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Job Opening: Integrated Math Teacher - Envision Schools (San Francisco)

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  • deniceleong
    Envision Schools Integrated Mathematics Teacher (Full or Part-Time) Based on a nationally recognized and award-winning model for secondary education, Envision
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2007
      Envision Schools
      Integrated Mathematics Teacher (Full or Part-Time)

      Based on a nationally recognized and award-winning model for secondary
      education, Envision Schools is seeking a full or part-time Integrated
      Mathematics teacher for the period from January â€" June 2008.

      As a member of a community that is committed to supporting all
      students, this teacher will also act as an advisor. The role involves
      supporting 15 students by communicating with their families,
      monitoring their academic progress, and fostering positive
      relationships within your advisory group.

      Envision Schools is a nonprofit organization that develops and
      sustains small, innovative, high-performing public high schools
      serving diverse student bodies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Envision
      Schools has garnered substantial funding ($11 million) from the Bill
      and Melinda Gates Foundation, the New Technology Foundation, the
      Stuart Foundation, the Koret Foundation, and the California Department
      of Education amongst others.

      Envision Schools is dedicated to helping students achieve personal and
      academic success. By using proven best practices for teaching and
      learning, Envision Schools graduates will demonstrate:

      - Knowledge and academic skills necessary for success in college and
      - Habits and skills associated with academic excellence, innovation,
      creative expression, problem solving, and entrepreneurship
      - Mastery of leadership, artistic, and technological skills

      Envision Schools is seeking a smart, experienced and passionate
      teacher who wants to work in a student-centered environment of respect
      and trust with high expectations for all members of the community.

      Teachers can expect:
      - 24:1 student-to-teacher ratio
      - Classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art-technology and a laptop
      computer for professional use.
      - Membership in a professional learning community that fosters
      respect, trust, risk-taking, openness to learning and the sharing of
      ideas, and continuously improving practice.
      - Collaboration as a member of a team that often includes guest
      artists and/or experts from the community in the design of projects,
      curriculum and student outcomes.
      - Ample planning time to support a collaborative teaching and learning
      - To teach their subject area course, serve as an advisor to 22
      students, and teach one elective course or supervise a student club.
      - To know their students well, develop a strong sense of community in
      the classroom, and personalize each student’s learning experience.
      - Accountability and support for student performance toward identified
      - To meet cooperatively with parents on a scheduled basis to share
      information about their students and the school.
      - A demanding learning environment that requires staff to be flexible
      and problem-solvers who manage ambiguity and adversity well.
      - Dedication to the vision and best practices of Envision Schools,
      both in the classroom and as a professional learning community.

      Minimum qualifications:
      - Bachelor's Degree in a mathematics field
      - California Teaching Credential preferred
      - Integrated Math Program (IMP) Training preferred

      - Commensurate with experience and success in the classroom

      To Apply:
      • Please submit a cover letter and resume via e-mail to Envision
      Schools at jobs@....

      For more information visit the Envision Schools website at
      www.envisionschools.org, e-mail jobs@..., or call
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