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4136Job Opening: Principal Resident-Aspire Public Schools

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  • siena.vanheusen
    Dec 4, 2013

    Aspire Public Schools is one of the nation's highest-performing public school systems serving predominately low-income students.  Aspire delivers a rigorous K-12 "College for Certain" education to 13,000 students in 37 schools across California and Memphis, TN.

    The Aspire Principal Residency Program (APR) is an opportunity for individuals to prepare to be an Aspire Principal. Residents take on an administrative role within an Aspire school with a selected Mentor Principal. Supplemental classes, coaching, and projects provide Residents experience with administration in a sheltered environment. The program supports the Residents to take the School Leaders Licensure Assessment which qualifies one to receive an administrative credential.

    The APR is looking for individuals who are interested in spending the 2014/15 school year as a Principal Resident within the Aspire Public Schools organization.

    Some of the responsibilities are:

    • Work with a Mentor Principal, Area Superintendent, and Director of Aspire Principal Residency on administrative duties, run professional development, work with parents, observe teachers and plan initiatives.
    • Participation in regular meetings with Principal Mentor and Director of Principal Residency, attend a week long orientation during June or the month of July, to attend regular class seminars as well as 2 or 3 Saturday work sessions throughout the year.


    1) The APR Program looks for candidates who display the following competencies:

    • Instructional Knowledge: Exhibits expertise in effective teaching, including curriculum standards, curriculum design and learning theory.
    • Data: Uses data to increase student achievement.
    • Ownership: Consistently holds self and others accountable for results, actions and decisions.
    • Collaboration: Develops strong relationships with colleagues and works from a "one for all, all for one" premise in order to accomplish more together than what is possible alone.
    • Purposefulness: Understands, embraces and consistently takes deliberate action to achieve Aspire's vision and mission. This includes long term goal setting, backwards mapping from the goal(s) and taking steps along the path toward the goal(s).
    • Customer Service: Empathetically understands the needs and desires of the students and the families we serve.
    • Beliefs: Believes all students can achieve at high levels.

    2) Minimum educational level:

    • Bachelor's Degree required
    • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential preferred
    • NCLB Highly Qualified preferred

    3) Experience Required:

    • 5+ years working with urban students as a full-time teacher preferred

    NOTE:  Deadline to apply: December 20, 2013

    See paper application materials attached.


    Please email:  Gloria.hassel@... with questions.