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Partners in School Innovation - open position

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  • Courtney Schroeder
    PARTNERS IN SCHOOL INNOVATION July 2002 JOB OPPORTUNITY School Partnership Director, San Jose, CA Partners in School Innovation, is a non-profit organization
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      July 2002

      School Partnership Director, San Jose, CA
      Partners in School Innovation, is a non-profit organization working with public schools in low-income communities in the Bay Area. We provide full-time teams of AmeriCorps implementation specialists to enable our partner schools to pursue lasting, whole-school reform that will result in higher student learning and greater educational equity. These teams are guided by School Partnership Directors (SPDs), most of who are experienced teacher-reformers. We are seeking one new SPD for our San Jose-based expansion; ideally, this SPD will have experience supporting education reform, teaching literacy in elementary and/or middle schools and developing reform leadership.
      The principal role of this School Partnership Director (SPD) is to manage the partnerships between Partners in School Innovation and our San Jose-based schools: both directing and coaching teams of "Partners" - our AmeriCorps members - and working with school leaders to plan and guide, monitor and reinforce the school's reform process. Our overall goals are to enable the school to achieve increased student learning and increased capacity for ongoing improvement at the school.
      In addition, SPDs are a part of the program leadership team of a dynamic and growing organization. We are looking for people who are committed to school reform for greater equity and to the ideal of service, and who will be "institution-builders," providing leadership in both our school partnerships and our organization for several years. The new SPD will play a major role in developing our organizational focus on "results oriented reform," combining the best of school reform strategies with the best of organizational management strategies, with an initial focus on literacy as the driving priority for whole-school reform.
      SPDs have major opportunities to increase professional skills and knowledge in such areas as leadership, coaching and professional development, school-reform strategy and institutional change management. There will be opportunities for advancement as the organization grows.
      The School Partnership Director is ultimately responsible to ensure that we achieve our partnership objectives with schools each year and over a span of several years. This includes:
      1. Serving as a constructive "critical friend" to the principal and other school leaders. Advising school leaders as they envision, strategize and reflect on the process of whole-school reform to achieve educational equity. Providing feedback and data on the progress of the reform projects. Advocating for the most effective and satisfying use of Partners as a support for reform. Participating with other stakeholders in school events and working days.
      2. Leading Partners. Managing our full-time Partners (AmeriCorps Members) to execute their work well. Projects include assistance in introduction of new literacy teaching strategies, use of new assessment information, conduct action-research projects and school-wide planning and management of reform processes.
      3. Contributing to the overall leadership of Partners in School Innovation. Partnership Directors will also play significant roles in training, recruitment, fund-raising and external communications, evaluation and organizational learning, and other activities required to maintain PartnersSI and to build our capabilities. This includes opportunities to participate in the professional community of schools, school districts and "support provider" organizations that are committed to reform in Bay Area schools.
      4. Contributing to Program Development, Evaluation, or Professional Development. Some SPDs will also have a significant role in contributing formally to our organizational learning. SPDs serving in this capacity will have a reduced role in School Service.
      Highly Desired
      * Demonstrated leadership with peers and with others in positions of authority - a track record of managing people to get results
      * Coaching or consulting skills and experience
      * Demonstrated knowledge of and contribution to effective, school-based reform to achieve educational equity
      * Experience working in communities of color and/or low-income communities
      * Several years of experience teaching language arts in public elementary and/or middle schools
      * Positive-mindedness, resiliency and ability to act in ambiguous circumstances
      * A strong, constructivist orientation to both personal and organizational learning
      * A commitment to become a leader over several years in building a service organization
      * Advanced Degree in Education
      * Proficiency in Spanish
      * Familiarity with Bay Area communities and schools
      COMPENSATION: Salary and benefits are competitive with Bay Area compensation scales.
      APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis
      People of Color Strongly Encouraged to Apply
      Visit www.partnersinschools.org
      Our schools: Eight elementary and middle schools in Oakland, San Francisco, Redwood City and San Jose (Oak Grove and SJUSD) in 2002-2003 school year.
      Our AmeriCorps Members: 21 full-time AmeriCorps members - a diverse group of recent college graduates with a strong interest in education and equity, and track records of service and leadership - committed to be Partners for two years.
      Our staff: Seven School Partnership Directors, each of whom works with one or two partner schools and participates in one additional area, program development, professional development or evaluation. Executive Director, Directors of Professional Development, Program Development, Evaluation, Literacy Specialists, fund-raising and administrative staff.
      Our organizational community: We are committed to building an organization that reflects the diversity of the communities with whom we work, and that strives to use such diversity in accomplishing our common vision. We place high value on learning by doing, on teamwork, and on facilitative leadership to create a thriving learning community focused on achieving educational equity in urban public schools.
      Please send a letter of interest, a resume, and contact information for three professional references to:
      "School Partnership Director #SJ-07-02", Partners in School Innovation, 1060 Tennessee Street, 2nd Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94107 * Tel: 415-824-6196 * Fax: 415-824-6198 or email this information to spaik@....
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