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Job Opening: Portfolio Director, Equal Opportunity Schools Organization

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  • Joe Haptas
    Portfolio Director An experienced, high-performing, equity-minded leader committed to achieving the largest possible improvement in educational outcomes by
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2010

      Portfolio Director

      An experienced, high-performing, equity-minded leader committed to achieving the largest possible improvement in educational outcomes by rapidly scaling a very high-leverage reform


      Equal Opportunity Schools®


      The Equal Opportunity Schools® organization (EOS) is an early-stage, education-reform not-for-profit that changes lives and narrows the achievement gap by collaborating with superintendents and principals to address an inequity in our schools: under-enrollment in the best academic programs – especially of students who are Latino, African-American, or low-income.  EOS identifies these “missing students” – who we have shown can succeed at the highest academic levels within their schools – and works to transition them into the best, college-bound classes.  Because our mission is to find all two-thirds of a million “missing students” within the decade, EOS seeks to hire candidates who have the skills to succeed on a rapidly growing, continuously improving, high-impact, mission-driven team.


      Job Opportunity

      The Portfolio Director will join an early-stage team of three high-caliber individuals, each with significant portfolio responsibilities.  Each member of the team will, starting in January, manage a portfolio of ten high schools and will be responsible for helping their portfolio schools find 1,000 missing students by next fall.  The Portfolio Director will represent Equal Opportunity Schools, interfacing directly with district officials, school principals and staff to provide coaching and consulting services.



      The Portfolio Director will be responsible for delivering the following services to his or her schools:

      ·       Detailed data analysis & presentations
      ·       Policy & program recommendations
      ·       Leadership coaching

      Additionally, the Portfolio Director will work with the EOS team to further develop, test, and streamline the consulting systems and services for portfolio schools in preparation for expansion of our services to fifty schools next year.


      Lastly, all staff members on this year’s team will be engaged in the elaboration of internal and external strategy, and are likely candidates for future high-level leadership positions within our fast-growing organization.



      ·       Significant background in consulting or schools/districts, preferably both

      ·       Experience in relationship management

      ·       Understanding of the public school system

      ·       Substantial leadership experience, preferably leadership coaching experience

      ·       In the first year, the Portfolio Director will need to be able to work with schools in Seattle or the bay area

      ·       Interested applicants should submit excellent references, along with a CV and a cover letter describing the importance of the issue of missing students to the applicant



      Contact: Executive Director Reid Saaris, Stanford Social Innovation and Draper Richards Fellow Reid@...


      "Opportunities never come a second time, nor do they wait for our leisure.” —Booker T. Washington

      | Reid Saaris
      | Stanford Social Innovation & Draper Richards Fellow
      | Executive Director, Equal Opportunity Schools
      | 901 1/2 N. Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103
      | "We are all concerned about the future of American education. But as I tell my students, you do not enter the future you create the future. The future is created through hard work."  —Jaime Escalante
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