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Job Opening - Senior Research Analyst

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  • Sabrina
    California Charter Schools Association Senior Research Analyst, School Achievement Data Team LOCATION Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2009
      California Charter Schools Association
      Senior Research Analyst, School Achievement Data Team

      LOCATION Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento

      About the California Charter Schools Association
      The California Charter Schools Association is the membership and professional organization serving the more than 800 charter schools in California. The Association's mission is to lead the charter public school movement in California in order to increase the number of students attending high quality charter schools.

      Overview of Responsibilities
      The Senior Research Analyst reports to the Vice President of the School Achievement Data Team. He/She is responsible for leading relevant and methodologically rigorous analyses and authoring original research to assess and support improved achievement of California charter schools. The Senior Research Analyst conducts research on charter school characteristics and effectiveness to contribute to the research body of knowledge, to provide relevant data to target Association support programs for schools, to assess the efficacy of different educational models, and to position the Association as a leader on charter school data and research. The ideal candidate must be exceedingly well organized, flexible and willing to work professionally within a team of diverse people and projects. Prior experience in data analysis, research and statistics, preferably in an education-related field is required. Demonstrated proficiency in SPSS (preferred) or STATS is required, and experience with Geographic Information Systems is a plus. Experience with California's API and AYP accountability system (particularly with charter schools) is strongly preferred.

      Overview of the School Achievement Data Team
      Timely analysis of school and student academic performance data is crucial to the Association's ability to advocate for and support the growth of high quality charters. As a leader in information about the California charter school movement, the School Achievement Data Team has authored significant original research detailing charter schools' academic performance. The team aims to become the nationally recognized experts on student achievement in California charter schools, tackling issues of equity and access and promoting understanding of the value California charter schools add to their students' achievement. The School Achievement Data Team utilizes both state-reported and charter-reported data to highlight charter schools' areas of success and growth, to focus the Association's school development, advocacy, accountability and communication efforts, and to produce research answering key questions about charters' achievement. The team also works to ensure that publicly reported data accurately reflect the progress and achievement of charter schools throughout the state.
      Essential Duties
      1. Supports School Achievement Data Team efforts to conceptualize, design, and implement cutting edge research on charter school efficacy, leveraging the Association's unique access to more than 800 charter schools to gather charter-specific data. Develops compelling reports that position the Association as the leading authority on charter school performance in California and an expert nationwide.

      2. Provides guidance and mentorship to other analytic staff; lends statistical, methodological and analytical expertise to shape and direct charter school research within the Association, coordinates major research projects with staff, helps to assign and review work, providing direction as needed.

      3. Provides thought leadership and statistical expertise to help determine appropriate measures of academic success for the California charter movement.

      4. Project manages and authors original research reports to position Association as leader in answering key questions about charter school performance.

      5. Responds to requests for information from within the Association relative to charter school performance; determines the most appropriate methods to research and obtain student achievement data, applies innovative, relevant and rigorous analysis to obtain results that will help to evaluate and improve California charter schools' achievement.

      6. Supports open communication with the community of charter oriented researchers and universities to ensure that accurate information about charters is disseminated and positively influences how graduate programs view and include charter issues.

      7. Determines how to best present results of analysis in formats that will be understandable to wide audiences; disseminates findings of evaluation and analyses through high quality reports and presentations that incorporate user-friendly data displays.

      8. Participates with Association staff to determine deliverables for grant applications, and appropriate information for marketing/publicity materials, knowledge papers and conferences and workshops.

      9. Designs and implements surveys including development of survey instruments, administering surveys, analyzing and evaluating both quantitative and qualitative results and preparing reports on findings for publication or presentation to funding sources, schools, and other interested parties.

      10. Maintains working knowledge of current data management, education/social science research and analysis through reading, participation in seminars and other educational opportunities, and personal contacts in the field.

      Preferred Capabilities
      - Demonstrated ability to manage complex projects and produce original research reports
      - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with demonstrated proficiency in data analysis, data mining, research and statistics, preferably in an education-related field.
      - Prior experience in survey design and implementation, data analysis and evaluation, preferably in an educational setting.
      - Demonstrated proficiency in SPSS or STATA.
      - Experience with California's API and AYP accountability system (charter school-specific experience is preferred).
      - Experience with Geographic Information Systems is preferred.
      - Minimum of a BA. MA strongly preferred; PhD, Ed.D preferred
      - Ability to work effectively with people of diverse cultures, ages and backgrounds in a team environment.
      - Very effective oral and written communications skills sufficient to write comprehensive reports and develop/implement presentations for management, funding executives, representatives of government agencies, and the public.
      - Knowledge of and experience working with charter schools
      - A keen appreciation and understanding of the Association's mission and philosophy.

      Typically, these skills and experience result from an advanced degree in education, research, public policy, or related area, experience in teaching and/or public school administration, and substantial experience in increasingly responsible research/data/statistical analysis positions.

      Qualified and Interested Candidates
      Please send a cover letter and resume (with "Senior Research Analyst, School Achievement Data Team" in the subject line) to: Aisha Toney, Ph.D., email address: aishat@...
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