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Envision Schools Looking for Math, Science, and Special Education Teachers!

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  • joelle_barrios
    Envision Schools is seeking Math teachers for their Oakland and Hayward schools for the 2009-2010 school year. In addition, we are looking for science teachers
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      Envision Schools is seeking Math teachers for their Oakland and Hayward
      schools for the 2009-2010 school year. In addition, we are looking for
      science teachers (general, chemistry, or physics) and Special Education
      (RSP) teachers for all of our schools. To apply, please email resume and
      cover letter to jobs@...

      Teacher Job Description and Hiring Process

      Based on a nationally recognized and award-winning model for secondary
      education, Envision Schools will be hiring teachers for 4 high schools
      in the San Francisco Bay Area: City Arts and Technology High School
      (CAT), Metropolitan Arts and Technology High School (Metro), Envision
      Academy of Arts and Technology (EA) and Impact Academy of Arts and
      Technology (IA).

      Envision Schools is dedicated to helping students achieve personal and
      academic success. By using proven best practices for teaching and
      learning, Envision School graduates will demonstrate:

      • Knowledge and academic skills necessary for success in
      college and career
      • Habits and skills associated with academic excellence,
      innovation, creative expression, problem solving, and entrepreneurship
      • Mastery of leadership, artistic, and technological skills

      Envision Schools is seeking smart, experienced and passionate teachers
      who want to work in a student-centered environment of respect and trust
      with high expectations for all members of the community.

      Key Qualities and Expectations of an Envision Schools Teacher:
      • Understands and applies effective strategies and best
      practices to ensure student success
      • Implements project, problem and/or inquiry-based instruction
      aligned with standards and outcome based/performance assessments
      • Provides active & rigorous experiences for students
      • Plans for various student needs (including use of
      developmentally appropriate materials)
      • Uses & integrates arts and technology in classroom and
      project instruction
      • Demonstrates a clear commitment to adult development and
      learning, dialogue, collaboration and growth in his/her professional

      In addition to teaching responsibilities, all Envision Schools teachers
      are also required to serve as an advisor to a small group of students.
      Advisor responsibilities include:

      • Know students well; act as an advocate for students' needs
      with family members and within the school community.
      • Accept responsibility for monitoring students' progress
      toward graduation
      • Mentor and supports students' development of the academic and
      social skills, practices and attitudes necessary to be successful in
      college and the workplace, emphasizing an increasing proficiency in 21st
      Century Leadership Skills

      At Envision Schools, we strive to make our schools an exciting place to
      work, teach, learn, create and innovate by actively fostering an
      environment where all staff are part of a professional learning
      community and a larger student and parent community that honors respect,
      trust, risk-taking and openness to learning.

      All Envision Schools teachers can expect the following:
      • 24:1 student to teacher ratio
      • Classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art-technology and a
      laptop computer for professional use
      • Membership in a professional learning community that fosters
      respect, trust, risk-taking, an openness to learning and the sharing of
      ideas, and continuously improving practice
      • Collaboration as a member of a team that often includes guest
      artists and/or experts from the community in the designing of projects,
      curriculum and student outcomes
      • Planning time to support a collaborative teaching and
      learning environment
      • To teach their subject area course, serve as an advisor to
      approximately 20 students, and teach one elective course or supervise a
      student club
      • Design and implement project-based curriculum around current
      events, personal backgrounds, historical realities while integrating
      academic competency with 21st century skills
      • To know their students well, develop a strong sense of
      community in the classroom, and personalize each student’s
      learning experience
      • Accountability and support for student performance toward
      identified standards
      • To meet cooperatively with parents on a scheduled basis to
      share information about their students and the school
      • A demanding learning environment that requires staff to be
      flexible and problem-solvers who manage ambiguity and adversity well
      • Dedication to the vision and best practices of Envision
      Schools, both in the classroom and as a professional learning community

      Salary and working conditions:
      Salary: Commensurate with experience and success in the classroom
      Work year: 186 days
      Summer Planning: PAID summer planning required (3 weeks in early August)

      Minimum qualifications:
      • Bachelor’s Degree
      • Valid California Teaching Credential in subject area of

      Hiring Process:
      1. Please submit the following via e-mail to Envision Schools at
      • Cover Letter
      • Resume
      2. Candidates who are invited to interview will be expected to:
      • Provide Envision Schools with college or university
      • Provide proof of California Credential
      • Complete an Envision Schools Employment Application
      • Provide letters of reference and/or reference contact
      information (applicants are encouraged to include letters from
      supervisors, teaching colleagues and students)
      • Conduct a demonstration lesson and/or submit a videotape of
      their classroom

      About Envision Schools:
      Envision Schools was founded as a 501(c)(3) charter school management
      organization in 2002 to bring high quality college preparatory education
      to communities with the greatest need. Although Envision Schools focuses
      on students who will be the first in their families to attend college,
      the organization’s goal is to send all its students to college.
      Each Envision school is academically rigorous and integrates art and
      technology across the curriculum to instill the critical thinking, life
      experience and creative skills necessary for students to be successful
      in college and beyond. Today, Envision Schools operates four schools in
      the Bay Area â€" two in San Francisco, one in Oakland, and one in

      For More Information:
      Visit the Envision Schools website: www.envisionschools.org, email
      jobs@..., or call Joelle Barrios, Recruiter a
      415-348-9955 ext 121.

      As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to identifying and
      developing the skills and leadership of people from diverse backgrounds.
      We encourage all qualified candidates to apply.
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