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Job Opening: Pre K Teacher @ Portola Family Connections in SF

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  • Katherine
    Position Description: The purpose of Family Connections Pre K is to develop and nurture each child s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2010
      Position Description: The purpose of Family Connections' Pre K is to develop and nurture each child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills necessary for Kindergarten readiness. Additionally, our goal is to work closely with parents to enhance their involvement in their child's educational development.

      Pre-K Goals

      Family Connections is committed to the following seven goals to ensure a smooth transition from Pre- K to Kindergarten for children and their families and to help families make the most of early childhood education as a foundation for lifelong learning.

      1. To provide and empower parents with the resources and skills to help their children be effective learners in school and at home.

      2. To ensure the curriculum covers a spectrum of learning areas including; Language and Early Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Health & Safety, Personal and Social Development and Physical Development.

      3. To provide parents with a foundation of involvement, which will foster their child's lifelong learning.

      4. To promote positive interactions among diverse cultures and communities.

      5. To empower and support parents through a network of in house family centered services, including appropriate referrals to support children's developmental needs.

      6. The requirements for kindergarten entrance are integrated into the curriculum to meet specific expectations of SFUSD.

      7. The children are evaluated twice annually and parents are made aware of children's progress and special needs.

      Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

      •Be consistent with the goals and the philosophy of the program.

      •Collaborate and share responsibilities with lead teacher for daily managements and responsibilities of classroom and teaching that include but are not limited to art, music, movement and dance, stories, books, and physical games according to children's developmental abilities.

      •Develop, implement and supervise the weekly activity plan based on child centered curriculum.

      •Provide educational and therapeutic activities for children across the general areas of gross and fine motor, imitation, social responsiveness, exploration, self-help, competence, language, emotional and perceptual – cognitive development using weekly activity plans.

      •Design, implement and use equipment/materials to promote a developmental and age appropriate program with promote kindergarten readiness for children.

      •Work with team to provide a safe environment for children both indoors and out.

      •Create attractive and educational classroom displays.

      •Assist staff in creating a warm, nurturing, and respectful atmosphere for the children to be encouraged to learn and grow.

      •Establishes routines with smooth transition periods.

      •Observe and assess children's needs and developmental progress on an ongoing basis, in order to use the result for assessment, individualization, and/or curriculum planning.

      •Maintain visual and auditory supervision of children at all times to ensure their safety in the classroom, on the playground, and on field trips.

      •Assist lead teacher and co-teacher with setup /clean up before/after each semester starts/end.

      •Prepare and attend to Pre-K Orientation seminar and graduation ceremonies.

      •Provide supervision for substitute staff and volunteers. Help orient new teachers and volunteers.

      •Help to support the child's assessment and individual developmental needs for necessary child(ren) with special needs across all developmental learning domains.

      •Documents accidents/ incidents and reports to lead teacher/supervisor.

      •Evaluate, document, and observe students progress and create/maintain student portfolios.

      •Completes a Developmental Profile (DRDP-R) within 60 days of a child entering the center and at 6 month interval. Discusses it at parent conferences following assessments (takes place twice per year).

      •Assist parents to complete the Ages & Stage Questionnaires (ASQ) and parent survey.

      •Consult with lead teacher, therapist or director before reporting child abuse or child development issues.

      •Attend in-service training, workshops provided by Family Connections if needed.

      •Participate in the implementation of team and agency meetings, staff in-service trainings, outside related trainings and meetings, ECE and supervisory courses and workshops for professional growth.

      •Assist and participate in all Family Connections events and activities.

      •Additional responsibilities as assigned

      •B.A. in Early Childhood Education/Child Development or related field preferred. Minimum of an administrative certification in ECE, a Child Development Site Supervisor, or a Program Director permit is required.

      •Minimum two years of teaching experience preferred

      •Current First Aid and CPR Certifications
      •LiveScan clearance and physical health (TB) clearance required

      Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
      •Familiarity with Creative Curriculum, DRDP-r Preschool Tool, and ECER-S

      •Energetic and enthusiastic

      •Patient and respectful to children and parents.

      •Must have the physical ability to lift children in case of an emergency

      •Work well with a diverse staff and excel in a multi-cultural environment

      •Must be comfortable conducting Circle Time in front of 18 children

      •Should possess good observational and analytical skills and be able to offer fresh solutions to staff and families

      •Team player

      •Excellent written and verbal communication skills

      Language Skills:
      •Must be bilingual in Spanish/English

      Please email cover letter and resume to:
      Tina Tam, Education Director: ttam@...

      Portola Family Connections is a nonprofit family resource center that has been supporting local families, helping with community building, addressing neighborhood concerns, organizing activities, and developing solutions since 1993. Please visit us on the web at www.portolafc.org.
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