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Job Opportunity - Manager of Professional Development - Bay Area

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    About Teach For America Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all academic majors who commit two years to teach in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2008
      About Teach For America
      Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college
      graduates of all academic majors who commit two years to teach in
      urban and rural public schools and become lifelong leaders in the
      effort to expand educational opportunity. Our mission is to build the
      movement to eliminate educational inequity that exists along
      socioeconomic lines.

      Since our founding in 1990, we have become the nation's largest
      provider of teachers for low-income communities, and have been
      recognized for building a pipeline of leaders committed to
      educational equity and excellence. This year, approximately 5,000
      corps members are teaching in 26 urban and rural areas across the
      country, collectively reaching approximately 440,000 students. At the
      same time, more than 12,000 alumni are working within education and
      from every field to effect fundamental change.

      We are a high-growth, performance-driven organization, with over a
      $100+ million budget and 800+ staff. We operate in an entrepreneurial
      and fast-paced work environment, maintain focus on quantitative
      measures, and are committed to continuous improvement. While
      approximately 55 percent of our staff members are alumni of our
      program, fully half – from support staff to senior management – bring
      a range of outside experience and perspectives to the organization.
      Our staff is diverse in every respect, and we are committed to
      maximizing the diversity of our organization as we want to engage all
      those who can contribute to our effort and ensure our access to and
      participation in the circles of influence in our diverse society.

      Fueled by a sense of urgency to do more, we have launched an
      ambitious plan to grow in scale while at the same time increasing our
      corps members' short-term and long-term impact. By 2010, we aim to
      have some 7,500 corps members teaching in 33 regions and to foster
      the continued leadership of some 23,000 alumni. To support these
      goals we are working to grow our operating budget to over $150
      million and the size of our staff to over 1,000.


      Over the past two years, as part of a nationwide growth effort, the
      Bay Area region of Teach For America has nearly doubled the size of
      our local corps. By increasing the size of our corps, we have also
      expanded the scope of our impact. During the 2008-2009 school year,
      we will have nearly 350 corps members in schools teaching
      approximately 30,000 students across the San Francisco Bay Area. We
      are now in the process of strengthening the programmatic support,
      resources, and training we provide our corps members in order to take
      our growth forward and maximize our impact on student achievement in
      classrooms across the Bay Area.

      The manager of corps professional development plays a key role in
      ensuring that all of our corps members have the knowledge, skills and
      tools necessary to make dramatic academic gains with their students.
      The manager of corps professional development will design, plan, and
      manage the implementation of various initiatives to enhance corps
      members' ability to effect significant student progress. This will
      include collaborating with the Managing Director of Program on
      educational program design, external and internal support networks,
      professional development programs, external relationships, regional
      induction and orientation, learning teams, and Professional Learning
      Communities, among other programs


      Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

      • Collaborating with the region's Managing Director of Program to
      craft strategic vision for teacher training, development and support
      strategy that will enable the region to reach ambitious goals for
      student achievement
      • Developing and executing a strategy for improving the effectiveness
      of our university partnership (UP), which includes but is not limited
      o Collaborating with our UP to refine the curriculum, syllabus and
      execution of the Early Completion Option (ECO) program, in which the
      vast majority of first-year corps members will enroll to receive
      their credential
      o Managing all aspects of the execution of our UP strategy to ensure
      stronger alignment between Teach For America's program model and the
      university's credentialing program
      • Developing and maintaining strategic external relationships with
      school, district, and university personnel to enhance the quality of
      our professional development programming
      • Designing, planning and managing implementation of summer
      programming for corps members, including regional induction, regional
      meetings at the summer training institute, and regional orientation
      • Building and executing all elements of our ongoing professional
      development program for corps members, which will include training
      materials, on-going workshops, Professional Learning Community
      meetings, learning team meetings, student achievement toolkits,
      excellent school visits, and compiling strategic pedagogy resources
      o Assisting in the training and investment of other program team
      members in the implementation of programmatic structures
      o Assisting program directors in crafting and implementing meaningful
      learning experiences for corps members by providing strategic

      Education and Experience:

      • Bachelor's degree required
      • Demonstrated results as teacher or relevant education experience
      • Experience creating and managing systems
      • Minimum 3-5 years professional work experience
      • Experience working to influence and motivate adults

      Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

      • Ability to craft both a big picture vision for professional
      development and a detailed execution plan for successful
      • Ability to invest and manage both internal and external
      constituents to achieve defined goals
      • Ability to adjust course as needed, based on continuous evaluation
      and reflection of progress against goals
      • Strong problem solving skills to identify root causes of issues
      that will impact the region's ability to reach defined goals
      • Superb organization and detail-orientation skills
      • Excellent communication and relationship building skills
      • Ability to work as part of a team to achieve results
      • Occasional evening and weekend work required


      Salary for this position is competitive and depends on prior
      experience. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is included.

      Apply now:

      We review applications on a rolling basis. Please submit your resume
      and a one-page cover letter with your application.

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