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839Job Openings: Multiple Positions, The Rockefeller Foundation (NYC)

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  • edupreneurs_moderator
    Oct 2, 2006
      Thirteen New Program Positions

      While the mission of the Rockefeller Foundation, to "promote the
      well-being" of humanity around the world, has remained the same
      since its founding in 1913, the world has changed, and we and our
      work expect to change with it.

      We are looking for experienced professionals to join us in the
      search for philanthropic ideas with unusual potential for
      significant impact.

      If you are ready to join a dynamic global organization with a
      history of developing and funding life-changing programs, please
      consider these opportunities. In addition to the satisfaction of
      contributing to important work to improve the lives of poor or
      vulnerable people, the Rockefeller Foundation offers a competitive
      compensation package and superior benefits.

      We anticipate most positions will be based in our New York office.

      Managing Directors (2)
      Proven leaders to head teams of associate directors, exploring and
      catalyzing ideas, and turning them into actionable Foundation

      Associate Director/International Development Responsible for
      coordinating the economic research and knowledge-building necessary
      to Foundation initiatives.

      Associate Director/Urban Planning and Policy Serves as the
      Foundation's expert for urban issues.

      Associate Director/Applied Technology
      Responsible for helping to determine the best uses of technology in
      furthering the efforts of the Foundation.

      Associate Director/Research
      Leads efforts to gather data from various sources, assisting in the
      selection and execution of effective Foundation initiatives.

      Associate Director/Campaign Management
      Designs, applies and manages campaign marketing concepts and
      techniques in the service of Foundation initiatives.

      Associate Director/Social Policy
      Serves as the Foundation's expert for social policy issues.

      Associate Director/U.S. Economic Security Serves as the Foundation's
      expert on U.S. fiscal policy and economic security issues.

      Associate Director/Climate Change
      Serves as the Foundation's expert for issues related to how climate
      change affects the developing world.

      Associate Director/Evaluation
      Develops and applies evaluation techniques for assessing the impact
      of the Foundation's initiatives.

      Associate Director/Modeling
      Uses modeling techniques to inform and improve decisions related to
      Foundation initiatives.

      Associate Director/Competition Management Designs and implements
      funding competitions for some Foundation initiatives.

      Interviewing will commence in early October. Only candidates under
      consideration will be contacted.

      The Rockefeller Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

      For a full and complete description of each of these positions, and
      information on how to apply, please visit