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36Job Opportunity with the New Teacher Project

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  • Beth Sutkus
    Oct 6, 2000
      The New Teacher Project
      Site Manager

      The New Teacher Project is a non-profit consulting group that helps
      public school systems and states develop the capacity to recruit,
      select, train, and support new teachers more effectively. A spin-off
      of Teach For America, we are fulfilling 16 contracts this year, and
      growth projections call for 72 contracts by the 2002-3 school year.

      With half the teaching force turning over in the next decade, new
      teachers will soon determine student achievement levels and influence
      school cultures-and they will tomorrow's school leaders. By
      the talent and diversity of these new teachers, The New Teacher
      Project will play a vital role in strengthening our nation's

      The New Teacher Project typically works with clients on two different
      types of contracts. The first type involves working with the human
      resources departments of school districts. We conduct an analysis of
      the clients' current systems for recruiting, selecting, training, and
      supporting new teachers, make recommendations for how to improve
      systems, and then work with the client to ensure the effective
      implementation of the recommendations.

      The second type of contract involves developing alternate routes into
      teaching for high achieving individuals. We start local and
      programs to recruit and train outstanding candidates from a variety
      backgrounds to teach in public school classrooms.

      We are currently seeking individuals to serve as Site Managers for
      organization. Site Managers work on-site with our clients and are
      responsible for ensuring the successful execution of our contracts.
      We anticipate needing Site Managers for both types of contracts in a
      number of sites across the country including; Baton Rouge(LA),
      Boston(MA), Baltimore(MD), Denver (CO), Houston (TX), Kansas City(KS
      MO), Los Angeles (CA), Newark (NJ), Philadelphia (PA), Pittsburgh
      and the San Francisco Bay area (CA) .

      Successful candidates will demonstrate excellent communication and
      writing skills, the ability to identify challenges and actively work
      to find solutions, the ability to work effectively with others, and
      strong leadership skills.

      Competitive salary and benefits offered.

      Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume to:

      Leigh Anne Fraley
      Leigh Anne Fraley
      The New Teacher Project
      14943 Ladymeade Circle
      Silver Spring, MD 20906