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Program Manager, Performance Management - IMMEDIATE OPENING (HO-Oak)

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  • deniceleong
    Aspire Public Schools is a fast growing, high paced not-for-profit charter school organization. Aspire Public Schools was founded in 1998 to enrich student
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      Aspire Public Schools is a fast growing, high paced not-for-profit
      charter school organization. Aspire Public Schools was founded in 1998
      to enrich student lives and reshape public school systems. Aspire
      increases the academic performance of California's diverse K-12
      students through personalized learning experiences, and develops
      outstanding educators to catalyze change in public schools.

      We're looking for individuals who are:
      • 100% committed to getting all students into college
      • Organized and able to create a rigorous and respectful learning
      • Collaborative
      • Comfortable with using student achievement data to guide classroom
      instruction and continually improve
      • Resilient, proactive, and able to thrive in a fast-paced,
      entrepreneurial environment.

      This position will play a key leadership role managing a multi-year
      initiative to attain organizational goals by introducing
      user-centered, business-driven technology solutions in the areas of
      knowledge management, business intelligence and systems integration.
      Day-to-day responsibility for this role will center on a portfolio of
      projects organized into several themes, including student performance,
      mission-support, knowledge management and technology platforms.
      Projects within the program will include data warehouse development,
      intranet redesign, role-based dashboard development, enterprise
      software implementation, and enterprise application integration. To
      successfully deliver the program, this role will help improve
      organizational practice in the areas of project portfolio management,
      project methodologies, matrix management, user-centered design,
      internal communications, vendor management, and performance
      evaluation. The program will be considered effective if the resulting
      systems are used to reach targets over many periods in the areas of
      student achievement and organizational performance. This is an
      opportunity for someone who is passionate about academic achievement
      for all children and has deep experience managing enterprise
      initiatives involving technology to meet ambitious goals within a
      high-growth company.

      This is a regular, full time position in the Operations Department
      that will last 3 years.

      1. Program management – Ensure business goals are well understood and
      used to inform all project activities. Manage risks, issues and
      communications as needed for all projects to succeed. Establish a
      framework for evaluating program performance. Conduct reviews to gauge
      program effectiveness.
      2. Project portfolio management – Manage projects in the program as a
      collection of projects that will succeed overall only if each project
      is linked to the others in terms of overarching goals, resources,
      timing and sequencing.
      3. Project management – Oversee project leads for each project.
      Directly manage projects on occasion.
      4. Lifecycle management – Articulate complete process for taking
      projects from concept and discovery through to production, maintenance
      and enhancement. For all projects within the program ensure
      appropriate use of methodologies for data warehousing, enterprise
      application integration, application implementation and software
      5. Staff management – Help staff and manage the core team, primarily
      with dotted line responsibility. Potential to directly supervise
      dedicated project management staff members. Coordinate with
      supervisors in a range of areas including business analysis, business
      applications, technical operations, general operations and other
      functional areas to ensure coordination of resources as needed to
      achieve program objectives.
      6. Vendor management – Identify and articulate the role contractors
      and third-party firms will play on the program, manage vendor
      selection process, contract development, overall vendor management,
      problem escalation and performance evaluation.
      7. Thought leadership – Help articulate strategies and tactical
      solutions for helping the organization realize the program vision and
      attain organizational goals.

      1) Required knowledge, skills & abilities:
      •Proven ability to manage by influence and build trust with people
      throughout an organization
      •Demonstrated track record managing and developing staff
      •Exceptional skill communicating with diverse groups of people in a
      wide range of situations
      •Deep experience using company data to understand performance,
      troubleshoot problems and develop insights
      •Experience managing multiple projects to carry out a high-profile,
      company initiative
      •Familiarity with user-centered design techniques within the context
      of enterprise software
      •Experience developing web-based business applications
      •Well articulated views on software development methodologies ranging
      from plan-driven to adaptive
      •Track record of delivering effective solutions in one or more of the
      following areas: business intelligence (data warehousing, dashboards,
      analytics), knowledge management (intranet, corporate social
      networking), enterprise application integration
      •Proven experience performing buy, build and rent analysis to inform
      technology selection
      •Strong experience managing the transition of services from
      development to production
      •Fluent in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio, or another diagram
      software application; working knowledge of SQL preferred
      •Experience modeling data in normalized and dimensional forms preferred

      2) Minimum educational level:
      •Master's degree or appropriate level of experience

      3) Experience required:
      •Relevant experience in subject area
      •10+ years managing, developing and implementing a wide range of
      business tools and processes involving in-house and commercial
      enterprise software solutions
      •Experience or strong interest in K-12 public education


      How To Apply :
      To learn more about our schools and this specific opening, please go
      to our website http://careers.aspirepublicschools.org, where you can
      create an online application. To apply for the Program Manager
      Performance Management position at our Home Office
      in Oakland, CA, be sure to select the school and location prior to
      your search.

      Thank you!
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