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4368Job Opening: Syracuse City Schools Deputy Executive Director of Talent Management

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  • christina_legg
    Apr 22, 2014
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      Job Description

      Deputy Executive Director of Talent Management



      Over the past couple of years, the Syracuse City School District has been undergoing a new phase of innovation and transformation with the goal of ensuring that all students graduate from high school with the skills needed to be ready for college and career.   For Syracuse, all means all – including students who fall behind or have been considered “hard to serve” for a host of reasons.  The School Board has charged Superintendent Sharon Contreras with improving student achievement and she has enlisted a dedicated leadership team to partner with her in moving the district toward its goals.  The Syracuse City School District represents 33 schools and 4 alternative education programs serving 21,000 students K-12, of whom more than 80% qualify for free or reduced price lunch, 21% are served by the Office of Special Education, and 72% are students of color.



      The district is committed to ensuring that there is an effective school leader at the helm of every school and a high quality teacher in every classroom.  As a result, SCSD is seeking a Deputy Executive Director of Talent Management to support the Executive Director’s efforts to ensure that the district is designing and implementing best-in-class systems for staff recruitment and selection, evaluation, professional development, compensation, rewards, and performance management. This includes: creating an effective and comprehensive evaluation system; providing rewards and consequences aligned to evaluation; and informing development programs to ensure high quality educators in every classroom, high quality principals in every school, and high quality support staff throughout the district.  This is an exciting opportunity for a leader with the right skills and experiences to have a lasting impact on the way the Syracuse City School District serves its students and families.



      The duties and responsibilities of the Deputy Executive Director of Talent Management include but are not limited to the following:

      • Lead the efforts of the Educator Effectiveness team and relevant external service providers to ensure they meet district and department goals.
      • Work with the Executive Director of Talent Management to develop and implement ongoing labor management strategies for a dozen collective bargaining units.
      • Lead the design, implementation and periodic review of all district educator evaluation programs and systems.
      • Manage district compensation, rewards, and consequences policies to ensure alignment with evaluation findings and district policies.
      • Serve as a public representative of the Talent Management department as needed with other district departments, school-site administrators, and the broader community. 
      • Lead a culture shift within the district organization to using evidence-based evaluation measures in all formal employee reviews, informal school-site conversations, professional development planning, and educator tenure, renewal, and removal decisions.
      • Collaborate closely with and support the Executive Director of Talent Management and other senior leaders to ensure coordination of all human capital efforts.
      • Establish and maintain close partnerships with the district’s professional development staff to design training and development offerings based on educator performance needs.
      • Design and implement the use of information systems to capture evaluation data and feed it to Professional Development staff, Employee Services, and other relevant departments as necessary. 
      • Continuously monitor and evaluate Syracuse’s effectiveness in developing and implementing a best-in-class educator evaluation system that improves student achievement outcomes and on-the-job satisfaction for district employees.
      • Establish appropriate links between the work of the Educator Effectiveness group and the department’s Recruitment and Selection and Employee Services groups.



      The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following:


      Vision and Courage to Ensure All Students Achieve

      ·      Passionately believes that all students can achieve at high levels.

      ·      Holds self personally responsible for ensuring high academic achievement of all students.

      ·      Develops, articulates, and builds buy-in to a clear vision and mission.

      ·      Able to inspire others to want to make a difference by serving Syracuse’s schools and students.


      Strategic Planning and Effective Execution

      ·      Exhibits strong focus on goals and results.  Sets clear metrics for success.

      ·      Offers innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

      ·      Clearly articulates plans to achieve team goals.

      ·      Demonstrates excellent execution and project management skills.

      ·      Prioritizes and aligns people, time, and resources to the most important issues.



      ·      Conveys passion and urgency for school reform.

      ·      Communicates effectively in both written and verbal communication.  Tailors message for the audience, context, and mode of communication. 

      ·      Actively listens to others, able to inspire and excite teachers, school site leaders, and other district personnel about the educator evaluation system.

      ·      Clearly explains to diverse audiences the purpose and importance of Syracuse’s efforts to measure educator effectiveness and use this information in employee compensation, rewards, and compensation decisions.


      Adult Leadership

      ·      Motivates, inspires, and moves other adults to action to achieve ambitious goals. 

      ·      Builds and maintains positive relationships with individuals and groups.

      ·      Moves groups to consensus and resolves conflicts. 

      ·      Builds coalitions and works collaboratively with diverse stakeholders at all levels.


      Evaluation and Performance Management Expertise

      ·      Understanding the process for designing, implementing, and improving systems for evaluating educator effectiveness on a large scale.

      ·      Able to communicate complex evaluation standards and systems to other educators and district staff in a way they can easily understand.

      ·      Well-versed in current best practice around the assessment and evaluation of educator effectiveness in a system like Syracuse City School District.

      ·      Exceptional follow-through skills; able to multi-task and balance requests from many different individuals with grace and positivity at all times.



      • Experience designing and implementing high-quality systems for employee performance management and evaluation.
      • Demonstrated interest in using qualitative and quantitative data to improve programmatic outcomes.
      • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree in education, public policy, management law or related field strongly preferred.
      • Demonstrable managerial experience, with a preference for three or more years of management experience and a track record of success in achieving ambitious goals.
      • Significant experience developing and executing successful culture and organizational transformation efforts, with the ability to understand the nuances and challenges to creatively solve complex problems.
      • Experience developing performance management and training strategies and programs strongly preferred.
      • Experience with labor relations and knowledge of federal, state and local legislation as it applies to human resources policies, rules and regulations strongly preferred.
      • Experience related to adult professional development and on-the-job embedded learning experiences preferred.



      Salary is competitive, in line with the district’s pay scale for comparable positions and based on experience; generous benefits package included.  Please submit your resume and a thoughtful cover letter to Jeremy Grant-Skinner, Executive Director of Talent Management at jobs@....  For more details, contact Mr. Grant-Skinner at the same email or by phone at 315-435-4212.