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Job Opening: Executive Director Position

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  • bwilliams.edtec
    Job Description: Roads Education Organization oversees three California Charter Schools called Pivot Charter Schools. Pivot Charter School combines an online
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2010
      Job Description:
      Roads Education Organization oversees three California Charter Schools called Pivot Charter Schools. Pivot Charter School combines an online learning environment with access to early college (dual enrollment) courses and a strong career and post secondary school guidance program with an emphasis on service learning experiences for students who are behind in credits, want to accelerate their learning and who are generally not succeeding at acquiring the CA State Standards through a traditional classroom environment and schedule. The school will provide a hybrid model of online learning and site based offerings so students may receive the best of two educational models. Site based offerings will include small group instruction, tutoring, CAHSEE prep, and learning labs where students may participate in their online learning or receive academic support.

      Roads Education Organization is seeking an energetic, organized, leader that is looking forward to building world class charter schools from the ground up. The position is supported by a strong and committed governing board and educational partner.

      It is the goal of the Executive Director to operate and manage every aspect of an educational program and environment that will provide the best educational opportunities for students within the guidelines established by the charters and CA state law and further the mission of the Pivot Charter Schools. The Executive Director is the administrative head of the school and executive officer of the school board to which he/she is responsible. The Executive Director shall have general supervision and management of all aspects of school operations. He/she may delegate responsibility for administering various segments of charter school operations but shall be responsible to the board for the results produced. The Executive Director's major areas of responsibility are:

      1. Advising the board and making written recommendations to the board on programs, policies, budget and other school matters.
      2. Attending board meetings, committee and any other meetings relevant to directing Roads Education Org.
      3. Providing reports to the board on progress, programs and problems of school operations.
      4. Interpreting needs of school to the board and policies of Board to school and community.
      5. Informing and enlisting the support and understanding of the public.
      6. Interpreting educational programs and their results to the community.
      7. Oversee acquisition, safety and use of all school sites.
      8. Maintaining relationships beneficial to the school with local and state public leaders.
      9. Development and implementation of compliant school policies.
      10. Determination of staffing needs and appointment of staff as necessary.
      11. Oversee all legal issues related to operation of charter school.
      12. Development and monitoring of school budget.
      13. Assigning, transferring, promoting and disciplining of staff; delegating and defining duties of staff.
      14. Entering into and terminating contracts on behalf of the charter school
      15. Supervising and evaluating the instructional program.
      16. Implementing policy and philosophical directions established by the board.
      17. Developing and implementing short and long-range planning.
      18. Strategic planning for charter school
      19. Liaison between charter school and sponsoring District

      Job Requirements:
      Previous years successful directorship of CA charter school or comparable experience; knowledge of charter laws, independent study and CA education code; background in alternative or online education; prior classroom teaching experience; Masters degree in education preferred; experience in the private business sector also preferred

      Job Criteria:
      Start Date: November 15, 2010
      Position Type: Full-Time Permanent
      Years of Experience Required: 5
      Education Required: Masters
      Overnight Travel: 25-50%
      Vacation Time: 3 weeks / year

      Job Benefits:
      Health/Dental Benefits, Paid Holidays, Vacations, and Sick Leave

      Company Profile:
      Roads Education Organization is a not for profit corporation whose mission is to develop and implement innovative educational programs. Roads Education Organization currently oversees three California public charter schools throughout the state.

      Please send a cover letter, resume and three references to jgaskell@.... No phone calls.

      Contact Information:
      Contact Name: Jayna Gaskell
      Company: Roads Education Organization
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