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SFUSD seeks Senior Director, Leadership for Equity Initiative

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  • karinlittle
    San Francisco Unified School District seeks an experienced, visionary urban education leader for the position of Senior Director, Leadership for Equity
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2008
      San Francisco Unified School District seeks an experienced, visionary
      urban education leader for the position of Senior Director, Leadership
      for Equity Initiative.

      Salary Range: $100,000 to $125,000
      Application: Resume and cover letter
      Deadline: June 15, 2008
      Contact: Garrick Ramirez, San Francisco School Alliance, (send resume
      and cover letter to gramirez@...)
      Reports to: Tony Smith, Deputy Superintendent for Instruction,
      Innovation and Social Justice, in close collaboration with Francisca
      Sanchez and the Professional Learning & Leadership for Equity Team
      Funded through: the San Francisco School Alliance

      The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is poised to
      initiate one of the most significant and comprehensive urban education
      reform efforts in the United States. In order to achieve bold, new
      goals for student success, the district and its strategic partner, the
      San Francisco School Alliance, have committed to developing and
      supporting extraordinary leaders who will foster a system of
      flourishing, innovative schools. For years, San Francisco has
      exhibited deep racial, socio-economic, and linguistic inequities. San
      Francisco's public schools are neither doing an adequate job of
      rectifying these inequities nor are they keeping pace with students'
      aspirations and needs for 21st century skills. Led by new
      Superintendent Carlos Garcia and Deputy Superintendent Tony Smith,
      SFUSD is prepared to launch a new plan for dramatic change. The
      district's new strategic plan targets three key areas for
      district-wide improvement: access and equity, student achievement, and
      accountability. It is guided by a Balanced Scorecard approach, a
      strategy drawn from private sector research on performance management
      and used in a handful of cutting-edge districts nationwide that have
      accelerated their improvement at impressive rates by using this tool,
      including Florida's Miami-Dade County and Charlotte-Mecklenburg in
      North Carolina.

      SFUSD Leadership for Equity Initiative
      Recognizing that implementing a bold, new strategy requires a
      supporting and infusing of great talent into the schools, the district
      and the San Francisco School Alliance created a Leadership Initiative
      to attract, retain, and support the leadership necessary to achieve
      the goals of the strategic plan.
      Launched in Fall 2007 by the San Francisco School Alliance, as a
      partnership of the school district, local university, and CBO
      partners, with the support of a broad coalition of civic, parent, and
      community leaders including the Mayor and all members of the Board of
      Education, the Leadership for Equity Initiative establishes a focused
      and sustainable pathway for developing and supporting a strong,
      diverse pool of effective school leaders for this new era in San

      Roles and Responsibilities:
      The Initiative seeks an experienced leader who will drive the
      Leadership Initiative partnership and accelerate the implementation of
      the work throughout SFUSD. Working in close contact with Deputy
      Superintendent for Instruction, Innovation, and Social Justice, the
      Francisca Sanchez and the Professional Learning & Leadership for
      Equity Team, and the Executive Leadership of the San
      Francisco School Alliance, the following roles and responsibilities
      will be the primary focus of the Senior Leadership Director:
      - Drive the vision and implementation for leadership development in
      the district.
      - Lead the existing Leadership Initiative by leveraging partners and
      building on the research and pilot year.
      - Manage and grow relationships with strategic partners for the
      Initiative, while ensuring that they meet measurable objectives and
      stated deliverables.
      - Coordinate other existing district leadership programs by engaging
      cross-departmental projects.
      - Lead the design and implementation of focused professional
      development under the Leadership for Equity Initiative for principals
      and other district leaders.
      - Oversee the adoption and mastery of leadership competencies
      throughout leadership positions within the district.
      - Provide on-going coaching as needed for district principals and
      other leaders.
      - Facilitate the understanding and implementation of the Balanced
      Scorecard among principals and their schools.
      - Working with Human Resources, lead and continuously improve the
      recruitment, hiring and placement process for new, effective leaders
      within the district.
      - Refine and communicate the vision of the Leadership for Equity
      Initiative within the district and with other important groups and
      - Work closely with the lead partner for this work, the San Francisco
      School Alliance, to monitor and revise the plan and to raise the
      necessary funds and support to sustain and grow the Leadership for
      Equity Initiative.

      Desired Competencies:
      The candidate we seek possesses the following skills and characteristics:

      I. Proven Results in Raising Student Achievement
      - Experience: Documented results from previous leadership experience
      that led to increased student achievement and reducing achievement gaps.
      - Knowledge: Deep understanding of cutting-edge instructional and
      leadership practice
      - Data-Based Decision-Making: Proven ability to use data to drive
      decision-making and build a rigorous, aligned curriculum in schools.
      - Change-Management: Proven track record of developing and executing
      strategic reform plans with measurable results.

      II. Vision and Personal Leadership
      - Core Values: Passion for work in urban education and relentless
      belief that all students can achieve at high levels.
      - Courage: Willingness to take risks and make difficult decisions.
      - Resilience and Energy: Able to pursue everything with energy, drive,
      and a need to finish; does not give up before finishing, even in the
      face of resistance or setbacks; steadfastly pushes self and others for
      - Self-Awareness: Constantly demonstrates self-awareness, humility,
      and willingness to seek feedback and improve.
      - Human Talent: Able to motivate others and create a climate in which
      people want to do their best; can assess each person's strengths and
      use them to get the best out of him or her; promotes confidence and
      optimistic attitudes; is someone people like working for and with.
      - Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Service
      - Relationship-Building: Able to build strong, authentic relationships
      to coalesce and drive a high performing leadership team.
      - Communication: Effective communicator with all stakeholders.
      - Feedback: Tactfully dispenses direct and actionable feedback; is
      open and direct with others without being intimidating; deals head-on
      with people problems and situations that challenge us to be the people
      we aspire to be.
      - Continuous Improvement: Consistent ability to challenge existing
      practices and tradition and build upon a vision for proven, effective
      ways of raising student achievement and closing achievement gaps.

      III. Systems and Operations Experience that Supports Learning
      - Organizational Expertise: knowledgeable about how organizations
      work; gets things done through both formal and informal channels;
      effectively maneuvers through complex political situations.
      - Strategic Agility: Anticipates future consequences and trends
      accurately; brings creative ideas to market; recognizes strategic
      opportunities for change; creates competitive and breakthrough strategies.
      - Deft Managerial Skills: Able to clarify roles, responsibilities, and
      accountability for partners and staff.
      - Efficient Use of Time: Demonstrates strategic and effective use of time.
      - Distributed Leadership: Able to build effective, cohesive teams of
      people within the organization; shares wins and success such that each
      team member feels valuable and appreciated; guides teams to establish
      and achieve goals.

      In addition, he or she should have the following qualifications
      - Experience leading reforms in urban school districts
      - Measurable results in raising student academic achievement and
      closing achievement gaps
      - 12+ years of education leadership experience or commensurate experience
      - Deep knowledge of current research and best practices in education

      Application Instructions:
      - Send resume & cover letter to gramirez@... by June
      15th, 2008.
      - Questions? please call Cynthia Guyer, Executive Director, San
      Francisco School Alliance : (415) 955-5790
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