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Exploring New Horizons Board of Directors

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  • Tracey Weiss
    Greetings All - Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools is looking for interested volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors. Please see the following
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2009
    Greetings All -

    Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools is looking for interested volunteers
    to serve on our Board of Directors. Please see the following information
    regarding joining our Board.


    Exploring New Horizons (ENH) is a nonprofit, for-public-benefit corporation
    specializing in environmental education and dedicated to enriching the lives
    of students through hands-on and activity-based learning. ENH operates three
    residential outdoor education facilities where Bay Area students and their
    teachers live together for a week during the school year. Since 1979, ENH
    has brought over 100,000 children to a closer understanding of themselves
    and the Earth around them.

    ENH is committed to providing high quality, affordable environmental
    education for the greater San Francisco Bay Area. As naturalists and
    educators, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of young people through
    the awareness and understanding of the beauty and diversity of nature and
    each other. We strive to nurture intelligent, active citizens who will work
    together to create a healthy and sustainable environment and a responsible

    *Program Summary*

    Exploring New Horizons’ curriculum framework focuses on three different

    1. Environmental Awareness and Natural History

    2. Cooperation, Group Dynamics and Team Building

    3. Self-esteem, Empowerment, and Citizenship

    These concepts are taught and reinforced throughout the week through a
    variety of experiences in three distinct ecosystems: the old-growth redwood
    forest, the oak woodlands and meadows, and the tidal zones and marshes of
    the Pescadero region. The philosophy behind the curriculum is as follows:
    given knowledge on how natural systems works, shown how to work effectively
    in groups, and given role models of others who have changed the world, our
    students will feel empowered to make good, conscientious decisions. When a
    person knows how to make their world better, they achieve a sense of hope.
    With hope comes more changes, and the cycle is perpetuated.

    *Financial Summary*

    Since its inception, ENH has been funded primarily by student tuition. In
    2002, The Board of Directors took on the development of philanthropic
    contributions to support student scholarships, making it possible for more
    diverse schools to attend ENH. Annually we fundraise approximately $150,000
    from private, government and family foundations to support our *Environmental
    Education for Underserved Students* (EEUS) program.

    Board financial responsibilities include fiscal oversight by supporting the
    ED and book keeper to develop and maintain sound fiscal systems. Each Board
    member is also responsible for cultivating $1,000 in annual contributions,
    through the annual fund, connections to philanthropic dollars or personal


    *1. Attend Board Meetings*

    Our board meets four times a year, plus an annual one-day retreat. Most
    meetings are held on Saturdays, usually from 10 AM to 1 PM, and we ask that
    members attend at least three of the four. They occur as follows:

    · *Late August* - A 3-hour morning meeting to review the fiscal year
    and approve the new budget;

    · *Mid-November* - 3-hr. meeting to cover general business;

    · *January *- 3-hr. meeting to cover general business;

    · *March *- 3-hr. meeting to cover general business;

    · *Early May* - A Friday night overnight and all day Saturday (9-5)
    retreat focusing on the mission of the board and the organization.
    Traditionally, the retreat is held at one of the sites.

    * *

    *2. Attend Board – Staff Day *

    This informal afternoon event is an opportunity for Board and staff to meet
    and exchange ideas and goals for the organization. This is generally held in
    early September during staff training.

    * *

    *3. Volunteer time as requested by the Executive Director and/or Board

    * *

    4. Financial Contributions:

    - Contribute regularly (appropriate to your means) to ENH scholarship
    or capital improvement campaigns.

    - Each board member is responsible for either giving/obtaining
    $1,000 annually to the

    scholarship fund.

    * *

    *5. Serve as an advocate for Exploring New Horizons in the SF Bay Area*

    *6. Participate in the solicitations of donations by corporations,
    foundations and individuals.*

    *7. Maintain a degree of familiarity with the issues, concerns and trends
    in the field of outdoor education.*


    1. Set policy for the organization.

    2. Hire, direct, and evaluate the Executive Director.

    3. Authorize expenditures and income through an annual budget.

    4. Execute strategic planning activities, annually evaluate and update the
    organizations "Three

    and Five Year Strategic Plan".

    5. Assure the organization's compliance with all applicable local, state,
    and federal laws.

    6. Ensure the effective future governance of the organization through
    recruitment of new

    board members to the Board of Trustees.

    7. Evaluate the performance of the Board as a whole, as well as each
    individual member of the

    Board, relative to this Responsibility Statement.

    *For More Information* please contact ENH’s ED, Tracey Weiss at *
    tracey@...* or 831-338-3013, or contact ENH’s Board
    President, Sheila Nickolopoulos at Sheila_curtis@... or

    For more information about ENH please visit our website

    Tracey Weiss
    Executive Director
    Exploring New Horizon Outdoor Schools
    PO Box 1514
    Felton, CA 95018
    Office: (831) 338-3013
    Fax: (831) 533-7800

    "Exploring New Horizons inspires young people to be responsible stewards and
    engaged citizens through exploration of the natural world"
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