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Job Opening: Principal for Elementary Academy, San Jose Charter School (San Jose)

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  • cmmireles
    Position: The Principal, as the instructional leader, implements and communicates the mission of the school, manages curriculum and instruction, supervises
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2007
      Position: The Principal, as the instructional leader, implements and
      communicates the mission of the school, manages curriculum and
      instruction, supervises teaching, monitors student progress, and
      creates a climate in which learning is valued. The Principal is
      responsible for the administration of the school within the
      established rules and regulations of the Board of Directors and
      reports to the Executive Director.

      Description of School: Escuela Popular provides educational services
      to over 600 students in three age-appropriate programs in two
      facilities. Our student population is predominately Latino. Most of
      our students are first generation immigrants who come from
      Spanish-speaking households. The Elementary School implements the
      Two-Way Dual Language Immersion program with Spanish being the target
      language. The elementary program currently serves students in grades
      K-7. Each year a new grade level is added. The Under 19 High School
      Program serves students age 14-19, while the Over 19 High School
      Program serves adult students in the morning and evening programs.
      The Over 19 High School Program provides childcare services for its

      -Minimum educational level: Bachelor's degree; Masters or Ph.D. in
      education preferred
      Demonstrated commitment to students, learning and knowledge of
      curriculum development and program design
      -CA Teaching Credential Preferred
      -CA Administrative Credential Highly recommended
      -Minimum 3 years of teaching experience at the Elementary School level
      -Management experience
      -Excellent organization, time management and follow-up skills; high
      sense of urgency; demonstrated ability to successfully handle multiple
      projects concurrently; ability to work as a team
      -Is knowledgeable in the latest dual language immersion educational
      theory and research
      -Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills with
      demonstrated ability to write clearly and persuasively
      -Bilingual (Spanish/English) required
      -Successful experience working in a diverse educational setting
      -Track record of producing dramatic, measurable student achievement gains
      -Extremely high standards for student academic work and student behavior
      -Relentlessness and Tirelessness: doing whatever it takes to ensure

      Performance Responsibilities:
      -Demonstrates knowledge of, and support, Escuela Popular's mission,
      vision, standards, policies and procedures, operating instructions,
      and confidentiality standards
      -Responsible for providing students and teachers with a safe and
      supportive learning environment
      -Recruits prospective students
      -Develops a plan for staff development based on teachers' needs
      -Works in consultation with the Executive Director to analyze current
      performance data to make recommendations of changes or improvements
      -Coordinates opening of the school year and end of year procedures and
      -Coordinates schedule for supplemental instruction
      -Coordinates teacher orientation at the beginning of the year
      -Maintains the Student Handbook
      -Develops and implement strategies to recruit and retain highly
      qualified staff
      -Communicates and enforce school policies and student expectations
      -Develops policies for attendance, enrollment, and adding/dropping
      students, discipline, suspension and expulsions
      -Supervises and evaluates teachers, TAs, counselor, office manager,
      and dean
      -Motivates the staff to greater accomplishments
      -Causes the staff to work as a dedicated professional unit
      -Involves staff in decision making appropriate to the situation
      -Makes decisions and assumes responsibility for them
      -Develops an effective school community, including: working with
      parents to better serve students and garnering support from community
      groups and leaders
      -Manages daily operations, facilities, safety, and administrative
      processes, address issues and problems in a creative, thoughtful and
      constructive way; following-up with constituents as needed; and
      seeking outside support as appropriate.
      -Performs other duties as determined by the Executive Director

      How To Apply: Please submit cover letter, resume, and a list of at
      least 3 references to christina@...
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