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2292Job Opening: DSST Public Schools seeks Chief Operating Officer

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  • bayarea-edupreneurs-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Feb 1, 2011

      Chief Operating Officer

      DSST Public Schools Overview: 

      DSST Public Schools is a network of high performing 6-12 charter schools in Denver, Colorado. Since its inception in 2004, the Denver School of Science and Technology has boasted the highest secondary school performance and growth in Denver Public Schools. The success of this network has gained attention from both President Obama, when DSST was recognized as one of three finalists in the Commencement Challenge, and by Oprah Winfrey, who awarded DSST one million dollars as one of six top charter networks nationally. Over the next ten years, we will expand from three schools serving 1100 students to ten schools serving 4400 students.

      Position Description: 


      DSST Public Schools is seeking a strong Chief Operating Officer to work closely with the CEO in creating the DSST Public Schools network. Serving as an integral member of the senior management team, the COO will establish the operational practices that will make replication and expansion possible. The COO will be responsible for the development of DSST Public Schools financial management strategy and contribute to the development of the organization's strategic goals. In addition to the strategic components, the COO will be charged with developing and implementing more sophisticated policies and procedures both in the finance and general operational realms. This is an outstanding opportunity for a finance executive with operational experience and a proven track record of creative problem-solving to join in a high-growth, mission-driven organization.


      Specific Responsibilities:


      The COO's responsibilities will evolve and become more focused over time as the central office grows. In the near term, specific responsibilities will include:


      Strategy, Vision, and Leadership

      ·         Advise the CEO and other key members of senior management on financial planning,

      budgeting, cash flow, resource allocation and policy matters.

      ·         Contribute to the development of DSST Public Schools strategic goals and objectives as well as the overall management of the organization.

      ·         Effectively communicate and present critical financial matters at select Board of Directors and committee meetings.

      ·         Maintain continuous lines of communication, keeping the CEO informed of all critical issues.

      ·         Represent the organization externally, as necessary, particularly in banking and lease negotiations.


      Operational Systems

      The COO will oversee the development of operational systems, data management systems for internal performance evaluation and shared operational functions such as procurement, payroll/benefits, compliance, and IT.  Specific responsibilities will include:

      ·         Oversee risk management and legal activities: letters of agreement, contracts, leases, and other legal documents and agreements;

      ·         Lead procurement, monitoring and management systems;

      ·         Manage DSST Public Schools metrics and measurement reporting process;

      ·         Manage administrative functions for all DSST Public Schools, ensuring smooth daily operations of physical plant and equipment;

      ·         Work with Board of Directors –provide staff support and guidance to the Board of Directors and act as staff liaison to relevant board committees.


      Financial Management and Oversight

      The COO will oversee the development of DSST Public Schools financial systems and architecture, the preparation of the annual budget, and the creation of longer term financial plans. The COO will manage and oversee all financial and business planning activities, including:

      ·         Direct and administer all financial plans;

      ·         Oversee business policies and develop improved accounting practices;

      ·         Provide sophisticated financial analysis and modeling to support good decision-making with rapidly changing variables;

      ·         Support and advise the CEO in decision making;

      ·         Develop organizational budgeting processes;

      ·         Provide overall financial oversight and monitoring;

      ·         Ensure that relevant financial data is presented to the CEO, senior management team and the Board of Directors.

      Human Resources

      Manage and oversee the human resource function for DSST Public Schools, including:

      ·         Manage benefits administration;

      ·         Provide regulatory oversight and legal compliance;

      ·         Ensure the human resource function is properly represented within the senior management team.



      Information technology – working with the Director of Technology, ensure the ongoing maintenance and updating of information systems and infrastructure, with a heavy emphasis on educational technology.  Specific responsibilities include:

      ·         Establish policies and structures for managing the underlying IT infrastructure;

      ·         Align the IT vision with the overall business strategy of the organization, and ensure that all IT assets and systems are functioning smoothly for all faculty and staff;

      ·         Work closely with an organization's internal IT team to deliver exceptional service;

      ·         Engage with external vendors and suppliers, data center partners, and outsourcing agencies to buy IT assets and ensure the efficient running of the IT infrastructure, as well as form strategic partnerships with vendors, as appropriate.


      Qualities & Qualifications: 


      Mission Driven: We are looking for someone mission driven, experienced and energized by the opportunity to improve the lives of our students. The following qualities are also must-haves:


      Alignment on Core Values and Philosophy: Passion for closing the achievement gap in public education and a belief that every student should be held to the highest expectations.  The candidate should possess a deep understanding of how the DSST core values shape every decision.


      A Shared Sense of Urgency: A track record of being a resourceful and creative self-starter in tackling challenges, and of questioning conventional wisdom, coupled with an impatience for the status quo in public education. 


      Qualifications: The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:

      ·         Minimum of a BA, ideally with an MBA or CPA;

      ·         Strong operational experience: ideally has worked in a senior management role for 5+ years, ideally for a start-up or high growth organization;

      ·         Demonstrated experience in financial planning and analysis with previous experience overseeing business systems, human resources, and/or information technology;

      ·         Experience in the education sector preferred;

      ·         A track record of leading, motivating and developing high performance teams;

      ·         Strong problem-solving and communications skills, and an ability to inspire confidence and passion in others;

      ·         Ability to operate as an effective tactical as well as strategic thinker.

      ·         Exceptional written, oral, interpersonal, and presentation skills and the ability to effectively interface with senior management, DSST Public Schools Board of Directors, and staff.


      Compensation: DSST Public Schools offers a very competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and a commitment to continuing professional learning.


      Submit a letter of interest and resume through our website, dsstpublicschools.org/jobs.

      DSST Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or disability