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Start your own School as a Building Excellent Schools Fellow

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    Building Excellent Schools Employment Opportunity Who Are We? Building Excellent Schools is a national non-profit organization committed to dramatically
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      Building Excellent Schools Employment Opportunity

      Who Are We?
      Building Excellent Schools is a national non-profit organization
      committed to dramatically improving the academic achievement of under
      served students in urban areas. Through the Building Excellent
      Schools Fellowship, we offer selected leaders a yearlong, full-time
      comprehensive training program in urban charter school creation and
      leadership. After the Fellowship, Building Excellent Schools Fellows
      receive additional support and coaching as they guide their schools
      successfully through start-up and early operations.

      Territories include but are not limited to:

      Phoenix, AZ; The Bay Area, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Sacramento, CA;
      Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO; St. Louis, MO; Newark, NJ; Las
      Vegas, NV; New York City, NY; Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN;
      Salt Lake City, Utah; Milwaukee, WI

      What do we offer?

      Building Excellent Schools Fellowship

      The Fellowship is driven by these three primary goals:

      • Fully prepare leaders to design, found, and lead high-
      performing urban charter schools that out perform their surrounding
      districts on standardized tests.
      • Fully prepare leaders to design, found, and operate high-
      performing urban charter schools that thoroughly prepare each of
      their students for college success.
      • Fully prepare leaders to be credible, effective, and
      respected individuals in their communities that ensure that quality
      education remains a priority.

      As a Building Excellent Schools Fellow, you:

      Get the Training: Through 100 training days, an extended leadership
      residency in a high-performing urban charter school, 20 to 30 school
      visits and structured work in your home territory, we teach you the
      essential practices which will ensure your students succeed. The
      culmination of the Fellowship year is the submission of a well-
      written, thoroughly researched charter application that reflects the
      best practices in urban school design. Schools founded by Building
      Excellent Schools Fellows are free-standing, locally controlled, and
      independent of any management organization.

      Take the Lead: You become the lead founder of a charter school in
      your proposed territory. You choose the community; you build the
      board; you build stakeholder support, you make critical design
      decisions and write the application. Most importantly, you build an
      independently managed school that you will lead once it opens.

      Get the Support: As a Building Excellent Schools Fellow, your full-
      time job is to design, build, and lead your charter school. Building
      Excellent Schools invests in your success. You recieve an $80,000
      stipend and training in school leadership in school design, school
      culture, governance and operations. After your charter is approved,
      you are eligible for an additional $250,000 in start up money.
      Building Excellent Schools supports your school through its opening
      and your planning year through Follow on Support. The goal of Follow-
      On Support is to provide a combination of proactive and responsive
      supports that help Fellows conquer the many challenges encountered
      when opening a successful charter school. The mission remains the
      same: to ensure that Fellows are able to lead results-focused,
      mission-driven, high-achieving urban charter schools.

      What do we look for in our school founders and leaders?

      Our Fellows represent a range of professional experience including
      education, business, law, and public administration. Our selection
      criteria align with the characteristics of the highest performing
      school leaders.

      Building Excellent Schools Fellows have a(n):

      Absolute belief that academic achievement drives everything:
      • Leadership
      • School Design
      • School Culture
      • Decisions
      • Governance
      • Operations/ Finance

      Track Record of Exceptional Impact:
      • in your professional pursuits – business, law and/or education
      • in your community

      Building Excellent Schools Fellows are:

      • Strong Communicators
      • Strategic Thinkers
      • Highly Flexible and Urgent

      Relentless Achievers: Gets the job done no matter

      Humble: Always willing to learn

      Demanding of Themselves and Others: Good is not good enough, only
      great will suffice

      How Do You Apply?

      We strongly recommend completing our online Introductory Fellowship
      Questionnaire prior to applying for the Fellowship. However,
      applications can be completed online at
      www.buildingexcellentschools.org. The winter deadline is February
      23, 2009. The spring deadline is May 11, 2009.

      For more information about Building Excellent Schools and the
      Building Excellent Schools Fellowship, please contact

      Do You Want To Know How They Did It?
      To date, 35 Building Excellent Schools Fellows in 12 states have
      founded charter schools that will have opened by the fall of 2009.
      Visit www.buildingexcellentschools.org, to learn more about the
      organization, The Fellowship, and the many schools started by our
      Fellows. I particularly encourage you to learn more about the
      astonishing academic success of Fellow Founded-school West Denver
      Prep - http://www.westdenverprep.org/index.asp. West Denver Prep 7th
      Grade scores are first in the state among similar populations.
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