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Job Opening: Chief Academic Officer, Lighthouse Academies (Boston or Chicago)

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  • momolozier
    [NOTE: this is an abbreviated version of the position description. For a more comprehensive description, please use email contact info below.] Lighthouse
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2007
      [NOTE: this is an abbreviated version of the position description.
      For a more comprehensive description, please use email contact info

      Lighthouse Academies, Inc. ("LHA") invites nominations and
      applications for the position of Chief Academic Officer. LHA is a
      nonprofit charter management organization which strives to prepare
      students for college through a rigorous arts-infused program.
      Founded in 2003 by experienced, entrepreneurial leaders and K-12
      educators concerned that public schools were not meeting the needs of
      children in urban communities, LHA developed a charter school model
      designed to develop each student socially as well as academically.
      Through thoughtful, deliberate, and efficient operational planning
      now well known within the K-12 community, LHA has built a replicable,
      successful model for charter schools.

      Today, LHA operates 10 public charter schools on 11 sites whose
      combined revenues approach $40m. This Fall, these schools will
      enroll 3,500 students in NY, WDC, OH, IL, and IN and LHA plans to add
      more schools in 2009. Over 325 dedicated professionals, including
      approximately 15 staff at LHA's national office in MA as well as
      principals and teachers throughout the four states and WDC, are
      passionately committed to the organization's vision that all students
      will be taught by an outstanding teacher in a nurturing environment,
      achieve at high levels, and develop the knowledge, skills and values
      necessary for responsible citizenship and life-long learning.

      The next CAO will join an organization that has firmly established
      itself as a compelling public school choice for parents and
      students. Eight of the 9 LHA schools met their academic goals in the
      06/07 school year and the demand for more LHA schools in existing
      States and beyond is high. Nevertheless, the LHA team is not
      satisfied. They are not getting the academic results they want fast
      enough. Therefore, LHA now seeks a leader to improve results. This
      challenge will involve improving strategic analysis; recruiting and
      retaining great principals and teachers; shaping culture within LHA
      schools; developing a College Prep Academy; and managing effective
      growth. In addition to these new challenges, the CAO's primary
      responsibility is the development and implementation of LHA
      curriculum, professional development, and assessment. This involves
      evaluating the teaching and learning process at LHA schools,
      evaluating professional development of LHA educators, evaluating
      assessment practices and results, and developing an academic strategy.

      The ideal candidate must have a deep understanding of charter schools
      and believe that LHA's efforts will fundamentally change public
      education. Additionally, the CAO must have: A PhD or EdD
      specializing in program planning and evaluation; 8-10 years of
      experience in K-12 curriculum development and assessment; supervisory
      experience in a K-12 school setting; a thorough understanding of the
      NCLB Act; technical knowledge of research practices; willingness to
      travel and a basic understanding of the non-academic side of school
      operations such as facilities management, human resources,
      technology, and community relations.

      LHA's Search Committee is soliciting nominations and expressions of
      interest immediately. Applicants should go to www.lighthouse-
      academies.org, click "ABOUT" and then "CAREERS" to find the link for
      this opening. Applications should include a current resume AND a
      letter of interest addressed to Mike Ronan, CEO by September 28th.
      NOTE: when prompted in the system to upload a resume and letter,
      applicants should not cut and paste these documents in portions.
      Rather, please choose to upload the entire documents. Confidential
      nominations for the position or questions about the position and/or
      the search process should be directed to the Executive Recruiter who
      is assisting the Search Committee with this search: Monisha Lozier,
      President & Founder, Cobbe Place Consulting, 773-472-0254,

      Lighthouse Academies has a proven commitment to diversity and
      actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates in this search.
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