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New Teacher Project seeks project mgr for SFUSD

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  • Courtney Schroeder
    Job Description - Short Term Contract - Begin IMMEDIATELY Project Manager: Recruitment and Hiring of New Teachers The Position: Project Manager, Recruitment
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2002
      Job Description - Short Term Contract - Begin IMMEDIATELY
      Project Manager: Recruitment and Hiring of New Teachers

      The Position: Project Manager, Recruitment and Hiring
      This position would be responsible for managing the recruitment and hiring processes for new teachers in San Francisco Unified School District. In addition to managing existing operational structures, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to refine or improve processes to improve operational efficiency and increase customer service satisfaction. This position will work directly for San Francisco Unified School District, but will work in partnership with consultants from The New Teacher Project, a non-profit educational consulting firm contracted by the District to strategically redesign recruitment and hiring operations. This position would begin immediately, run through September 2002, and report directly to SFUSD's Chief Administrative Officer.

      San Francisco Unified School District
      SFUSD educates over 60,000 pre-school to 12th grade students annually and maintains a workforce of over 4,000 teachers. SFUSD has 19 high schools, 17 middle schools, and 78 elementary schools. The curriculum of SFUSD is based upon the philosophical tenet that every child can learn. SFUSD is an equal opportunity employer. People of color are encouraged to apply. For more information, please visit: <http://www.sfusd.edu>.

      The New Teacher Project
      The New Teacher Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to partnering with educational entities to enhance their capacity to recruit, select, train, and support new teachers effectively. With the conviction that the recruitment and retention of high quality new teacher must be an integral aspect of any school reform movement, TNTP is dedicated to ensuring that outstanding individuals are aggressively recruited into teaching. For more information, please visit: <http://www.tntp.org>.

      Skills Required:
      · Experience managing operations
      · Ability to create structure for unstructured environments, such as designing process flows and implementing steps to ensure success
      · Experience managing people with diverse skill sets and professional development needs
      · Excellent organizational skills
      · Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
      · Self-motivated, willingness to take initiative
      · Comfort working independently as well as a team player

      Highly Desired:
      · Experience working with public school districts
      · Experience with new teacher recruitment, selection, and placement
      · Experience facilitating relationships between district central office and school sites
      · Experience with event planning

      Contact information:

      Please forward cover letter and resume to Kristen Alandydy at kalandy@....

      New Schools has moved!
      Please update your records with our new information:

      New Schools Venture Fund
      49 Stevenson Street, Suite 1275
      San Francisco, CA 94105
      Main: 415-615-6860
      Fax: 415-615-6873
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