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Academic Director sought for startup charter in NYC

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  • Courtney Schroeder
    East Harlem Village Academy Charter School Academic Director An Extraordinary School Leadership Opportunity East Harlem Village Academy is seeking an
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      East Harlem Village Academy Charter School

      Academic Director

      An Extraordinary School Leadership Opportunity

      East Harlem Village Academy is seeking an educational leader to develop, build and lead its new charter school. This is an extraordinary opportunity combining the freedom and creativity to lead a new charter school with sophisticated operational systems, a quality facility and substantial financial support provided. The Academic Director will not be responsible for fundraising, real estate or other operational issues, enabling him/her to devote full time and energy to instructional leadership. The school has received over $1 million in start-up funding, from various sources including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the federal charter school grant program. The school is scheduled to open in August 2003 starting with 6th graders and growing by one grade per year to a 6th-12th grade school. The Academic Director will commence employment between January - June of 2003, depending on availability.

      Role and Responsibilities of Academic Director
      The Academic Director will be responsible for all aspects of the academic program, including standards, curriculum, instruction, faculty recruitment and evaluation, assessment, professional development, student discipline and parent involvement. This position will report directly to the Executive Director, who will provide guidance and direction, and will ensure that financial and operational resources are provided.

      Overall Academic Program
      § Oversee the development and alignment of the entire academic program including learning standards, curriculum, instructional methods, faculty recruitment and evaluation and student assessment in each subject area.

      Faculty Recruitment and Evaluation
      § Recruit, hire and, as necessary, dismiss academic staff
      § Ensure the faculty's commitment and effectiveness in achieving the school's mission
      § Develop teacher evaluation protocols and regularly evaluate performance of teachers through both formal written and informal observation criteria

      § Oversee grade-level and class scheduling for students and faculty

      § Lead the faculty in the development of curriculum for each subject area.
      § Supervise and continually monitor curriculum to ensure both effective student achievement results as well as curricular alignment with state standards and assessments

      Instructional Methodology
      § Support data-driven instructional improvement and collaboration among teachers individually, as well as across grade-level and subject areas
      Professional Development
      § Develop and supervise effective professional development opportunities including school-wide, grade-level teams, subject-area specific, and for individual instructors

      § Supervise a diagnostic assessment program that results in continual improvement in learning and teaching
      § Ensure that student achievement data and progress is assessed with valid and reliable external and internal performance criteria

      Faculty Communication & Support
      § Ensure effective and time-efficient staff communication on a regular basis
      § Develop and supervise a program that fosters continual support for the faculty

      Culture and Discipline
      § Recruit and work closely with the Dean of Students to consistently implement the student code of conduct and pledge of responsibilities

      Parent Communication
      § Develop and oversee a program to work closely with parents, regularly meeting and communicating, and fostering a sense of community and partnership
      § Ensure that each child succeeds academically through mutual commitment (school, student, teacher and family) to the pledge of responsibilities

      Special Education and ELL
      § Recruit and work closely with appropriate staff to ensure that students in need of special education and English language learning services are appropriately served

      Qualifications, Salary and Application Information

      § Minimum two years classroom teaching experience with a proven track record of increasing student achievement results
      § Demonstrated effective leadership skills, ideally in an educational setting

      A highly competitive salary and benefits package, commensurate with experience

      To Apply
      To apply for consideration please fax a resume and a cover letter describing how you meet the two qualifications above, to 212-202-4047
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