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Job: Head of School Ops/Franchising @ Startup in Nairobi, Kenya

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    Job Opportunity: Head of School Operations and Franchising Start Date: Summer/Fall 2009 Location: Nairobi, Kenya About Bridge International Academies Bridge
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      Job Opportunity: Head of School Operations and Franchising
      Start Date: Summer/Fall 2009
      Location: Nairobi, Kenya

      About Bridge International Academies

      Bridge International Academies is launching a large-scale franchise of ultra low-cost for-profit private primary schools across Africa. Our approach addresses the critical problems facing education systems in Africa, the lack of accountability and absence of incentives for improving performance and educational outcomes. Because of how we have designed our model, we are able to cost-effectively deliver high-quality education so that it is affordable even to those living on dollar a day poverty (charging less than $4 per child per month), while enabling local franchise owners to operate their school businesses profitably, and create a financially profitable business at the central franchise level.

      We have already launched the first two schools in our franchise in Kenya with tremendous success, and plan to rapidly scale the company to serve more than 1 million families in Africa.

      About this position

      We are seeking a full-time Head of School Operations and Franchising, who will help scale and manage our large-scale network of ultra-low cost, high-quality private schools for the poor across Africa.

      Bridge International has developed extensive system and tools for its operations that allow someone we hire from the local community to easily and successfully open and manage the operations of a school – we call this our "School in Box" model. Most of the systems and tools we developed are low-tech and paper-based because of the environment in which we work. It starts with our very detailed Operators Manual and spans across all instructional, financial, operations and human resource management issues and systems.

      Our Head of Instruction is responsible for the instructional components of this model. This new position, Head of School Operations, will be responsible for improving upon the existing systems and developing new tools to ensure that our operations and approaches produce replicable, scalable, high quality, and affordable schools.

      The Head of School Operations will also play a critical role in the development and improvement of systems to chose locations for new schools, manage construction of schools, and recruit and train new headmaster/mistresses in scalable ways.

      We expect the Head of School Operations to be in the field about 50% of the time in the first 6-12 month to truly understand the how our systems and tools work, and start making improvements personally. This is a very hands-on job initially that will eventually transition to building a team of people to operationally support thousands of schools as we scale-up to reach millions of students across the continent.

      You will become part of our small, elite management team that is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Since we are still a start-up company, the Head of School Operations and Franchising must be incredibly hands-on, and is initially expected to fill many of the on-the-ground roles of the whole department, spending large amount of his/her time in the field with our schools.

      About You
      - You are one of those rare multi-talented people who is both deeply creative and analytical.
      - You bring with you years of deep and broad experience across many facets of scaling and managing distributed business units (or educational institutions) in challenging environments. But most importantly have demonstrated capacity to think way outside the box in identifying critical issues and developing non-traditional approaches to solve them.
      - Experience in working with schools in the developing world would be a real plus, but in general you have experience and are very comfortable with living and working in the developing world.
      - You are incredibly data-driven, analytical, and excited about developing an environment and processes in which high-quality data is regularly collected and used to manage and improve our franchise schools.
      - You are not afraid of getting your hands dirty, and will thrive on the opportunity to initially both design and personally implement many of the system, tools, approaches working closely with the actual staff at our schools.
      - You have experience managing projects with many moving pieces, and building and managing teams of people
      - You function well in a fast-paced informal environment where constant change is the norm and the bar for quality is set high.
      - Bachelors or Masters degree

      Our team has a passionate belief that basic primary education is critical to the development of every child, family, community and nation. We believe that it is possible to address this critical need for poor families through new and innovative approaches leveraging the private sector, and that by providing low-cost but high-quality primary education, we will give millions of children the opportunity to accomplish their dreams. We are looking for someone who wants to join us in this rewarding task.

      - Currently living in or willingness to relocate full-time to Nairobi for a commitment of at least 3-5 years
      - 10+ years experience in operations, management, education or related experience
      - Franchise development experience in Africa/Kenya is a real plus
      - Driven, disciplined, self-motivated, and entrepreneurial
      - Excellent verbal and written communication skills
      - Must be a team player and open to new approaches and ideas
      - Strong project management skills
      - Ability to organize, prioritize, and manage multiple tasks

      How to apply:
      Submit resume and cover letter to jobs@....
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