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[bayarea-edupreneurs] CEO position with MentorMedia

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  • Beth Sutkus
    COMPANY BACKGROUND: MentorMedia was formally launched in November of 1998 and is committed to delivering vital information and online mentoring to aid students
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2000
      MentorMedia was formally launched in November of 1998 and is committed
      to delivering vital information and online mentoring to aid students
      and parents in making informed choices about school and career. The
      company consists of talented professionals who have a wide range of
      experience in business, academia and counseling. The mission of the
      company is to assist people primarily between ages 16-30 in making the
      best possible education and career decisions. The partners of
      MentorMedia are in the process of building out a new website called
      MyRoad.com, which is a highly personalized and comprehensive resource
      for discovery, mentoring and planning.

      The CEO will report to the Board of Directors.

      The CEO will have overall responsibility for the performance and
      profitability of the company. Working closely with the Board of
      Directors, the CEO will be responsible for handling external affairs,
      such as raising capital and analyst and investor relations, as well as
      the day-to-day activities of the company's operations. The CEO will
      insure that operations are efficient, well planned and profitable. The
      CEO will be a very decisive force within the organization to represent
      its goals and objectives to investors, customers and employees, and to
      provide the leadership for their achievement. In essence, this
      individual will be responsible for the ultimate success of this
      emerging business.

      Specifically, the successful candidate will have responsibility and
      authority for the following:

      · Develop and monitor the corporate strategies, goals and objectives
      to grow the company.
      · Direct all activities aimed at revenue growth, specifically sales
      and marketing programs designed to grow market share, geographic base
      and company image.
      · Manage the process of the development of both strategic and tactical
      marketing plans and programs designed to achieve the aforementioned
      · Develop and manage daily operating activities and administrative
      functions of the corporations consistent with corporate goals and
      strategies, and the policies developed by the Board.
      · Develop and maintain an effective organization with respect to
      structure and personnel. Insure that key positions have been identified
      and develop high potential personnel to fuel the firm's growth.
      · Establish criteria to measure the achievement of short and long
      range goals and objectives of the company. Closely monitor results and
      revise strategies and objectives as required.
      · Maintain an awareness and responsiveness to market conditions,
      competitive activities and general economic conditions.
      · Insure that efficient systems, procedures and financial controls are
      established for all operations of the company.
      · Coordinate and manage all company activities aimed at accelerating
      the growth and profitability of the company. Coordinate activities with
      the Board of Directors and major shareholders.

      MentorMedia's greatest need is for a strong executive who brings a
      track record of leadership and success in bringing a product or company
      to market. MentorMedia is seeking a leader who can unleash the
      company's potential to raise the funding required and to launch and
      rapidly grow the business. The ideal candidate will have held a
      leadership position preferably in an Internet firm and will be viewed
      positively by Wall Street and within the investment community. The
      ideal candidate will have mentored and coached other managers and
      executives who have also achieved a high level of success. Negotiating
      skills and the ability to team are critical to the CEO's success.
      Selling experience and an educational orientation is preferred.

      The ideal candidate must be a strong leader with superior vision,
      capable of strategically positioning the company for exceptional
      growth. Able to make the tough decisions, the ideal CEO will have a
      collegial management style, one that inspires the best from the entire
      MentorMedia team - a coach and mentor. S/he will have a clear
      perspective on Internet business and markets, a passion for education
      and the ability to promote the vision behind MyRoad.com. A statesman,
      with stature and stability able to operate comfortably on Wall Street
      and in the boardroom. The new CEO will not only be accountable but will
      also create an environment for accountability. We are seeking an
      executive who is capable of launching a .com company as well as running
      the company once it has grown. Someone who can develop a strategy to
      grow the company and be responsive to market conditions within a
      changing competitive landscape. Leadership, versatility, flexibility,
      integrity, direct, open and a sense of humor are desirable

      An undergraduate degree is required and an MBA is desired.

      To learn more about this opportunity (founders, business model, funding,
      etc.) please call me at 415.765.6581. To submit a resume please email
      it to
      me at ldewitt@....

      Linda DeWitt
      Rusher, Loscavio & LoPresto
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