high school and college students from across the country for work as tomorrow's teachers and urban educational leaders.  Historically, over 94% of our student body is of color; 87% are low-income; 60% speak a language other than English at home; and 74% will be the first in their families to attend four-year colleges.


      The intensive six-week summer program for fifth and sixth graders is a key component of Breakthrough's effort to ensure students are on an academically rigorous path through middle and high school, and will be prepared to enter college.  Summer programming consists of core academic classes (math, reading, writing, science, and humanities) and non-academic electives such as mock trial, Japanese, and poetry. Because Breakthrough utilizes a "students teaching students" model, all summer classes are planned and taught by exceptional high school and college students.  Summer teachers bring energy, excitement and a willingness to learn, and Mentor Teachers bring experience and knowledge.  Because of this successful partnership, a large number of Breakthrough teachers enter education-related fields after college graduation.


      General Job Description

      Mentor Teachers (MTs) are experienced and successful professional educators who provide content specific support for Breakthrough teachers throughout the summer and engage fully in the Breakthrough San Francisco community.  MTs dictate the level of academic rigor during Breakthrough's summer program through their interactions with teachers.  Exemplary MTs effectively communicate content specifics to teachers, guide teachers through effective planning and execution, and hold both teachers and students to the highest expectations.  Each MT will have four teachers in his/her department and is expected to lead department meetings, visit classes, evaluate lesson plans and curriculum overviews, and meet individually with teachers regarding their on-going work, all the while giving constant feedback and support to teachers.  Since MTs are the only professional teachers on-site, they are accountable for the quality of instruction Breakthrough students receive and are responsible for supporting Breakthrough teachers through their first teaching experience.


      Specific Mentor Teacher Duties


      ·         Complete training sessions

      ·         Consult with Breakthrough staff regarding fifth and sixth grade academic content in your specific content area

      ·         Develop and refine student curriculum

      ·         Meet with program staff to plan orientation workshops

      Teacher Orientation:

      ·         Help facilitate workshops on topics such as classroom management, lesson planning, creating classroom culture, etc.

      ·         Participate fully in all orientation workshops

      ·         Work with teachers to design 6-week unit plans and lesson plans

      Six-Week Summer Program:

      ·         Guide teachers through developing curriculum, creating assessments and locating appropriate teaching resources

      ·         Provide teachers with support  and regular feedback as they design lesson plans

      ·         Observe each teacher in your department twice weekly.  Each full observation will be followed with a debriefing session in which teachers receive concrete feedback based on Breakthrough's Teacher Excellence Rubric

      ·         Communicate regularly with the Director of Instruction to discuss teacher progress

      ·         Plan and lead twice weekly departmental meetings

      ·         Lead at least one large group, mid-summer professional development

      ·         Engage fully in the Breakthrough San Francisco community, sharing our passion for teaching, learning, and leading

      Evaluation Week:

      ·         Submit a final evaluation and letter of recommendation  for each of your assigned teachers

      ·         Evaluate the overall summer program

      ·         Supervise teachers as they compile their summer portfolio and evaluate the final product.  Portfolios are composed of a teacher's five best lesson plans from the summer and his/her unit overview

      ·         Read and edit student evaluations



      ·         Bachelors degree required, Master's degree preferred

      ·         Outstanding track record as a professional classroom teacher, preferably in grades 5 or 6 for at least two years

      ·         Superior presentation, writing and organizational skills

      ·         High degree of flexibility: ability to multitask between projects

      ·         Exceptional interpersonal skills: ability to hold others to high standards while also offering support and maintaining positive relationships

      ·         Ability to deliver positive, constructive, and honest feedback, both written and verbal

      ·         Experience with curriculum development and implementation

      ·         Outstanding knowledge of subject matter and broad knowledge of available resources

      ·         Comfort and confidence in working with children and adults

      ·         Creativity, energy, and commitment to excellence

      ·         Commitment to and passion for teaching fifth and sixth graders from diverse backgrounds

      ·         Prior experience with Summerbridge or Breakthrough is highly desirable

      ·         Familiarity with San Francisco schools is highly desirable

      ·         Experience in an academically rigorous college preparatory institution is highly desirable


      Commitment and Compensation

      ·         Pre-summer meetings and preparation with program staff (approximately 15 hours)

      ·         Week long teacher orientation, June 10 – June 18 (including one overnight retreat)

      ·         Six-week program, June 20 – July 30 (30 hours/week)

      o   Monday-Friday from 8:00am-2:00pm

      o   May require some work off-site via email or phone with teachers if needed

      ·         Evaluation Week, August 1-August 3 (10 hours)

      ·         Compensation is in the form of a $5,000 stipend.


      To apply submit

      • A current resume
      • A cover letter noting where you found this opportunity and addressing your interest and your qualifications


      Submit all materials to

      • hr@... by March 1, 2011


      For more information, please visit

      • www.breakthroughsf.org and www.breakthroughcollaborative.org


      Please contact Heidi Erbe at 415-568-3662 or heidi@... with any questions.

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