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19[bayarea-edupreneurs] Job Opportunities at Real Time Learning

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  • Jonathan Denholtz
    Mar 2, 2000
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      Hi folks, 

      Thought I'd share this with the group.  Thanks for any interest and/or leads!

      Warm Regards,



      Real Time Learning is an Angel-funded online tutoring company based in San Francisco, CA that is seeking to fill several important positions. If anyone is interested in any of the positions listed below please don't hesitate to contact and/or send your resume to jobs@.... If you'd like to learn more about the company, feel free to explore our web site at www.realtimelearning.com. Finally, don't hesitate to pass these job descriptions onto your talented friends and colleagues!

      A brief overview of the company: Real Time Learning intends to enter the market early with a convenient and cost-effective online tutoring service that satisfies the unmet needs of students, parents and tutors alike. Students and tutors will be able to find each other quickly and easily, connect and interact in productive and feature-rich environments (e.g. "virtual classrooms") and, finally, seamlessly submit session invoices and process credit card transactions.

      The service is scheduled to launch next fiscal quarter with the help of some significant educational partners. In the meantime, Real Time Learning continues to develop its licensing and contract services business--setting up online tutoring programs for major public libraries and educational institutions.

      As for the job descriptions, details as follows: 
      Director/Manager - Online Community
      (Location - San Francisco, CA)

      We're looking for a high-energy and experienced individual with strong leadership abilities to help build and supervise a broad community of online tutors and educators. The ideal candidate will have 2-4 years of management experience in the private education industry and/or significant experience as a tutor or teacher. In addition, the ideal candidate will have 2-4 years of marketing experience as well as significant experience building online communities. Undergraduate degree required. Graduate degree in Education and/or Management a big plus.

      Project Manager -
      (Location - San Francisco, CA)

      We're looking for an experienced project manager to help develop and manage online tutoring programs for major public and educational institutions--such as large metropolitan Public Libraries and private Universities. You will be responsible for two to three projects at a time with complete supervision of all aspects of these projects--from web design and development to tutor recruitment and training. This is a challenging and rewarding position that requires an eclectic array of skills and experience--from account and project management to web production. Direct experience within the education industry or within the public service sector is a major plus. Undergraduate degree required.

      Administrator/Office Manager
      (Location - San Francisco, CA)

      We're looking for a bright, motivated, fun, articulate, self-starter and team player to take primary responsibility for ensuring that the day-to-day operations of this San Francisco-based company run smoothly. You'll maintain office supplies & equipment, handle payroll, manage external vendors, process invoices and expenses, answer phones and process incoming & outgoing mail. You may also create presentations, conduct market research and follow up with potential clients and partners.

      Web Designer/Author
      (Location - San Francisco, CA)

      We're looking for a top-notch web designer/author with strong (but flexible) design sensibilities and a strong graphic arts background. You're facile with HTML and Javascript and you have the ability to work closely with both engineering and marketing personnel. Ideally, you also have experience dealing with site maintenance and organizational issues on large commercial sites.

      (Location - San Francisco, CA)

      We're looking for an experienced producer to help build and manage this leading-edge educational web site. You will be largely responsible for prioritizing all site features and overseeing the their design, development and maintenance. This is a critical position in our exciting start up. As such , you must have significant experience supervising the development of a commercial web site--ideally, a web site that features e-commerce, advertising, multimedia content and, in particular, community-building areas.

      Content Producer/Writer/Editor
      (Location - San Francisco, CA)

      We're looking for a razor-sharp content producer, with a strong foundation in education and publishing, to help create, gather, edit and manage all online content. You will be largely responsible for identifying and securing content that serves our three primary customer groups-- tutors, students and parents. This includes working with educational experts, identifying and managing relationships with third-party content providers, hiring and managing writers, and overseeing the integration of all content into the web site. You must have strong writing and editing skills and, ideally, you have direct experience working for an existing educational web site or for a major educational software publisher.

      Web Developer
      (Location - Seattle, WA)

      We're looking for a talented, team-playing web developer with strong programming and database skills. You're experienced with ASP, VB, SQLServer, Javascript, and DHTML, and have the ability to work well with designers and other developers. Ideally, you have a Computer Science degree and have worked on large commercial web sites.

      Java Developer
      (Location - Seattle, WA)

      We're looking for talented, team-playing Java developer with strong object-oriented development experience with Java and/or C++. You're experienced with JDBC, applet development, and Java server applications. You'll be the key engineer on the development of our award-winning Virtual Classroom technology, an all-in-one communication desktop that facilitates robust online collaboration within a standard web browser. You have a strong desire to keep up on the latest technology and you know what it takes to deliver solid commercial products. Ideally, you have a Computer Science degree, the potential to lead small teams, and have worked on large commercial web sites.


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