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Executive Director, San Jose Charter School Consortium

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  • nick.driver@clearthinking.com
    Dear Colleagues, The California Charter Schools Association is searching for an executive-level director for a new position. The Executive Director of the San
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 28, 2008
      Dear Colleagues,

      The California Charter Schools Association is searching for an executive-level director for a new position. The Executive Director of the San Jose Charter Schools Consortium will facilitate the concerted effort to bring more quality public schools to San Jose.

      San Jose executive experience is highly preferred, especially in the education, non-profit or government areas.

      Thanks for passing this along to your networks.


      Nick Driver
      California Charter Schools Association
    • nick.driver@clearthinking.com
      CALIFORNIA CHARTER SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION POSITION: Executive Director LOCATION: San Jose DATE: position open immediately REPORTS TO: Vice President,
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 30, 2008

        POSITION: Executive Director

        LOCATION: San Jose

        DATE: position open immediately

        REPORTS TO: Vice President, School Development and Outreach, Northern California

        SALARY: Competitive salary and benefits

        CONTACT: Nick Driver nick@...

        The California Charter Schools Association, a non-profit, statewide organization, offers a competitive salary with excellent benefits, including health insurance and paid time off. We have a fast-paced, but casual work environment where excellence is promoted through teamwork. Visit our website at www.myschool.org.

        The California Charter Schools Association seeks a motivated and experienced executive-level Executive Director to lead the Association’s work in developing and supporting schools in San Jose. The successful candidate will work with the Vice President of School Development and Outreach, and in close local collaboration with a San Jose steering committee comprised of leading charter school leaders and advocates, to provide high quality support and advocacy for developing schools.


        1. Collaborates with and provides leadership to the Steering Committee and Association staff to define and draft a strategic plan to guide the development of new high quality charter schools in high need areas of San Jose. This includes

         Identifying key developmental and resource/partnership needs, and improving the scale and quality of the partnerships.
         Contacting and engaging key constituents (e.g., city leaders, education advocates, government, business and community leaders, university educators) to support the development of policies, structures and practices to better serve students and increase student achievement.
         Writing/co-writing the strategic plan to meet the defined needs, including goals, action-plans and timelines.

        2. Promotes/markets the implementation of the plan to government officials, education authorities, business and community leaders, educators and the community at large.

        3. Determines best methods of implementing the plan and works with Association staff, the Steering Committee and others to begin implementation. (Note: This will overlap with the long-term duties detailed below.)


        4. Recruits and supports developers that are working towards starting a charter school:

         Strategically recruits successful professionals and managers from a variety of fields to become new school leaders and bring together individuals and groups for the purpose of developing strong groups of charter school founders.
         Leads charter school developers through development process including site visits, visioning process, and initial district meetings.
         Promotes the enrollment of developers into the Charter Launch developer program and facilitates the process from inception to approval and into implementation.
         Assists developers to access technical assistance via the Association’s membership support team, workshops, knowledge briefs and preferred services providers.
         Participates in petition reviews for developers to help prepare a petition that will be accepted and approved by the school district.
         Trains/coaches developers and helps link new developers with veteran operators for peer mentorship.
         Creates and implements regional market analyses to determine and place appropriate charter schools in high need areas.

        5. Promotes and provides support and services to charter school members and others:

         Promotes membership in the Association to those involved in the charter school movement.
         Promotes use of Association products and services to increase revenue.
         Links charter schools with challenges to others that have successfully met such challenges.
         Provides advice, guidance and practical support relative to the need for appropriate facilities to meet school needs.
         Identifies sources of funding for charter schools and seeks opportunities to bring in additional support
         Works with authorizers to facilitate approval of charter petitions and renewals.
         Provides advice and guidance to help recruit high-quality staff.
         Assists charter school administration and staff to resolve a wide variety of problems and meet other challenges.
         Conducts school site visits to identify needs and issues, maintain effective working relations, and provide advice, guidance and links to other resources.
         Develops, leads/conducts workshops and meetings with charter school staff and administrators.

        6. Develops a strong, interconnected network of high quality charter schools to build coalitions and collectively problem-solve:

         Brings groups of school leaders and stakeholders together to identify, escalate, and resolve problems.
         Activates local charter leadership to empower the charter movement and build a sense of community among schools.

        7. Develops and maintains effective working relationships with authorizers, elected officials/staff, community leaders, etc. to promote organizational agenda.

        8. Acts as liaison and information flow between stakeholders throughout San Jose and the Association; collects and reports information to best align the Association with the needs of the charter movement.

        10. Maintains working knowledge of current school regulations, prospective legislation, local government or community activities that could impact on charter schools, through reading, participation in seminars and other educational opportunities, and personal contacts in the field.


        To perform effectively in this position, the incumbent must have:

        • Demonstrated project management skills including experience in facilitating and leading teams of people.

        • Very effective oral and written communications skills sufficient to write reports, study and interpret complex data and documents, and develop/implement presentations for the public and others.

        • Knowledge of the education system and practices within the State and specifically the many school districts within the city of San Jose. Classroom/teaching and/or administrative experience is a plus.

        • Experience in the San Jose nonprofit, political or educational arenas.

        • Familiarity with the challenges faced by administrators in urban public schools.

        • Marketing skills to promote the Association and its mission.

        • General computer skills in Microsoft Office programs; database experience useful.

        • Demonstrated problem solving skills.

        • Strong organizational skills including ability to identify needs of stakeholders, the Association’s membership and determine how to meet those needs.

        • Ability to work effectively with people of diverse cultures, ages and backgrounds.

        • Current California driver’s license and State-required insurance when using personal vehicle on Association business.

        • A keen appreciation and understanding of the Association’s mission and philosophy including dedication and commitment to:

         Creating a professional environment that supports the mission, goals and values
         The success of the organization through active participation and cooperation with team members
         Improving public education
         Continuous professional development

        Typically, these skills and experience result from a degree in education, marketing, business or public administration, or related area, substantive experience in teaching and/or school administration and/or nonprofit outreach and advocacy.
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