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Bayshore Prep Executive Director Position

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  • tami_edtec
    Bayshore Prep, a small, non-classroom based charter school, provides a hybrid program of independent study and site based classes to a diverse student
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2008
      Bayshore Prep, a small, non-classroom based charter school, provides
      a hybrid program of independent study and site based classes to a
      diverse student population in grades K-12 and is sponsored by the San
      Marcos Unified School District. Many high school students come to
      Bayshore Prep looking for an alternative to a traditional high school
      setting, are deficient in credits, or are those who excel
      academically. Many K-8 students are drawn to Bayshore Prep seeking an
      alternative to the traditional classroom and are oftentimes
      academically advanced and working above grade level. The Executive
      Director is primarily responsible to the Governing Board of Bayshore
      Prep Inc. The Executive Director serves as the Chief Executive
      Officer of the nonprofit organization. Bayshore Prep is seeking a
      dynamic, experienced educator and visionary to serve as the Executive
      Director and guide the school to its intended pinnacle of success.

      Required Qualifications:
      • Masters degree or higher in related field
      • Current CA Administrator's Credential
      • Three or more years of experience ensuring compliance with
      independent study laws and regulations
      • Three or more years of experience serving charter schools
      which required knowledge of charter school laws and non profit
      • Three or more years of experience implementing high school
      programs and overseeing graduation requirements and credit analysis
      • Any combination of education, training, or experience
      equivalent to three years of effective teaching experience and site
      leadership experience, as well as a thorough knowledge of
      instructional strategies.
      The Executive Director's major areas of responsibility are:
      1. Advising the Board and making written recommendations to the
      Board on programs, policies, budget and other school matters;
      attending Board meetings and preparing reports.
      1. Serving as liaison between Bayshore Prep and sponsoring
      District and developing strong positive relationships with District
      staff which includes timely communication and ensuring timely
      submission of reports to the District and state officials.
      2. Developing and implementing successful recruitment and
      enrollment plan
      3. Responding to complaints and concerns of parents and other
      community members in a timely and effective manner and in accordance
      with Board policy
      1. Determining instructional staffing needs and appointment of
      instructional staff as necessary with Board approval
      2. Assigning, transferring, promoting and disciplining of
      certificated staff; delegating and defining duties of
      instructional/certificated staff with Board approval
      Educational Program:
      1. Ensuring all documents, student files, policies, and
      procedures are in full compliance with independent study laws and
      regulations on a monthly basis
      2. Implementing all Board policies on independent study,
      including enrollment, disenrollment and the determination that
      independent study is not the most appropriate placement for some
      3. Developing and implementing accountable policies and
      procedures regarding high school course requirements, credit
      assignment, course descriptions, graduation processes, transcript
      analysis and course assignment
      4. Implementing school policies on suspension and expulsion
      5. Providing leadership to the instructional program, including
      development of curricular experiments, pilot programs, and innovative
      The qualified candidate will demonstrate:

      Knowledge of:
      • Comprehensive organization, activities, goals and objectives
      of a district school site
      • Applicable sections of the State Education Code and other
      applicable laws
      • State and local curriculum requirements
      • Bayshore Governance Board and District policies, procedures,
      and regulations
      • Principles and practices of administration, supervision, and
      • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy

      Ability to:
      • Operate standard office equipment including computers, and
      all related software applications including excel, word, outlook
      calendar, and all e-mail functions
      • Communicate effectively orally and in writing
      • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with

      Salary and Benefits: Highly competitive

      Hiring Process:
      Email cover letter, contact information of three references, and
      resume to admin@.... Qualified candidates will be
      contacted to schedule a series of interviews. For a more detailed job
      description go to www.bayshoreprep.org.
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