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Job Opening - Deputy Director - Technology and Support

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  • Sabrina
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone! Please share the JD below to anyone interested. Thank you. = = = = = California Charter Schools Association Deputy
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2009
      HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone! Please share the JD below to anyone interested. Thank you.

      = = = = =

      California Charter Schools Association
      Deputy Director - Technology and Support
      ZOOM! Data Source

      LOCATION - Los Angeles

      About the California Charter Schools Association
      The California Charter Schools Association (the Association) is the membership and professional organization serving the more than 800 charter schools in California. The Association's mission is to increase student achievement by strengthening and expanding California's quality public charter school movement.

      Overview of Responsibilities
      The Deputy Director – Technology and Support reports to the Director of ZOOM! Data Source. He/she is responsible for supporting charter schools across California that participate in the ZOOM! Data Source program. The Deputy Director – Technology and Support manages and refines sustainable systems to support schools with the uploading and maintenance of student information and achievement data into the on-line data management tool of ZOOM! Data Source. The Deputy Director – Technology and Support also provides statewide support and oversight to ensure smooth data transfer between charter schools and an outside technology provider. This person must be exceedingly well-organized, flexible, and willing to work within a dynamic team environment. The ideal candidate will have a substantial knowledge base in technology, complimented by experience in and familiarity with public education reform and charter schools.

      Overview of ZOOM! Data Source
      ZOOM! Data Source is the nation's first successful implementation of a large-scale, statewide performance management initiative for charter schools. The program supports data management designed to help member schools increase student achievement through data-driven decision-making. It also provides the Association with access to student-level data for deep research and analysis of charter school performance. ZOOM! Data Source meets charter schools' unique data management needs by providing access to an intuitive on-line data management system, custom in-person and web-based technical support, training, and professional development.

      Essential Duties

      1. Project Management
      • Manages and oversees technological and systems support provided by the ZOOM! Support Team (Deputy Director Technology and Support, Data Technology Specialist, and Administrative Analyst) to ZOOM! Data Source schools.

      • Maintains and advances a scalable, sustainable statewide training and professional development plan for teachers and leaders of ZOOM! Data Source schools. Oversees topic development, administers "booster shot" trainings on technological topics, oversees scheduling and logistics for school staff training on the data upload processes, and coordinates other trainings as relevant.
      • Collaborates with schools to ensure they are on track to implement ZOOM! Data Source at their site. Works with schools to identify a point person to perform data entry, analysis, and evaluation. Ensures all schools are properly trained throughout initial implementation and supported in the long-term.
      • Manages the ZOOM! Data Source workplan, issues and risks, in close collaboration with the Director of ZOOM! Data Source.
      • Coordinates and manages ZOOM! Data Source's involvement in the Association's Annual Conference.

      2. Technology & Data Expertise
      • Serves as the data expert for the ZOOM! Data Source team. Researches and resolves problems/questions that arise among schools / internal staff / technology vendors. Proactively finds solutions to technology and support issues.
      • Advises schools on how to improve data flow at their site. Supports and advises school data leads on how to set up the file formats of student data needed for smooth, accurate, and continuous data extraction. Assists individual schools in cleaning state and local data files and developing / implementing effective data practices.
      • Helps manage relationship with data system vendor (and other vendors as needed) to resolve technological / system issues and ensure desired caliber of service delivery.
      • Oversees development initiatives. Leads efforts of evaluating and shaping the evolution of technological products, systems, and services used by ZOOM! Data Source.
      • Maintains state-of-the-art knowledge of current methodology in education technologies, data analysis, and utilization through reading, participation in seminars and other educational opportunities, and personal contacts in the field.
      • Serves as team lead on effective internal use of data systems, collaborating with Association's Technology Director. Ensures meaningful use of CRM software (SalesForce) by ZOOM! staff, as well as the Association's database and other systems.

      3. Customer Service
      • Oversees effectiveness of support services administered by the ZOOM! Data Source support team (Deputy Director Technology and Support, Data Technology Specialist, and Administrative Analyst), ensuring that all cases are thoroughly and appropriately resolved. Serves as lead for high profile and/or complex support cases.
      • Leads a small team of school support specialists managing their workload and ensuring consistent, quality support to all schools participating in the program. Ensures effective "process management" of team members, providing strategies/approaches for case resolution, introducing helpful frameworks, and mapping out solutions.
      • Develops strategies for scalable technical support models that provide appropriate level of assistance to charter schools as they upload data from their school information systems into outside technology provider's system.
      • Serves as liaison between individual schools and technology provider, answering help desk calls from schools and triaging technology and data challenges.
      • Works at schools sites as needed to assist with data preparation.

      4. Communication
      • Plans and delivers formal and informal training/support to school leaders, data leads and school-site technology staff to build their abilities around data integrity, effective uploading, and maintenance of clean data files.
      • Creates and revises technical support documentation, ensuring clear and concise communication that can be easily absorbed by ZOOM! users.
      • Develops content and delivers presentations to various audiences (e.g. national conferences, other state charter associations, potential ZOOM! users, etc) to communicate features and progress of ZOOM! Data Source.
      • Manages content of the support website.
      • Works with the School Achievement Data Team to identify areas for school support on data. Works with the Association's research analysts to clean and prepare school and student level data to complete internal and external research reports.

      5. Leadership
      • Serves as thought partner to team in strategic planning.
      • Runs key meetings of the ZOOM! Data Source team, including weekly meetings with the internal ZOOM! team and weekly meetings with the technology vendor. Compiles agendas, and synthesizes action items that result from meetings.
      • Works closely with Director to support ZOOM! team organizational development and team member growth / learning.

      Preferred Capabilities

       At least 7 years of professional work experience.
       Strong organizational and project management experience. Detail-oriented and a self-starter.
       Strong ability to explain and communicate complex technological concepts to educators with a limited understanding of and expertise in data use and management. Patient and able to work with a variety of personalities and technology proficiency levels.
       Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
       Experience leading a small team.
       Minimum of a BA or BS. MA, PhD, Ed.D preferred. Technology certifications a plus.
       Effective oral and written communications skills sufficient to write clear, understandable technical support documentation and develop/implement presentations and other written and verbal communications for school staff, administrators and others.
       Familiarity with educational testing (CST, CELDT, CAHSEE, etc) and an understanding of California Department of Education academic achievement, demographic and other school-specific data.
       Prior experience manipulating and extracting relevant student achievement data and experience working with relational databases and web applications.
       Knowledge and experience working with a variety of Student Information Systems.
       Familiarity with working and maintaining help desk/service desk tracking systems and/or CRM tools (e.g. SalesForce) to maintain and improve client satisfaction.
       Knowledge and experience working with a variety of Formative Assessment providers.
       Knowledge of and experience working with charter schools.
       Willingness to travel to school sites for up to 30% of time.
       Current California driver's license, State-required insurance and a driving record acceptable to the Association's insurance carrier, when using personal vehicle on Association business.
       A keen appreciation and understanding of the Association's mission and philosophy.

      Qualified and Interested Candidates
      Please send a cover letter and resume to Sabrina Skinner at sabrinas@.... Please write in the subject line: "Deputy Director – Technology and Support, ZOOM! Data Source"
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